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Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Sunday January 24, 2016:

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, on Bravo, led the night in the 18-49's (1.25), and had 2.85 million viewers (down from 3.18m), and REAL HOUSEWIVES OF POTOMAC which aired directly afterwards had 1.67m. Showtime's SHAMELESS rose to 1.7m in the third week of its season (from 1.64m), BILLIONS rose slightly to 950,000 viewers in its second week (from 904K), and THE CIRCUS jumped to 179,000 (from 97K). On E!, KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS dropped to 1.99m (from 2.15m), and HOLLYWOOD MEDIUM began with 1.4m viewers (up from last week's finale of THE ROYALS which had 848K). On Animal Planet, FINDING BIGFOOT was at 691,000 viewers (down hugely from 934K), and NORTH WOODS LAW fell to 720,000 (from 845K). BROKEN SKULL CHALLENGE, on CMT, ticked up to 363,000 (from 356K), SNAPPED, on Oxygen, fell to 364,000 viewers (from 436K), and A HAUNTING, on Destination America dropped to 228,000 (vs. 263K).  Weather Channel's PROSPECTORS fell to 290,000 viewers (from 413K), Smithsonian's MILLION DOLLAR AMERICAN PRINCESSES finished its run even with last week's 189,000, and X-RAY MEGA AIRPORT was at 95,000 (from 104K). Among lower rated cables, CLOSEUP WITH THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER (Sundance) was seen by 81,000 (from 70K), and RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE: RUVEALED (Logo) was up slightly to 74,000 (from 67K). Finally, on Ovation, RACHEL HUNTER'S TOUR OF BEAUTY was at 26,000 (even), THE LOS ANGELES TIMES: THE ENVELOPE was at 17,000 (from 15K), and the penultimate episode of PORTRAIT ARTIST OF THE YEAR was at 10,000 (from (9K).


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Saturday January 23, 2016:

A Hallmark movie UNLEASHING MR. DARCY led the night with 3.04 million viewers, and Lifetime's BEYOND THE HEADLINES was in second with 2.81 million viewers. A WHITNEY CUMMINGS SPECIAL, on HBO, brought in 551,000 viewers, and MYTHBUSTERS, on Discovery, rose over 100K viewers to 986,000. On Animal Planet, PITBULLS AND PAROLEES jumped to 1 million viewers (from 790K), and THE APPRAISERS, on Velocity, rose to 165,000 (from 151K). Starz's BLACK SAILS began its third season with 843,000 viewers, up from the 668,000 of the second season finale, but down slightly from the 860,000 of the second season premiere. Also premiering this Saturday was BEOWULF, on Esquire, which began with 267,000 viewers, which was way up from the 68,000 of the premiere of SPOTLESS (Esquire's first original series). Finally, FROM THE BOTTOM UP, on Centric, spiked to 146,000 for its second episode (from 105K for its Centric premiere), and THE ARTFUL DETECTIVE, on Ovation, began its ninth season with 174,000 viewers.

Live +3 Cable Ratings: Week Ending January 17, 2016

Here are a list of Select Live +3 Cable Ratings for the Week Ending January 17, 2016. This is a list of all Live +3 ratings for every scripted cable show that aired this week. Live +3 ratings represent the cumulative total viewers of the show within three days of its original broadcast.


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Friday January 22, 2016:

GOLD RUSH, on Discovery, led the night with 4.56 million viewers, which was up from 4.03m last week. On Lifetime, both RAP GAME, and BRING IT! were up to 1.33m viewers (from 1.15m & 1.14m respectively), and TREEHOUSE MASTERS, on Animal Planet, was up slightly to 962,000 viewers (from 957K). On Disney Channel, BUNK'D was at 1.68m (from 1.48m on 1/8), and GIRL MEETS WORLD rose to 2.2m this week (from 1.62m two weeks ago). WeTV's MARRIAGE BOOT CAMP was up to 863,000 viewers (from 676K), EX ISLE dropped to 325,000 (from 427K). OWN's LOVE THY NEIGHBOR was at 739,000/754,000 for its two episodes (from 617K/680K), and GSN's CHAIN REACTION was at 562,000/514,000 viewers for its two (vs. 510K/467K). Destination America's PARANORMAL SURVIVOR dropped 10K viewers to 248,000, and Bravo's THE PEOPLE'S COUCH was seen by 402,000 (from 447K). A&E's UNFORGETTABLE concluded its run with 4 episodes from 8pm-12am, which steadily dropped from 839,000, 662,000, 551,000, to 485,000 for the series finale. Finally, on Pop, EASIEST GAME SHOW EVER was at 97,000 and 66,000 viewers for its two episodes.


