Monday, December 30, 2019

Broadcast & Cable Nielsens: Week Ending September 27, 1998

Below are the Nielsen ratings for the first week of the 1998-99 television broadcast season; reruns are excluded from the list. The first chart includes household (HH) ratings and viewership (in millions) for all first-run broadcast programs. The second chart has the viewership figures for the 15 most-watched programs on cable during the week. Please note that viewership in the broadcast table is measured on Persons 2+, while viewership in this cable chart is measured on total households. Available 18-49 data is included in a separate chart below the cable ratings. 

Saturday, August 31, 2019

100 Code & The Disappearance (WGN America): Ratings Recaps

WGN America's '100 Code' premiered May 29, 2018 to a 0.05 adults 18-49 rating with 215,000 viewers - low numbers in general, but on-par with what the network was getting for original programs. It wasn't able to hold that though, declining to as a low as a 0.01 rating by its finale and averaging just 0.03 & 171,000 viewers over 12 episodes. 'The Disappearance' premiered in 6 episodes in summer 2019 and though its ratings remained steady throughout, it never managed above a 0.03 rating. 

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Make Me a Supermodel (Bravo): Ratings Recap

Bravo's 'Make Me a Supermodel' premiered January 2, 2008 to a 0.6 adults 18-49 rating and 1.19 million viewers and spent the majority of its first season at just below 1 million viewers before finishing on a high note (1.34 million). A second season aired in 2009 and averaged just a 0.41 demo rating and 872,000 viewers which was apparently not high enough to warrant a third season renewal.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Flight of the Conchords (HBO): Ratings Recap

HBO's 'Flight of the Conchords' premiered June 17, 2007 behind the fourth-season premiere of 'Entourage,' where it pulled a 0.7 A18-49 rating & 1.2 million viewers; losing nearly half of its lead-in (1.4 & 2.2 million). These weren't exactly great numbers for the network at the time, and unfortunately continued to decline throughout its first season, averaging just under 1 million viewers. Somehow it was renewed for a second season, but with just 632,000 viewers on-average, it was not renewed for a third.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Eureka (Syfy): Ratings Recap

'Eureka' premiered on Sci-Fi network July 18, 2006 and ranked as one of the top-viewed programs of the week (a rare feat for that network) with 4.05 million viewers and a 1.3 A18-49 rating. It was unable to sustain those number though, falling to 2.5 million by week 2 and remaining slightly below that for the remainder of the season (average: 2.48 million). A second season dipped further, averaging just over 2.1 million viewers, but the third season was able to recover up to over 2.3 million; both logged a 0.8 in the 18-49 demo. Ratings remained OK in its fourth season, pulling a 0.7 & 2 million viewers, but tumbled to 0.5 & 1.6 million in its fifth season and it was cancelled.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Battlestar Galactica (Sci-Fi): Ratings Recap

Sci-Fi's 'Battlestar Galactica' premiered as a 2-episode miniseries in December 2003 where it pulled relatively strong numbers, 3.9 million & 4.46 million, prompting the network to develop it as a full series. The series officially launched January 14, 2005 to a 1.5 A18-49 rating & 3.1 million viewers and remained steady in the high-2 millions throughout its first season, averaging a 1.3 rating & 2.8 million viewers. Numbers declined slightly in its second season where it pulled just about a 1.1 rating & 2.3 million viewers, but fell down to 1.7 million in both its third and fourth seasons. The show concluded in March 2009 to 2.36 million viewers, and aired a full movie the following January to 1.02 million.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

The L Word (Showtime): Ratings Recap

'The L Word' premiered January 18, 2004 to a 0.5 adults 18-49 rating/share and 936,000 viewers - one of Showtime's best premiere numbers ever. It averaged 609,000 viewers over the course of its first season, dipped to 490,000 in its second season, and rose up to 555,000 for its third. The next two seasons were both low-performers, pulling between 300,000 and 500,000 viewers for its premieres and finales, but the sixth and final season in 2009 managed to recover lost viewership. The final season premiered to 664,000 viewers in January 2009 and concluded to 756,000. Note: for seasons 1-3, only ratings for the premieres, finales, and averages are provided. Full episode-by-episode numbers begin with season 4.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (Bravo): Ratings Recap

