Friday, July 21, 2017

OJ Simpson Parole Hearing Leads Entire Day in Total Viewers | 2017-07-20

According to the LA Times, the parole hearing for O.J. Simpson, which aired across multiple networks, broadcast and cable, brought in a cumulative 13.5 million viewers. From 1-3pm, CBS led the coverage with 3.1 million viewers, followed by ABC (2.3 million), NBC (1.9 million), Fox News (1.7 million) Fox Broadcasting (1.3 million), CNN (1.1 million), HLN (559,000), and ESPN (471,000). Looking more in-depth at the cable numbers, Fox News' 'Shepard Smith Reporting' at 1pm did 0.14/1,638,000, and at 2pm did 0.17/1,838,000. CNN's 'Wolf' did 0.22/1,051,000 at 1pm, and 'CNN Newsroom' at 2pm did 0.21/1,198,000. HLN did 0.13/585,000 at 1pm and 0.11/534,000 at 2pm. ESPN's coverage aired from 12:50 to 3:20 and did a 0.19/435,000 for the entire broadcast. Also, it was not included in the LA Times article, but MSNBC did a 0.09/815,000 for its 75-minute coverage from 12:45pm - 2pm, and did a 0.10/970,000 for the 2pm hour.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

'Snowfall' Rises in Week 3, 'Suits' Stable in Week 2 | 2017-07-19

FX's 'Snowfall' rose to a 0.46 18-49 rating and 1,045,000 viewers this week for its third episode. This was up from last week's 0.39/965,000 viewers, but still not quite up at the same level as its premiere ratings on July 5 (0.58/1,361,000). The show continues to skew towards middle-aged males, hitting its highest demo in adults 25-54 (0.51), and leaning male in the 18-49s (0.57 vs. 0.36), 12-34s (0.26 vs. 0.17), and 18-34s (0.38 vs 0.27). In comparison to other FX dramas, the show is doing quite well so far. 'The Americans' averaged a 0.19 and 758,000 viewers this past spring, 'The Strain' averaged a 0.42 and 961,000 viewers last fall, 'Taboo' did 0.43 and 1,235,000 in its first season earlier this year, and 'Legion' did a 0.45 and 950,000.

USA's Suits' was stable in its second week of the season, pulling in an identical 0.36 18-49 rating, and down very slightly in total viewers with 1,358,000 (from 1,398,000). It skewed female in the 18-49s (0.42 vs. 0.30), very slightly in the 18-34s (0.25 vs. 0.24), but had twin 0.2s in the 12-34s. The show averaged a 0.42 in the 18-49s last season (second only to 'Shooter'), and 1,601,000 viewers. Through 2 episodes this season, it's averaging 0.36 and 1,378,000. 

Top 50 Shows for African Americans for the Week Ending April 30, 2017

On the broadcast side, FOX's 'Empire' led the week with 4,376,000 total African-American (AA) viewers for its episode. This figure represents 69% of the show's total audience for that day (6,313,000). 'Scandal' brought in 1,606,000 AA viewers for its April 27th broadcast, representing 31% of its total viewership (5,193,000). NBC's 'Shots Fired' did 1,705,000 AA viewers, a solid 51% of its 3,326,000 viewers for that day. Other broadcast shows of note include: 'Grey's Anatomy' which did 1,101,000 AA viewers (16%), 'The Catch' which had 796,000 AA viewers (27%), 'Rosewood' which did 986,000 for its season finale (33%), and 'Black-ish' which had 798,000 (19%). 