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Thursday January 21, 2016:

On A&E, THE FIRST 48 was up slightly to 1.52 million viewers (from 1.5m), and NIGHTWATCH was identical with last week's 1.41m. Spike's LIP SYNC BATTLE dropped all the way to 1.42m viewers (from 2.29m), and Bravo's TOP CHEF rose to 1.15m (from 895K). BASKETS, on FX, began with 1.04 million viewers, which was actually up from both of the network's most recent comedy premieres: SEX&DRUGS&ROCK&ROLL (867,000), and THE COMEDIANS (878,000). COLONY, on USA, dropped 100K viewers to 1.26m, and WWE SMACKDOWN! had 2.76m viewers. On MTV, RIDICULOUSNESS, rose to 773,000 viewers (from 532K), BROKE A$$ GAME SHOW rose a bit more 100K viewers to 379,000, and GREATEST PARTY STORY EVER was at 527,000 (from 278K). Lifetime's PROJECT RUNWAY JUNIOR rose to 1.06m (from 951K), and CHILD GENIUS dropped to 609,000 (from 670K). Among lower rated cables, PORTLANDIA, on IFC, began its sixth season with 207,000 viewers (from 248K for the season 5 finale), and BRINGING UP BATES, on UP, rose slightly to 246,000 (from 239K). Finally, both LONDON SPY, on BBC America, and DARK NET, on Showtime, both premiered on this night to 129,000 and 126,000 respectively.


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Wednesday January 20, 2016:

A&E's DUCK DYNASTY was at 2.1 and 2.13 million viewers (up from 2.07m and 2.00m viewers), and JEP AND JESSICA began its series with 2.03m and 1.78m. MOB WIVES, on VH1, dropped to 1.19m this week (from 1.32m/1.36m, and CHALLENGE: BLOODLINES, on MTV, rose to 932,000 viewers (from 879K). FXX's IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA was up in its third episode to 609,000 viewers (from 511K), and MAN SEEKING WOMAN ticked up to 254,000 (from 249K). TV Land's YOUNGER was up from both of last week's episodes, to 574,000 (from 540K/433K on just TV Land), and TEACHERS was up just over 50K viewers to 392,000. FACE OFF, on TruTV, rose 10K viewers to 982,000. MASTER P'S FAMILY EMPIRE, on Reelz, rose to 170,000 viewers (from 136K/137K), and KOCKTAILS WITH KHLOE, on FYI, began with  347,000. On Oxygen, RICH IN FAITH rose almost 100K viewers to 142,000 (from 45K), and FINDING MY FATHER was rose more than 100K viewers to 254,000 (vs. 144K). Finally, on AHC, BLOOD FEUDS was seen by 280,000.


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Tuesday January 19, 2016:

History's CURSE OF OAK ISLAND led the night in 18-49's, and brought in 2.82 million viewers, while HGTV's FIXER UPPER led in total viewers with 3.64m. In its second week, SHADOWHUNTERS, on Freeform, dropped over 800K viewers to 1.01 million, and PRETTY LITTLE LIARS was down to 1.66 million viewers, from 2.25m. DANCE MOMS, on Lifetime, rose to 1.38m (from 1.26m), and PITCH SLAPPED dipped down to 526,000 (from 555K). MTV's TEEN WOLF dropped to a series low 906,000 viewers (from 930K), and THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES dropped to 751,000 (from 919K). On A&E, FIT TO FAT TO FIT began with a modest 599,000, BLACK LOVE, on FYI, rose 25K to 186,000, and MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT, which aired on both networks, was at 1.07m for its A&E run, and 542,000  for the FYI run (vs. 1.17m/535K). THE EXPANSE, on Syfy, free falled down to 502,000 (from 713K), and Oyxgen's PRANCING ELITES PROJECT returned for its second season to 352,000 viewers (vs. 330K for the first season finale on 7/8/15). Among lower-rated cables, FRIDAY NIGHT TYKES began its third season with 185,000 viewers, and TEAM NINJA WARRIOR was at a relatively-high 281,000. Finally, on RFD, AMERICAN HARVEST dropped slightly to 38,000 (from 47K).


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Monday January 18, 2016:

VH1's LOVE & HIP HOP was seen by 2.77 million viewers this week and had a 1.47 adults 18-49 rating. This was up from last week's 2.71 million viewers and 1.43 18-49 rating, HIT THE FLOOR returned from a very long hiatus, to began its third season with 1.71 million viewers and a 0.84 18-49 rating. This was down from the August 11, 2014 season 2 finale which had 2.37 million viewers and a 1.14 18-49 rating. TEEN MOM, on MTV was seen by 1.84 million on this day (1.08 18-49), down from 1.7 million & 0.99 last week. The TEEN MOM SPECIAL rose 30K viewers to 1.09 million, and gained 0.01 to 0.63 this week. ALMOST ROYAL, on BBC America, began its run on BBC America with 91,000 viewers for the first episode, and 55,000 for the second. On TV One, FATAL ATTRACTION rose 40K viewers to 351,000, and JUSTICE BY ANY MEANS was up to 330,000 viewers (from 267K). Finally, on Fox Business, STRANGE INHERITANCE  returned to 137,000 and 124,000 viewers for its two episodes (from 78K and 121K on 12/14).

Thursday, January 28, 2016


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Sunday January 17, 2016:

THE CRITIC'S CHOICE AWARDS aired on A&E, Lifetime, and LMN. It had 710,000 viewers on A&E, 554,000 on Lifetime, and 295,000 on LMN, for a cumulative 1.559 million viewers.