Bravo's 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' premiered July 15, 2003 to a 0.9 adults 18-49 rating & 1.64 million viewers and rose to a peak of 2.0 & 3.35 million viewers mid-way through its first season. That first season performed very well, averaging a 1.3 rating & 2.2 million viewers, but the numbers consistently declined from there. A second season tumbled to a 0.6 rating & 1.15 million viewers though the last several episodes fell below 1 million, and that trend continued in its third season which dropped to 0.3 & 640,000. The final two seasons fell to nearly invisible levels at 0.23 & 0.17 in the demo and at ~470,000 & ~380,000 in total viewers, and the show was cancelled. It was later revived by Netflix though ratings are not available.

Friday, February 15, 2019

The Shield (FX): Ratings Recap

FX's 'The Shield' premiered March 12, 2002 to a 2.4 A18-49 rating and 4.83 million viewers - great numbers for a cable drama at the time and on-par with what USA's 'Monk' delivered that year. The ratings declined down to a low of 1.1 & 2 million viewers, but finished strongly, up to 2.1 & 4.14 million and averaged a 1.67 & 3.2 million overall. The show saw some growth in its second season (2003), rising in both the demo (to 1.73) and viewers (3.3 million), but then declined in its third (2004) to 1.33 & 2.5 million. Surprisingly, the ratings rebounded in 2005's fourth season where it pulled over a 1.5 in the demo & was back up to 3.2 million viewers, but that was the last of the good ratings. The next three (and final) seasons each saw significant ratings decline: down to a 1.3 in 2006, a 1.0 in 2007, and a 0.8 in 2008. That final season also managed only 1.62 million viewers and the show concluded to 1.84 million.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Brotherhood (Showtime): Ratings Recap

Showtime's 'Brotherhood' premiered July 9, 2006 to the tune of 454,000 viewers, fell to 158,000 viewers in its second week, and concluded its first season averaging just 207,000 viewers. A second season aired in 2007 and was a lead-out to the hit series 'Dexter' which is perhaps the best explanation for that season's rise in viewership. It hit a series-high of 517,000 viewers in the second episode and concluded exactly how it began with 371,000. A third and final season aired in 2008, also paired with 'Dexter;' however, this season it was a lead-in rather than a lead-out so it did not benefit from the large 'Dexter' audience. That season averaged 265,000 viewers, hitting a low of 190,000, and it was cancelled.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Strange Inheritance (Fox Business): Ratings Recap

Fox Business's 'Strange Inheritance' debuted January 26, 2015 to record premiere ratings for the network: 0.02/0.04 in the adults 18-49 demo and 289,000/315,000 viewers. Throughout its run it maintained very low ratings, averaging between 0.01-0.02 in the A18-49 demo and the low-to-mid 100,000 viewership range. The show aired four total seasons and concluded 2018. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Rite of Passage (El Rey): Ratings Recap

El Rey's 'Rite of Passage' was a short-lived program that aired in summer 2017 to basically invisible ratings. The show debuted to 0.01 adults 18-49 rating & 45,000 viewers which ended up being the peak as it fell to a zero demo rating on multiple occasions and as low as 17,000 viewers. Its 12 episodes averaged a 0.01 & 31,000 viewers and it was cancelled.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Rome (HBO): Ratings Recap

HBO's 'Rome' premiered August 28, 2005 to a 2.4 HH rating and 3.81 million viewers, basically on-par with what the series finale of 'Six Feet Under' pulled a week earlier (2.4 HH & 3.89 million). The ratings dropped significantly by episode 3 which pulled a 1.6 rating & 2.58 million viewers but then they stabilized around that and the first season averaged 2.6 million viewers. A second season premiered in January 2007 and got off to a slow start with just a 0.6 A18-49 rating & 1.54 million viewers, but things improved throughout the rest of its run and the season ultimately ended up averaging a 0.8 rating & over 2 million viewers. This wasn't good enough for a third season renewal though and the show was cancelled after airing 22 episodes over 2 seasons. 