On cable, VH1's 'Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta' notched 2,450,000 African-American viewers for its April 24th episode, good for 84% of its total audience (2,920,000). 'Basketball Wives' was at a slightly higher 87% with 1,798,000 AA viewers out of a 2,065,000 total. On OWN, 'If Loving You is Wrong' had 1,722,000 AA viewers, a massive 90% of its 1,921,000 total. Also on OWN, was 'Greenleaf', which notched 712,000 AA viewers out of 1,351,000 - a much lower 53%. Finally, 'Iyanla, Fix My Life' had 656,000 AA viewers out of its total 761,000 audience - 86%.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

'Shooter' Returns Stable, 'OutDaughtered' Down From Last Week | 2017-07-18

USA Network's 'Shooter' returned for its second season premiere Tuesday with a 0.41 18-49 rating and 1,507,000 total viewers. This was down 16% in the demo from the season 1 finale, but up 4% in total viewers (from 0.49/1,449,000). It was also up in viewers from the series premiere back in November (1,439,000). The 0.41 demo rating is the second-lowest for the show (0.39 on 11/22/16). Other demos: In males 50+ it notched a 0.78 rating, in adults 25-54 it was 0.53, and in adults 18-34, it was 0.25. Its lead-in, 'WWE Smackdown', led the entire day on cable with a 0.81 18-49 rating and 2,548,000 viewers. In females 18-49 it had a 0.67 and in males it was 0.96.

The second episode of the season for TLC's 'OutDaughtered' brought in a 0.37 18-49 rating and 1,403,000 viewers; down from last week's 0.46/1,479,000, but still well above the season 1 and 2 average. In adults 18-34 it was at 0.3, and in 25-54s it was 0.5. The gender skew in the 12-34s was 0.43 females vs. 0.12 males. Also on TLC was the second episode of season 2 for 'Rattled'. That show was slightly lower at 0.27 in the 18-49s and 972,000 viewers, down from last week's bow which scored 0.34/1,009,000. That 12-34 gender skew was 0.37 females vs. 0.09 males.

The Missing (Starz): Ratings Recap

Here are the ratings for the short-lived Starz series 'The Missing.' The show premiered November 15, 2014 and the first season averaged a 0.03 adults 18-49 rating and 182,000 viewers. A second season premiered February 12, 2017 and the 8 episodes averaged a 0.04 rating and 169,000 viewers, virtually identical to the first season. The show actually aired its episodes in the United Kingdom on BBC One prior to their airing in the United States. In the UK, it performed much better, averaging 7.37 million viewers for its first season and 8.06 million for its second. The show's creators decided to not pursue a third season. 

'Preacher' Up, 'Loaded' Debuts Low | 2017-07-17

AMC's 'Preacher' hit a three-week high in the 18-49s and in total viewers with a 0.42 demo and 1,269,000 total viewers for Monday's broadcast. This is up from last week's 0.40/1,186,000. 'Preacher' notched a 0.25 in adults 18-34, and a 0.54 in adults 25-54. Also on AMC was the series premiere of 'Loaded'. The show began with a dismal 0.08 adults 18-49 rating, and only 276,000 viewers, losing a whopping 460% of its 'Preacher' lead-in. The show premiered on Channel 4 in Britain back on May 8, to only 540,000 viewers and a 3.7 share, despite its lead-in having 1.03 million and its leadout having 770,000. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

'Game of Thrones' Hits HBO's Highest Ratings Since 'Sopranos' Finale | 2017-07-16

Game of Thrones opened its seventh season to a monstrous 4.71 18-49 rating and 10,105,000 total L+SD viewers; the highest viewed episode in the show's history, and the fourth highest rated premiere episode for an HBO original series EVER. Topped only by the season 3, 4, and 5 premieres of 'The Sopranos'. An additional 6 million watched through same-day DVR playback and streaming. The previous high for 'Thrones' was the season 6 finale which brought in a 4.35 18-49 rating and 8,889,000 total viewers. The 2015 season premiere notched a 4.19 18-49 rating and 7,997,000 viewers, while the 2016 premiere brought in a slightly less 3.98 18-49 rating and 7,944,000 viewers. In the 18-34s, it hit a 3.71, in the 25-54s, a huge 5.27, and in households it was at 5.22. The re-airing of the episode had a 1.1 18-49 rating and 2,401,000 viewers at 10pm.