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, on Bravo, led Sunday in the 18-49's (1.39) and had 3.18 million viewers (up from 2.94m last week), and REAL HOUSEWIVES OF POTOMAC, the newest in the 'Housewives' franchise, started with a solid 2.06m. ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER, on Discovery, led in total viewers with 3.6m (down from 3.73m), and WORST COOKS, on Food Network, rose to 2.11m (from 2.09m). On Showtime, SHAMELESS was up to 1.64m in its second episode (from 1.44m), BILLIONS began with a less-than-stellar 904,000 viewers at 10pm (1.4m for the night), and THE CIRCUS, which premiered before both shows, was at a very low 97,000. KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS, on E!, rose 100K viewers to 2.15m, and THE ROYALS concluded its second season with 848,000 viewers (from 814K), about even with the 841K of the season premiere, but down from the 1.15m of the season 1 finale in May. BROKEN SKULL CHALLENGE, on CMT, dropped to 356,000 (from 473K), and SNAPPED, on Oxygen, was down to 436,000 (from 539K). Disney's KC UNDERCOVER returned to 2.5m viewers (from 1.29m on 12/6), and LIV AND MADDIE was up to 2.28m (from 1.53m on 12/6). PROSPECTORS, on Weather Channel, was at 413,000 (from 522K), A HAUNTING, on Destination America, was at 263,000 (from 286K), and CLOSEUP WITH THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, on SundanceTV, was at 70,000 viewers (from 75K). MILLION DOLLAR AMERICAN PRINCESSES, on Smithsonian, was up to 189,000 (from 145K), and X-RAY MEGA AIRPORT rose to 104,000 (from 89K). Among lower-rated cables, RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE: RUVEALED was at 67,000 (from 41K), and PORTRAIT ARTIST OF THE YEAR, on Ovation fell to 9,000 viewers (from 22K). Finally, RACHEL HUNTER'S TOUR OF BEAUTY and THE LOS ANGELES TIMES: THE ENVELOPE both premiered on Ovation to 26,000 and 15,000 viewers respectively.

TBS premiered their new series ANGIE TRIBECA in a rather unusual fashion- with all 10 episodes of the season airing on the same night in an unprecedented "binge-a-thon." The show started off on a high note with 1.17m tuning in for the premiere, but it fell to 1.07m for the second episode, and eventually all the way down to 492,000 for the tenth episode early Monday morning.


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Saturday January 16, 2016:

Hallmark's LOVE ON THE SIDELINES led a slow night on cable with 2.4 million viewers, while PIONEER WOMAN, on Food Network, was second with 1.67m (from 1.76m). Discovery's MYTHBUSTERS fell to 872,000 viewers (from 941K), and PITBULLS AND PAROLEES, on Animal Planet, dropped to 790,000 (from 925K). FROM THE BOTTOM UP was seen by 497,000 for its premiere on BET, and 105,000 for its Centric run, and RAISING WHITLEY, on OWN, fell over 100K viewers to 510,000. On Spike, LIP SYNC BATTLE was seen by 1.05 million viewers, and on Bravo, REAL HOUSEWIVES OF CHESHIRE was at a mere 208,000. FYI's TINY HOUSE HUNTING was down to 190,000 viewers (from 263K), and TINY HOUSE WORLD was about even with last week's number (254,000 vs. 255K). On HBO, SESAME STREET was at 116,000 and 69,000, and Encore's SPARTACUS: VENGEANCE was at 306,000 and 304,000 for its two episodes. Finally, THE APPRAISERS, on Velocity, was at 151,000 and 125,000 viewers (from 116K), and Esquire's SPOTLESS finished with 54,000 viewers (from 92K).

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Friday January 15, 2016:

GOLD RUSH, on Discovery, led the night with 4.03 million viewers, down 100K viewers from last week, and GOLD RUSH: THE DIRT was at 2.01m. Lifetime's RAP GAME rose to 1.15m (from 1.03m), and BRING IT! dropped to 1.14m (from 1.22m). REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHAR was seen by 1.11m viewers, and THE PEOPLE'S COUCH, on Bravo, was at 447,000. On A&E, UNFORGETTABLE was at 705,000 and 652,000 for its two episodes (up from 609K last week), and MYSTERIES AT THE CASTLE was at 502,000. WeTV's, MARRIAGE BOOT CAMP rose to 676,000 (from 629K), and EX ISLE dropped to 325,000 (from 373K). LOVE THY NEIGHBOR, on OWN, was at 617,000 and 680,000 for its two episodes (from 568K/669K). Encore's rebroadcasts of SPARTANS: VENGEANCE brought in 306,000 and 368,000, while GSN's CHAIN REACTION had 510,000 and 467,000 (from 596K/599K). Finally, PARANORMAL SURVIVOR, on Destination America, was down to 258,000 (from 263K), and CENTRIC HITS, on Centric, was at 113,000.


