Tuesday, May 3, 2022

All-Time Top 100 SVOD Weekly Ratings

Below is a chart of the top 100 streaming (SVOD) performances based on minutes of watch-time in a single week. The chart will update automatically each week as new data comes in from Nielsen and shows at the bottom will drop off the chart as more programs populate the list over time. Original programming, movies, and acquired programming are all eligible to make this chart and the data goes back to the week ending August 9, 2020 - the week that Nielsen first began releasing the top SVOD ratings publicly. 

There were 6 instances when a program logged over 3 billion minutes prior to August 9th and because Nielsen revealed those numbers, they are also included in this chart. Nielsen hasn't revealed the programs that had over 2 billion minutes prior to the August 9, 2020 list, so there are certainly programs/weeks that should be on this chart that aren't. Finally, this is just one of a series of streaming charts available on the site; for the rest of them, check out the Streaming Archive.

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