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Tell Me You Love Me (HBO): Ratings Recap

HBO's 'Tell Me You Love Me' premiered September 9, 2007 to a low 0.3 adults 18-49 rating & 910,000 viewers - not-so-good numbers for HBO at the time. It did an OK job of retaining its audience though, averaging a 0.32 demo rating and 767,000 viewers over its 10 episodes, but this was still not enough to warrant a second season renewal.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Lucky Louie (HBO): Ratings Recap

HBO's 'Lucky Louie' premiered June 11, 2006 behind the third season premiere of 'Entourage'. 'Entourage' provided strong lead-in numbers in both the demo (1.5 rating) and viewers (2.69 million), but 'Louie' was only able to maintain a 0.7 rating & 1.52 million viewers as many viewers did not stick around. The same pattern was the case for the rest of the season as 'Entourage' held in the low-to-mid 2 millions & 1.4 in the demo while 'Louie' averaged about a million less than that (1.35 million) and half the demo (0.74). The show was not renewed for a second season.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Clique (Pop): Ratings Recap

There is not much to say about Pop's short-lived series 'Clique' as it barely made a blip on the radar. The show premiered November 7, 2018 to a dead zero 18-49 rating and just 11,000 viewers, and aside from one ratings outlier (0.01/40,000) basically remained at that mark throughout its first 6 episodes. Pop decided to air a second season in burn-off fashion on July 4, 2019 where it logged zero in 18-49 and just 10,000 viewers.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Over There (FX): Ratings Recap

FX's 'Over There' premiered July 27, 2005 to a solid 1.8 adults 18-49 rating and 4.06 million viewers - good numbers for FX at the time, but it fell to about 2.5 million over its next few weeks. Had it been able to sustain that level then renewal may have been in the question; however, the ratings went in freefall towards the end of its run. It concluding to its lowest numbers ever: 0.7 in the demo & 1.34 million viewers, and was cancelled.

The Comeback (HBO): Ratings Recap

HBO's 'The Comeback' premiered June 5, 2005 to a 1.0 HH rating and 1.51 million viewers, basically on par with what its 'Entourage' lead-in delivered (1.0 & 1.59 million), though neither were particularly good for HBO at the time. Overall, it averaged just below 1 million viewers (955,000) for most of the first season as well as a 0.68 HH rating and 0.52 P18-49 rating. There was a long delay before the second season premiered in 2014, but time did no favors for the show which averaged just a 0.09 demo rating & 225,000 viewers in its return. There has been no word since on the status of a third season.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

K Street (HBO): Ratings Recap

HBO's 'K Street' premiered Sept. 14, 2003 to a 2.1 HH rating and 3 million viewers - not a bad number for HBO at the time, but significantly less than its 'Carnivale' lead-in (3.4 HH rating & 5.3 million). The show shed over 1 million viewers by episode 3 and remained around that mark for the rest of its run, averaging 2.01 million viewers over 10 episodes. It was not renewed for a second season.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Oz (HBO): Ratings Recap

HBO's 'Oz' premiered July 12, 1997 to a 2.4 HH rating and 3.45 million viewers - low in comparison to what the Big 4 broadcast networks were getting at that time, but on-par with UPN, WB, and other basic cable programs. The first season as a whole averaged 2.68 million viewers and grew in the two subsequent seasons to 2.89 million in 1998 and 3.27 million in 1999. It remained solid throughout the rest of its run, peaking in its fifth season (3.57 million) and concluding to 3.7 million viewers in 2003.