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Thursday January 14, 2016:

THE REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE, on Fox Business, was seen by 11.09 million viewers. LIP SYNC BATTLE, on Spike, dropped to 2.29m viewers this week, which was still the second highest viewed episode of the series (after last week's 2.5m). A&E's THE FIRST 48 was practically identical to last week's number (1.496m vs. 1.497m), but NIGHTWATCH rose slightly to 1.41m (from 1.38m). USA's new drama COLONY started its run with 1.36 million viewers, which was up from the 858K who watched the special episode on December 21, but down from the 1.75m who saw the premiere of MR. ROBOT, the network's most recent new show. On Lifetime, CHILD GENIUS dipped to 670,000 viewers (from 686K), and PROJECT RUNWAY JUNIOR was down to 951,000 (from 1.02m). TAMAR AND VINCE, on WeTV, dropped over 100K viewers to 582,000 (from 698K), and GROWING UP HIP HOP fell almost 140K, to 602,000 (vs. 840K). FXX's ANIMATION DOMINATION rose to 145,000 (from 134K), and I LOVE KELLIE PICKLER, on CMT, fell to 330,000 (from 226K). Finally, on IFC, TODD MARGARET finished its brief third season with 93,000, 60,000, and 39,000 viewers (from 78K, 63K, and 36K respectively).

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Wednesday January 13, 2016:

AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL, on FX, concluded its fifth season with 2.25m viewers, which was down from 1.84m last week, the 5.81m of the season premiere, and from the 3.27m of the fourth season (Freak Show) finale. DUCK DYNASTY, on A&E, was at 2.07m and 2m for its two episodes, and MOB WIVES, on VH1, was at 1.32m and 1.36m for its two (the highest numbers since January 16, 2014, which had 1.44m). FXX's IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA dropped to 511,000 for its second episode of the season (from 716K), and MAN SEEKING WOMAN was down to 249,000 this week (from 280K last week), which was higher than the 185K that saw the second episode of the first season. On TruTV, FACEOFF began its tenth season with 982,000 viewers, the lowest ratings for a premiere ever (& down from the 1.05m from the ninth season finale); BILLY ON THE STREET was at 180,000. YOUNGER aired on three different networks: on Nick-at-Night it was at 560,000 and 492,000, on TV Land it was at 540,000 and 433,000, and on VH1 Classic, it was at 31,000 and 14,000; TEACHERS was at 514,000 for its Nick-at-Night run, and at 341,000 on TV Land. GRAVEYARD CARZ, on Velocity, was seen by 275,000 (from 307K), and MASTER P'S FAMILY EMPIRE, on Reelz, was at 137,000 and 136,000 for its two episodes. On Oxygen, FINDING MY FATHER was up a measly 1,000 viewers to 143,000, but RICH IN FAITH fell to 45,000 (from 71K). Finally, on GAC, FLIPPIN' RV'S was down slightly to 56,000 (from 64K).


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Tuesday January 12, 2016:


On the first night of FreeForm, the new name for ABC Family, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS returned for the second part of its sixth season with 2.25 million viewers (down from the 3.09m for the summer finale), and SHADOWHUNTERS started with 1.82m. On Lifetime, DANCE MOMS was down to 1.26m for the second episode of the season (from 1.37m), and PITCH SLAPPED fell to 555,000 viewers (from 717K). On OWN, THE HAVES AND HAVE NOTS dropped to 2.73m this week (from 3.11m), and THE EXPANSE, on Syfy, was up to 713,000 (from 631K). MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT had 1.17m viewers on A&E, and 535,000 on FYI; BORN THIS WAY, which only aired on A&E, had 915,000 viewers, and BLACK LOVE, which was only on FYI, was at 161,000 (from 171K). On MTV, TEEN WOLF was down to 930,000 viewers (from 1.11m), and SHANNARA dropped to 919,000 (from 1.03m). ALMOST GENIUS, on TruTV, was down to 384,000 (from 425K), CHASING CLASSIC CARS, on Velocity, was at 268,000 (from 320K), and RICKEY SMILEY FOR REAL, on TV One, was up to 237,000 (from 206K). Finally, among lower-rated cables, THE KENNEDY FILES, on Reelz, rose to 150,000 (from 131K), and AMERICAN HARVEST, on RFD, was up to 47,000 in its 11th episode (from 33K).


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Monday January 11, 2016:

The COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF CHAMPIONSHIP between Alabama and Clemson dominated on cable, bringing in 25.67 million viewers for ESPN. On VH1, LOVE & HIP HOP dropped to 2.71m (from 2.92m), and on MTV, TEEN MOM was seen by 1.7m for the regular episode, and 1.06m for the special. VANDERPUMP RULES, on Bravo, was at 1.47m (about even with 1.45m), and UNTYING THE KNOT rose to 650,000 viewers this week (from 587K). FAMELESS, on TruTV, was seen by 283,000, and KITCHEN CRASHERS, on DIY, was at 161,000. On Encore, SPARTACUS: GODS OF THE ARENA was at 252,000 and 276,000 for its two episodes, and finally, on TV One, JUSTICE BY ANY MEANS dropped to 267,000 (from 326K), and FATAL ATTRACTION rose to 490,000 (from 311K).

Friday, January 22, 2016

Demons in the City of Angels (Reelz): Full Season 1 Ratings

Here is the full season ratings chart for 'Demons in the City of Angels' season 1 on Reelz. 'Demons in the City of Angels' began its season on Saturday November 21, 2015, and concluded its season on January 9, 2015.


