Pocketpiece Data Converter


Below is a calculator that converts the "Audience Composition" figures from the Nielsen Pocketpieces into ratings points. The Pocketpieces provide demographic information in the form of VPVHs (Viewers Per 1000 Viewing Homes) rather than in viewership/impression form (000s) or in ratings form which can make it difficult to deduce what the ratings are.

This calculator is able to provide ratings on up 26 different demographics based on the number of inputted VPVHs. See the highlighted portion in the example below using Super Bowl XV from the 2nd January 1981 report. 

  1. First, select the TV season this data is from by using the drop down menu. In this example, Super Bowl XV is from the 1980-81 TV season. This step is required for the calculator to work.
  2. Second, enter the value from the first highlighted column into the first box "HHLDS" which in the example would be "3454". The "HHLDS" box is required for the calculator to work.
  3. Fill in as many of the VPVHs as necessary in order for the rating(s) you're trying to calculate. Filling in every VPVH box will return all 26 available ratings from the calculator. Ratings will only populate for demos if their necessary VPVH data is inputted.
  4. Pocketpieces only started using 35-64 demo VPVHs in the 1980-81 season. Prior to this the column instead was 55-64 which technically does allow the P35-64 rating to be deduced (with several extra steps), but I haven't yet added that capability. So, until I do, this calculator will not be able to deduce any 35-64 data for seasons prior to 1980-81.

As of right now, this can be used for TV seasons from 1977-78 through 1990-91. 

Pocketpiece Data Converter

P2+ (millions):

P18-34 Rating: W18-34 Rating: M18-34 Rating:

P18-49 Rating: W18-49 Rating: M18-49 Rating:

P25-54 Rating: W25-54 Rating: M25-54 Rating:

P35-64 Rating: W35-64 Rating: M35-64 Rating:

P55+ Rating: W55+ Rating: M55+ Rating:

T12-17 Rating: F12-17 Rating: M12-17 Rating:

P12-34 Rating: F12-34 Rating: M12-34 Rating:

P18+ Rating: W18+ Rating: M18+ Rating:

K2-11 Rating: K6-11 Rating:

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