Friday, September 11, 2020

Broadcast & Cable Nielsens: Week Ending May 31, 2009

Below are the Nielsen ratings for the 36th week of the 2008-09 television broadcast season; most reruns are excluded from the list. Final household, 18-49, and 25-54 ratings are provided, as are final viewership figures (some to three digits)The second chart includes data for cable programs that aired this week. DVR ratings were not available this week.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Broadcast & Cable Nielsens: Week Ending February 11, 2007

Below are the Nielsen ratings for the 21st week of the 2006-07 television broadcast season; most reruns are excluded from the list. Final household, 18-49, and 25-54 ratings are provided, as are final viewership figuresThe second chart includes data for cable programs that aired this week.

TV Ratings: Tuesday September 1, 2020

The Jazz/Nuggets 'NBA Playoff' game on ABC led the TV ratings on Tuesday with a 1.2 adults 18-49 rating (11 share in men of that demo), a 0.9 in adults 18-34, and 3.385 million viewers. NBC's 'America's Got Talent' ranked second in the demo (0.8 rating), but led in total viewership (6.403 million) due to a huge chunk of 50+ (10 share). It led into the U.S. premiere of the Canadian medical drama 'Transplant' which got off to an OK start among adults 18-49 (0.4) and total viewers (3.958 million). Its official premiere back in February delivered 1.312 million Canadian viewers, on par with what 'This is Us' & 'MacGyver' were getting in the country. Over at CBS, 'Love Island' (0.4, 1.698 million) had moderate returns, but at the CW 'Dead Pixels' (0.1, 395,000) & 'Tell Me a Story' (0.1, 281,000) were both invisible.

TV Ratings: Monday August 31, 2020

NBC's 'American Ninja Warrior' led the Monday cable ratings in the key adults 18-49 demo (0.5 rating) and in adults 25-54 (0.9); it tied CBS's 'Love Island' for the 18-34 victory (0.3) and ranked second behind a rerun of 'The Neighborhood' (CBS) in total viewers (3.446 million vs. 3.486 million). 'Love Island' was the sole original airing on CBS and performed OK with a 0.3 18-49 rating and 1.578 million viewers though was down from its lead-in rerun of 'Young Sheldon' (0.4, 3.1 million). Elsewhere, FOX aired the 2015 film 'Love the Coopers' to moderate fanfare (0.3, 1.18 million) and ABC was new with another 'Bachelor: Greatest Seasons' spec (0.2, 1.508 million). Finally, the CW's line-up of 'Whose Line is it Anyway' (0.2, 885,000) and 'Penn & Teller: Fool Us' (0.1, 917,000) showed some signs of life.

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

TV Ratings: Sunday August 30, 2020

It was a busy Sunday night on the broadcast nets with a variety of different programming airing. ABC dedicated their entire programming bloc to honoring actor Chadwick Boseman after his tragic death last Friday. At 8pm an airing of his 2018 film 'Black Panther' scored the best broadcast numbers in quite a while with a 1.4 adults 18-49 rating, a 0.8 in 18-34, a 1.9 in 25-54, and 6.272 million viewers. In viewership it was beaten by only ABC World News Tonight (6.7 million) which was out of primetime. A lead-out special, 'A Tribute Fit for a King' also did very well with a 1.2 rating and 4.95 million viewers. Over at CBS, 'Big Brother' only found itself partially affected by the increased competition, down a tenth in the demo from last week (0.9 rating) and down slightly across the board in 18-34 (0.5), 25-54 (1.2), and total viewers (3.806 million) though still easily the day's third-highest rated program. Elsewhere, FOX was all in reruns, and NBC had decent numbers with game 4 of the Flyers/Islanders 'NHL Playoff' series (0.5 rating, 1.561 million).

TV Ratings: Saturday August 29, 2020

There wasn't much happening on the broadcast nets Saturday and NBC's evening coverage of 'NASCAR Cup Series Racing' easily beating out all primetime competition in adults 18-49 (0.6/5), adults 18-34 (0.3/4), adults 25-54 (1.0/6), and total viewers (3.869 million). Looking at the full day, ABC's 'World News Tonight' had the win among viewers (6 million) due to its usual sizable 50+ crowd (13 share). Over at CBS, the premiere of 'Love Island: More to Love' completely bombed, mustering just a 0.1 demo rating and not even close to a million viewers (698,000 to be exact) - the lowest-viewed program on all of broadcast. Finally, FOX was new with 'PBC Fight Night' which delivered a slightly-better 0.2 rating with 832,000 viewers (823,000 stuck around for the post game).

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

TV Ratings: Friday August 28, 2020

Friday was more of the same on the broadcast nets with FOX's 'WWE Friday Night Smackdown' taking the nightly victory among adults 18-49 (0.6/4), adults 18-34 (0.3/4), and adults 25-54 (0.7/4). It also led in total viewers (2.144 million) among the originals, but was beaten out by reruns of CBS's 'Blue Bloods' (2.9 million) & 'MacGyver' (2.85 million), and ABC's 'Shark Tank' (2.7 million). Sandwiched between the CBS reruns was a new episode of 'Love Island' which held the 18-49 (0.3/2) and 18-34 (0.2/2) figures from those two programs, but tumbled in terms of total viewers (1.472 million) as the large 50+ crowd present for 'MacGyver' (5 share) & 'Blue Bloods' (6 share) abandoned ship for 'Island' (2 share). Elsewhere, ABC aired a new '20/20' (0.2/2, 1.919 million) while the CW had 'Masters of Illusion' (0.1/1, 666,000) and two new episodes of 'Being Reuben' at 9pm (0.1/0, 298,000) & 9:30pm (0.0/0, 200,000). 

TV Ratings: Thursday August 27, 2020

CBS and the CW had the only non-convention original programming on the broadcast nets. 'Big Brother' led across the demos: adults 18-49 (1.0/7), adults 18-34 (0.7/7), adults 25-54 (1.4/7), and in total viewers (3.99 million). Per usual, the best numbers came from women 25-54 (1.7/8) and women 18-49 (0.9/9). Lead-out 'Love Island' lost more than half in the demo (0.4/2) and total viewers (1.47 million), but still easily out-performed the CW's 'Mysteries Decoded' (0.1/1, 781,000). 

In the 'RNC' ratings race, Fox News had a dominating victory among adults 25-54 (2.129 million) and, nearly equaling the combined totals of CNN (759,000), ABC (725,000), and NBC (720,000). Among total viewers, CNN (2.196 million), ABC (2.575 million), and NBC (2.271 million) combined for more than 7 million which Fox News easily singlehandedly out-rated (9.043 million). CBS and MSNBC were both pretty far behind in both 25-54 (461,000 & 388,000) and total viewers (1.784 million & 1.829 million).