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Sunday January 10, 2016:

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ATLANTA, on Bravo, led the night in the 18-49's, and had 2.94 million viewers (from 3.04m), and ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER, on Discovery, led the night in total viewers, with 3.73m (from 3.06m). On E!, KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS dropped to 2.05m (from 2.54m), THE ROYALS dropped 10K viewers to 814,000, and THE GOLDEN GLOBES RED CARPET was seen by 1.7m. On A&E, HOARDERS was at 1.04m and 1.09m for its two episodes (vs. 1.12m/1.01m), and LONG ISLAND MEDIUM, on TLC, was at 1.29m and 1.1m for its two episodes. SHAMELESS began its sixth season on Showtime with 1.44m viewers, down from the 1.77m for the fifth season premiere, and its lowest start since the 982K of the series premiere in 2011. SNAPPED, on Oxygen, rose over 100K viewers, to 539,000 (from 435K), and PROSPECTORS, on Weather, was at 522,000. On CMT, BROKEN SKULL CHALLENGE fell to 473,000 (from 502K), and A HAUNTING, on Destination America, rose to 286,000 (from 237K). Among lower-rated cables, MILLION DOLLAR AMERICAN PRINCESSES dropped to 145,000 in its second week (from 178K), but X-RAY MEGA AIRPORT rose slightly to 89,000 (from 78K). Finally, RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE: RUVEALED fell by more than half, to 41,000 (vs. 94K), and PORTRAIT ARTIST OF THE YEAR, on Ovation more than doubled to 22,000 (from 10K).


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Saturday January 9, 2016:

I'm going to try to keep these recaps short and to the point. The KANSAS CITY/HOUSTON NFL Playoff game, on ESPN, led the day with 6.06 million viewers, and the JACKSONVILLE ST/NORTH DAKOTA NCAA game, on ESPN2, had 1.35m viewers. COPS, on Spike, was seen by 1.18m viewers, and MYTHBUSTERS, on Science, was at 530,000.  On OWN, RAISING WHITLEY fell slightly to 625,000 (from 634K), and SWEETIE PIES rose to 750,000 (from 704K). TINY HOUSE HUNTING, on FYI, was about even with last week (263,000 vs. 267K), but TINY HOUSE WORLD fell to 255,000 (from 283K). On Reelz, DEMONS IN THE CITY OF ANGELS and DR. FEELGOOD both concluded their first seasons; the former had 163,000 (from 156K), and the latter had 110,000 (from 176k). Finally, SPOTLESS, on Esquire, brought in 92,000 viewers for its penultimate episode (vs. 73K).

Racial Ratings: Top TV Shows for Week Ending December 6, 2015

Select Ratings from Original telecasts for week ending December 6, 2015:

NEW ON THIS POST: The right-most column of the table now lists the percentage of the total audience that was in each demographic group.

I will only be posting race data periodically, and it took me a while to receive the data for the week ending December 6, 2015, but nevertheless, here it is. Again, I never receive full Hispanic data, so the Top 10 (+1 bonus) shows will have to suffice.

EMPIRE, SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL, THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL, THE VOICE, CHICAGO FIRE,  are the only shows that are on both lists. EMPIRE led the scripted series' in both demographics, with 1.23m Hispanic viewers (13%), and a whopping 8.19m African-American viewers (69%). In percentages, BEING MARY JANE, on BET, led in the AA demographic with 1.26m AA viewers which represented 90% of its total viewers. SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL, on NBC, led in Hispanic viewing with 1.54m viewers (8%), and was third among African-Americans, with 3.27m (17%). CHICAGO FIRE had 942,000 AA viewers (11%), and 606,000 Hispanic viewers (7%), and CHICAGO MED had 686,000 Hispanic viewers  (also 7%). 52% of the people who watched THE WIZ LIVE!, on NBC, were African-American (6.01m), but only 8% of the Voice's audience was in that demographic (959,000). On OWN, IF LOVING YOU IS WRONG pulled in 2.22m AA viewers (89%), and SWEETIE PIES had 589,000 (79%). A few other notables included 596,000 for INTO THE BADLANDS  (24%), 963,000 for QUANTICO (22%), and 877,000 for BLACKISH (16%). On the Hispanic side, 817,000 watched MODERN FAMILY (11%), and 707,000 watched THE MIDDLE (9%).

Thursday, January 21, 2016


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Friday January 8, 2016:

Discovery had a big night with GOLD RUSH bringing in 4.13 million viewers, though it was still down from 4.25m last week. BRING IT!, on Lifetime, was at 1.22m viewers (down from 1.36m), and RAP GAME dropped to 1.03m viewers (from 1.14m). On Disney Channel, GIRL MEETS WORLD dropped to a series low 1.62m viewers (the previous low was 1.85m on 9/11), and BUNK'D was also at a series low 1.48m viewers (the previous low was 1.5m on 12/4). On WeTV, MARRIAGE BOOT CAMP dropped to 629,000 with its return (from 716K on 12/18), and EX ISLE began with 373,000 viewers. UNFORGETTABLE, on A&E, was seen by 609,000 viewers (from 736K), and PARANORMAL SURVIVOR, on Destination America, was at 263,000 viewers. (down from 290K/292K). Finally, on Encore, 2 rebroadcasts of SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND were at 305,000 and 414,000.