Years of Living Dangerously (Showtime/Nat Geo): Ratings Recap

'Years of Living Dangerously' premiered April 13, 2014 on Showtime to 294,000 viewers, but tumbled by more than half in its second week (123,000) and spent the majority of its first season at around 0.05 in the demo and ~150,000 viewers. The show switched networks between seasons and aired its second season on National Geographic Channel in fall 2016. That run performed slightly better in both the demo (0.07) and in viewership (272,000), but it was not renewed for a third season.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Wrestling with Death (WGN America): Ratings Recap

WGN America's 'Wrestling with Death' premiered January 13, 2015 to a 0.05 adults 18-49 rating and 151,000 viewers for its first episode, retaining 0.04 & 122,000 for the second episode airing immediately after. The show was able to hold its demo numbers for a few weeks despite shaving a chunk of its viewership, but viewers decidedly lost interest by the finale which logged a zero rating and just 18,000 viewers. Needless to say, it was not renewed for a second season.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Shoot the Messenger (WGN America): Ratings Recap

'Shoot the Messenger' is a Canadian drama that premiered on CBC in fall 2016 before premiering in the U.S. on WGN America in early 2018. It bowed with a low 0.03 adults 18-49 rating and 173,000 viewers and declined in its next two weeks before being yanked from its regular 10pm timeslot. The final 5 episodes aired at midnight on Fridays but still were able to hold the previous numbers and the show concluded with a 0.02 rating & 126,000 viewers on-average.

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Live +3 and Live +7 Ratings: 1/7 - 1/13/2019

On a week with the most of the networks back to originals, CBS's 'The Big Bang Theory' again led the seven-day DVR gains, up 1.51 in the demo to 3.91, and 4.48 million viewers to 18.01 million. NBC's 'Manifest' was an extremely close second in the demo, 1.50 to 2.55, but led the week in viewership gains, rising 5.74 million viewers to 11.58 million. On that same net, 'New Amsterdam' had a strong L+7 jump, up 5.17 million viewers to 10.52 million. On the cable side, Bravo's 'Dirty John' led both the three-day demo and viewership gains, up 0.45 to 1.04 and 1.41 million viewers to 3.25 million. The only other cable program to rise more than 1 million viewers was History's 'Vikings' which was up 1.22 million. 

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Live +3 and Live +7 Ratings: 12/31/2018 - 1/6/2019

In the first week of 2019 with only about 2/3 of the usual programming line-up airing originals, CBS's 'The Big Bang Theory' was the week's top time-shifted program in L+7. It rose 1.44 in the demo to 3.65, and was up 4.41 million viewers to 17.21 million in seven-day DVR viewing. FOX's 'The Masked Singer' had the week's second-best DVR rise, up 1.2 in the demo to a strong 4.17 and 3.6 million viewers to 12.97 million. FOX has another hit on its hands. On the cable side, Bravo's new series, 'Dirty John' had the best three-day DVR numbers, up 0.47 in the demo to 0.9 and rising nearly 1.5 million viewers to almost 3 million. History's 'Vikings' also did well, up 0.37 in the demo and 1.26 million viewers. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Sunday January 13, 2019 Nielsen Finals

On a busy Sunday night on cable TLC's '90 Day Fiance' topped the ratings charts. The show edged out Bravo's 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' in adults 18-49 (0.91 rating v. 0.87), just barely in women 18-49 (1.24 v. 1.23), but fairly handedly in total viewers (2.67 million v. 2.23 million). Lead-out 'Return to Amish' lost more than half of its lead-in, down to 0.31/0.45 in those demos and 1.05 million viewers. Bravo's other entries; however, saw strong retention with 'Married to Medicine' at 0.61 in 18-48/0.89 in W18-49 with 1.64 million viewers and 'Dirty John' at 0.59/0.83 with 1.84 million viewers. On HBO, after a nearly three-and-a-half year wait, 'True Detective' returned for its third season with two episodes averaging 0.48/0.33 among 18-49 and 1.44 million/1.19 million total viewers. This was down hugely from the 2015 premiere (1.42 rating/3.17 million viewers) and finale (1.21/2.73 million) and is actually a series-low for the show (previous low was 0.68/1.67 million for the second episode of the first season). Other programs of note include: Nickelodeon's 'Spongebob' (1.05 million), Showtime's 'Ray Donovan' (1.21 million), and Starz's 'Outlander' (1.27 million). 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Saturday January 12, 2019 Nielsen Finals

