18-49 Ratings to Viewership Converter

Below is a calculator that converts 18-49 ratings points into 18-49 viewership (in millions). Because ratings are a rounded percentage of the population and not as specific as viewership figures, there is a range of viewership figures that all round to the same ratings point. These calculations are done based off of Nielsen's Universe Estimates which change every TV season and usually take effect on the last Monday of August, lasting through the the following year. To use the calculator, just input the 18-49 rating, select a TV season and the calculator will then return the highest and lowest possible 18-49 viewership figures (in millions) which have that rounded rating in that season.

Note: This calculator now works for both 1-decimal and 2-decimal 18-49 ratings. A larger range will be provided for 1-decimal inputs because they are less accurate. It will not work for 18-49 ratings with more than 2-decimal places. Additionally, it will not work if you input a 2-decimal rating, but select the 1-decimal accuracy in the dropdown.

18-49 Rating to Viewers Calculator

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