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Thursday January 7, 2016:

LIP SYNC BATTLE, on Spike, returned for its second season to a series-high 2.5m viewers (up from the 1.38m of the season 1 finale, and from the 2.2m of the season 1 premiere). On A&E, NIGHTWATCH was down to 1.38m viewers (from 1.42m on 12/17), and THE FIRST 48 rose to 1.5m (from 1.35m). RIDICULOUSNESS, on MTV, rose to 742,000 viewers (from 592K on 12/17), and BROKE A$$ GAME SHOW had 394,000. TOP CHEF, on Bravo, had 914,000 viewers, and TAMAR AND VINCE, on WeTV, was up to 840,000 (from 684K on 12/17). On Lifetime, PROJECT RUNWAY JUNIOR was seen by 1.02m viewers, and CHILD GENIUS was at 686,000.  ANIMATION DOMINATION, on FXX, rose to 134,000 viewers (from 89K on Christmas Eve), and HOW ITS MADE, on Science, had 357,000 viewers. BRINGING UP BATES offically began its third season on UP with 351,000 viewers (up from 197K for the second season finale), and I LOVE KELLIE PICKLER was up 40K viewers to 330,000. Finally, on IFC, THE INCREASINGLY POOR DECISIONS OF TODD MARGARET was at 78,000, 63,000, and 36,000 viewers for the first 3 episodes of it's third season.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Wednesday January 6, 2016:

On FXX, IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA began its eleventh season and MAN SEEKING WOMAN began its second season. The former began 716,000 viewers (up from 543K for the 10th season finale), and the latter was up to 280,000 viewers (from 206K of the first season finale).  ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE, on Discovery, was at 3.85m and 2.97m for its two episodes, and RESTAURANT STARTUP, on CNBC, returned to 399,000 for its third season premiere (from 393K for the second season finale). BILLY ON THE STREET, on TruTV, was at 288,000 and 206,000 for its two episodes, and CRIMINALS AT WORK, ON BET, was at 553,000. On MTV2, NICK CANNON WILD N OUT dropped to 340,000 viewers (from 529K), and JOKING OFF fell to 261,000 (from 417K). GRAVEYARD CARZ, on Velocity, was at 307,000 (from 302K), and SOUTH BEACH CLASSICS was seen by 298,000 and 278,000 for its two episodes. Among lower rated cables, FINDING MY FATHER, on Oxygen, fell to 143,000 (from 213K), RICH IN FAITH was at 71,000 viewers (from 83K), and finally, FLIPPIN' RV'S, on GAC, was down almost half to 64,000 viewers (from 111K).


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Tuesday January 5, 2016:

THE HAVES AND HAVE NOTS, on OWN, led the night with 3.11 million viewers, and on History, THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND dropped to 2.79m (from 3.3m). The night's other leaders were FIXER UPPER with 2.91m, MOONSHINERS with 1.92m, and REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS with 1.78m. On Lifetime, DANCE MOMS returned to 1.37m viewers (with 1.08m for the special that preceded it), down from the season 5 premiere and special which has 1.82m and 1.42m respectively; PITCH SLAPPED was at 717,000. On MTV, TEEN WOLF began the second part of its fifth season with 1.11m viewers (up from the 958K who watched the part 1 finale), and SHANNARA was at 1.03m viewers (it also had 248,000 on TV Land, 115,000 on MTV2, and 117,000 on TeenNick). On Syfy, THE EXPANSE was about even with last week's number (631,000 vs. 633K), and on TruTV, ALMOST GENIUS rose to 425,000 (from 400K). MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT had 1.12m viewers on A&E, and 547,000 on FYI, while BORN THIS WAY (which only aired on A&E) was at 797,000, and BLACK LOVE (which only aired on FYI) was at 171,000. ZOE EVER AFTER aired on both BET (851,000) and Centric (53,000), but REAL HUSBANDS only aired on BET and raked in 747,000. CHASING CLASSIC CARS, on Velocity, dipped to 320,000 (vs. 326K), and RICKEY SMILEY FOR REAL dropped to 206,000 viewers for its penultimate episode (from 290K). Among lower-rated cables, THE KENNEDY FILES, on Reelz, fell hard to 131,000 (from 258K), and AMERICAN HARVEST, on RFD, was down to 33,000 (from 52K).

Monday, January 18, 2016


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Monday January 4, 2016:

LOVE & HIP HOP, on VH1, was up to 2.92 million viewers (from 2.81m), and THE BREAKS was seen by 1.81m. On MTV, TEEN MOM was at 1.99m and 1.6m for its two episodes, and on A&E, CARTEL LAND was at 819,000. VANDERPUMP RULES, on Bravo, dropped to 1.45m viewers (from 1.53m), and UNTYING THE KNOT was seen by 587,000. FATAL ATTRACTION, on TV One, returned to 490,000 viewers (from 261K), and JUSTICE BY ANY MEANS rose to 326,000 (from 304K). On TruTV, SUPER INTO was at 220,000 and 130,000 for its two episodes, and on Encore (the Starz sister channel), 2 rebroadcasts of the Starz series SPARTACUS: BLOOD AND SAND were at 272,000 and 360,000. Finally, PARIS TERROR ATTACK: CHARLIE HEBDO found 132,000 viewers.


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Sunday January 3, 2016:

INTRODUCING: The All-New Broadcast Update chart! On all posts for Sundays-Fridays, a broadcast ratings chart will be added right above the cable ratings chart. The chart will consist of the total viewers, 18-49 rating, 18-49 share, PUT (persons using televisions) for the primetime broadcast shows that aired that day. Some will have a section devoted to ratings from a random demographic of my choosing.

