Thursday, July 29, 2021

Nielsen Ratings: Week Ending October 23, 1988

Below are the Nielsen ratings for the fifth week of the 1988-89 television broadcast season. The chart below includes viewership and both household (HH) ratings & shares for every broadcast program that aired during the week with reruns included.

Broadcast ratings:
Monday, October 17, 1988
ALF NBC30.218.630
60 Minutes Special CBS19.714.923
MacGyver ABC11.48.013
Hogan Family NBC27.617.727
Double Standard NBC29.221.133
NFL Football ABC19.615.126
Out of Africa, Part 2 CBS16.712.720
Tuesday, October 18, 1988
Who's the Boss? ABC32.721.834
World Series Pregame NBC18.213.322
High Risk CBS10.27.311
World Series Game 3 NBC34.924.740
Roseanne ABC36.223.735
Fatal Judgement CBS20.715.424
North and South, Part 1 ABC17.312.820
Wednesday, October 19, 1988
Growing Pains ABC28.619.130
World Series Pregame NBC17.212.321
Smothers Brothers CBS11.78.213
World Series Game 4 NBC33.624.039
Head of the Class ABC27.918.829
North and South, Part 2 ABC19.313.822
Wiseguy CBS13.29.816
Thursday, October 20, 1988
The Cosby Show NBC40.525.942
North and South, Part 3 ABC17.812.820
48 Hours CBS12.59.615
World Series Game 5 NBC37.726.343
Something in Common CBS14.111.017
Friday, October 21, 1988
Perfect Strangers ABC19.814.126
Something Is Out There NBC16.111.220
Charlie Brown, Part 1 CBS17.910.519
Bugs Bunny Special CBS16.69.918
Full House ABC22.315.227
Jack the Ripper, Part I CBS22.314.826
Mr. Belvedere ABC21.014.224
Glitz NBC19.214.125
Just the Ten of Us ABC19.012.822
20/20 ABC18.213.424
Saturday, October 22, 1988
North and South, Part 4 ABC18.012.022
Live! Dick Clark Presents CBS10.67.013
Amen NBC20.714.226
The Golden Girls NBC28.719.233
Simon & Simon CBS9.76.311
Empty Nest NBC23.916.529
Secrets Men Never Share NBC15.211.321
West 57th CBS11.47.915
Sunday, October 23, 1988
60 Minutes CBS29.420.735
NFL Football NBC18.711.020
Incredible Sunday ABC12.58.414
Goonies NBC21.912.820
Murder, She Wrote CBS28.420.130
Impossible ABC23.014.522
Jack the Ripper, Part II CBS30.420.331
North and South, Part 5 ABC21.414.923
Dance 'Til Dawn NBC24.215.826

Source: USA Today

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