DOWNTON ABBEY began its sixth and final season on PBS with a massive 9.9 million viewers, down from the 10.1M who watched the fifth season premiere, and 10.2M who watched the fourth season premiere. On Bravo, REAL HOUSEWIVES ATLANTA rose to 3.04 million viewers this week (from 2.98m), and NEWLYWEDS: THE FIRST YEAR was at 1.16m. KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS, on E!, returned from a 2-week hiatus, to 2.54 million viewers (from 1.89m), and THE ROYALS rose to 824,000 viewers (from 671K). On A&E, HOARDERS was at 1.12m and 1.01m viewers for its 2 episodes, and BROKEN SKULL CHALLENGE, on CMT, began its third season with 502,000 viewers (down from the 714K for the second season finale). On Hallmark Movies & Mysteries (HMM), a movie entitled GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT had 943,000 viewers, and on Lifetime Movie Network (LMN), THE WRONG ROOMATE was at 1.14m viewers. STARTALK, on Nat Geo, dropped to 156,000 viewers (from 180K), and SNAPPED, on Oxygen, returned to 435,000 (from 447K). Among lower-rated cables, MILLION DOLLAR PRINCESSES, on Smithsonian, was at 178,000 viewers, X-RAY MEGA AIRPORT began with 78,000 viewers, and finally, PORTRAIT ARTIST OF THE YEAR, on Ovation, fell all the way to 10,000 viewers (from 43K).

Sunday, January 17, 2016


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Saturday January 2, 2016:

ASH VS. EVIL DEAD, on Starz, finished its first season with a series-high 508,000 viewers, up from last week's 343K, and from the 437K of the series premiere. RAILROAD ALASKA, on Destination America, was up hugely to 496,000 viewers (from 311K), and on Animal Planet, PITFALLS AND PAROLEES rose to 940,000 (from 872K). On Velocity, THE APPRAISERS returned from a 2 week hiatus, to 199,000 viewers (from 208K), and MY CLASSIC CARS was at 224,000. TIMELINE, on NFL Network, fell hugely to 136,000 viewers (all the way from 809K), and an NFL FILMS PRESENTATION didn't do much better, bringing in 138,000. On Reelz, DEMONS IN THE CITY OF ANGELS was at 156,000, and DR. FEELGOOD was at 176,000. Finally, on Esquire, SPOTLESS fell slightly to 73,000 viewers (from 82K).


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Friday January 1, 2016:

HAPPY NEW YEAR! ESPN again won the day with 13.55m people tuning in for THE ROSE BOWL (hugely down from the 28.16m from last year), 9.76m watching the FIESTA BOWL (up from 7.41m), and 8.94m watching the SUGAR BOWL (down from 28.27m last year). THE SUGAR BOWL was the lowest rated in 25 years, and THE ROSE BOWL was the lowest rated ever, HGTV aired new episodes of various shows over the course of the entire day, and they ranged in viewership from 1.25m viewers (CARIBBEAN LIFE), all the way up to 2.33m (FIXER UPPER). On Lifetime, BRING IT! began its third season with 973,000 viewers at 8pm, and 1.36m at 9pm (both up from the 828K who saw the special on 10/2), and RAP GAME was at 1.14m viewers. On GSN, CHAIN REACTION was at 571,000 and 527,000 viewers, and UNFORGETTABLE, on A&E, fell to 736,000 (from 1.01m on 12/18). Finally, on POP, THIS IS IMPACT was at 78,000 viewers at 1am.


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Thursday December 31, 2015:

Because of the lack of meaningful program that aired on New Years Eve, there are quite a number of ratings in this list that normally would never make the cut for inclusion. THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFFS, on ESPN, led the day with 18.55 million tuning in for the MICHIGAN STATE/ALABAMA game, 15.64m for the OKLAHOMA/CLEMSON game, and 5.6m for the PEACH BOWL (up from 5.01m last year). Elsewhere, CNN, Fox News, BET, and Fuse all aired New Years Eve specials. On CNN, NEW YEARS EVE LIVE averaged 1.62 million viewers for the entire 4.5 hours it aired (up from 1.597m last year), and rose to 1.75m at around 12:30am on New Years Day (up from 1.44m). On Fox News, ALL AMERICAN NEW YEARS was at 1.78m and 2.09m at 11pm and 12am respectively (vs. 1.56m/1.68m last year), and RED EYE: NEW YEARS SPECIAL rose to 892,000 viewers this year (from 695K). On BET, 106 & PARTY dropped to 561,000 viewers this year (from 928K), and on Fuse, NYE OPEN BAR PARTY began at 9pm with 67,000 viewers, then dropped to 58,000 and 51,000 at 10pm and 11pm. Finally, on CMT, I LOVE KELLIE PICKLER returned from a 2 week hiatus, to 290,000 (from 261K), and BRINGING UP BATES, on UP TV, aired a New Years Special which was at 154,000.

Monday, January 11, 2016


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Wednesday December 30, 2015:

On Wednesday, ESPN led the night with 4 different games each with over 2 million viewers. On MTV, CHALLENGE: BLOODLINES was up to 835,000 and 787,000 for its two episodes (from 691K), TRUE LIFE was up to 466,000 (from 250K), and on MTV2, NICK CANNON WILD N' OUT rose to 529,000 viewers (from 504K), and JOKING OFF was up to 417,000 (vs. 292K). On Oxygen, FINDING MY FATHER was up to 213,000 viewers this week (from 151K), and RICH IN FAITH was about even with last week's number, down just 1000 to 83,000. GRAVEYARD CARZ, on Velocity, rose to 302,000 (from 263K), and a LMM movie I LOVE YOU ... BUT I LIED was seen by 539,000. Among lower-rated cables, GOING DEEP WITH DAVID REES, on Esquire, was up 20K viewers to 69,000, and FLIPPIN' RV'S, on Great American Country, was seen by a mere 111,000.

Saturday, January 9, 2016


Select Ratings from Original Tuesday Cable telecasts from December 1 - December 29, 2015:

A lot happened in December on cable. On History, THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND aired 5 episodes in December which averaged 3.09 million viewers, and had a high of 3.4 million viewers on 12/22. On Syfy, THE EXPANSE began with 1.19m on Monday 12/14 (not on this chart), then dropped to 854,000 the following episode, and was at 633,000 for the most recent episode on 12/29. MOONSHINERS, on Discovery, was at 1.65m for its third episode of the season (1.58m the week before), and was seen by 1.7m for its most recent episode on 12/29. On USA, CHRISLEY KNOWS BEST had 1.84m viewers for its penultimate episode of the third season (and had 1.48m for the season finale on Wednesday 12/23), and DONNY! concluded its first season on 12/15, with a dismal 310,000 viewers (down from the 696K who saw the season premiere on 11/10). On CNBC, THE PROFIT had 356,000 viewers for its final episode of 2015, and will return for 6 more episodes in 2016 to close out its third season. On BET, BEING MARY JANE finished its third season with 1.66m viewers (down from 2.23m for the season premiere), and on TruTV, ADAM RUINS EVERYTHING concluded its inaugural season with 614,000 viewers (up from 523K of the season premiere). FINDING CARTER, on MTV, finished the second part of its second season with 337,000  and 334,000 for its two episodes, down from the 473K who watched the part 2 premiere, and from the 556K who saw the part 1 finale. BITCHIN' RIDES, on Velocity, concluded its second season with 411,000 and 579,000 for its two episodes (way up from the 266K of the season premiere), and CHASING CLASSIC CARS returned from a 2 week hiatus to a tune of 217,000 viewers, and had 326,000 on the most recent Tuesday. MANHATTAN, on WGN America, finished its second season with 201,000 viewers (from 265K of the season premiere), and FIX MY MOM, on Oxygen, ended its first season with 142,000 viewers (from 270K of the premiere). Among lower-rated cables, AMERICAN HARVEST, on RFD, ranged between 25,000 and 43,000 viewers, KNIFE FIGHT, on Esquire finished its fourth season with 110,000 viewers (way up from 40K/28K of the premiere), and finally, UNCORKED ended its brief 6 episode season with 30,000 viewers (up from 19K).

Small Town Big Deal (RFD): Full Season 7 Ratings

Here is the full season ratings chart for 'Small Town Big Deal' season 7 on RFD. 'Small Town Big Deal' began its season on Thursday September 24, 2015, and concluded its season on December 17, 2015. Every episode had a 0.00 18-49 rating. The episodes that aired on October 29, and November 5 were reruns; however, the November 5 episode had 53,000 viewers.

Friday, January 8, 2016


Select Ratings from Original Monday Cable telecasts from November 30 - December 28, 2015:

On VH1, LOVE & HIP HOP HOLLYWOOD concluded its second season with 2.52 million viewers (up from the 2.39m for the season premiere), and LOVE & HIP HOP began its sixth season with 2.67m viewers (up from the 2.04m that saw the season 5 finale). On Bravo, VANDERPUMP RULES finished its second season on 12/27 (not on this chart) with 1.53m viewers, and averaged 1.318 million viewers across 4 episodes leading up to the finale, APRES SKI finished its inaugural season with 615,000 viewers (up from the 465K who watched the premiere). On TNT, MAJOR CRIMES finished the second part (of three) of its fourth season with 3.69m viewers (down from 3.99m for the premiere on 6/8/15), and LEGENDS aired the final 3 episodes of its second season (and likely the series) on 12/28, and were seen by 515,000, 405,000, and 325,000 respectively (down from the 676K who watched the season premiere, and dramatically down from the 2.58m who watched the series premiere in 2014). FARGO, on FX, ended its second season with 1.82 million viewers, up from the 1.59m of season premiere, but down from the 1.98m of the season one finale. On Syfy, THE EXPANSE began with 1.19m viewers, and on MTV, FOLLOW THE RULES averaged 348,000 viewers for all of its airings. Among lower rated cables, STRANGE INHERITANCE, on Fox Business, was seen by 78,000 and 121,000 for its 2 season finale episodes (way down from the 243K/253K who saw the 2 season premiere episodes on 11/11). Finally, on Smithsonian, THE CODEBREAKER WHO HACKED HITLER was seen by 105,000 on November 30.