ESPN's coverage of 'College Basketball' between Duke and Florida State led a low-rated Saturday among both adults 18-49 (0.69 rating) and total viewers (2.28 million). A second game, between Louisville and North Carolina was slightly lower at 0.45 with 1.78 million viewers. Among men 18-49, the two games delivered 0.99/0.65 ratings, and among males 12-34, they were at 0.69/0.42 respectively. On Nickelodeon, an episode of Henry Danger' pulled solid numbers among males & females 12-34 at 0.27/0.30 and delivered 1.11 million total viewers. Other notable airings from the day include Food Network' line-up of 'Trisha's Southern Kitchen' (1.34 million), 'Pioneer Woman' (1.3 million) & more, MTV's 'Growing Up Lohan' (162,000), and HBO' 'Sesame Street' (109,000). Finally, Showtime aired the film 'I Feel Pretty' to an audience of 276,000. 

Friday January 11, 2019 Nielsen Finals

Discovery's 'Gold Rush' led a rather slow Friday on cable, logging a 0.66 rating among adults 18-49 (including 0.88 among men of that demo) and 2.64 million viewers. Lead-out, 'Gold Rush: White Water' was at 0.51/0.64 in those demos with 1.87 million viewers. On ESPN, two 'NBA Basketball' games were at 0.56/0.42 in 18-49, 0.81/0.61 in M18-49, 0.63/0.42 in M12-34, and 1.37 million/1.03 million among total viewers. The top rating among women 18-49 came from A&E's 'Live PD' which notched a 0.69 rating in that demo with 1.96 million viewers. That program also delivered the second-best rating among females 12-34 (0.44) behind Disney Channel's airing of 'Moana' (0.59, 1.54 million viewers). Over at MTV, three episodes of 'Ridiculousness' delivered 0.14/0.14/0.18 ratings from 8-9:30pm in F12-34 (0.17/0.17/0.16 in males of that demo) and 544,000/519,000/528,000 viewers. Other programs of note include WEtv' 'Love After Lockup' (641,000), VH1's 'RuPaul's All Stars' (512,000), and Reelz's 'World's Most Evil Killers' (194,000). 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Thursday January 10, 2019 Nielsen Finals

TLC's 'Dr. Pimple Popper' easily topped the Thursday cable ratings with a 0.71 A18-49 rating and 2.79 million viewers, including the day's best ratings among women 18-49 (0.9) and females 12-34 (0.53). Coverage of 'NBA Basketball' between the Thunder and Spurs, on TNT, scored the day's best numbers in M18-49 (0.83) and M12-34 (0.61) with 1.45 million viewers, while the lead-in game, Celtics/Heat, was at 0.64/0.48 in those demos with 1.17 million viewers. On MTV, 'Floribama Shore' notched a 0.40 F12-34 rating with 719,000 viewers, while lead-in 'Ex on the Beach' was slightly higher at 0.45 in that demo with 683,000 viewers. Over at Bravo, 'Top Chef' averaged a 0.41 W18-49 rating with 977,000 viewers, while at Lifetime, two episodes of 'Rap Game' were at 0.28/0.25 in that demo with 512,000/434,000 total viewers. Other programs of note include: two episodes of WEtv's 'Growing Up Hip Hop' (623,000 & 555,000), TruTV's 'The Carbonaro Effect' (328,000), UP's 'Bringing Up Bates' (293,000), and two episodes of CMT's 'Music City' (107,000 & 65,000). 

Wednesday January 9, 2019 Nielsen Finals

ESPN's coverage of 'NBA Basketball' between the Bucks and Rockets topped the cable ratings Wednesday, scoring a 1.15 M18-49 rating, a 0.97 M12-34 rating, and 1.73 million viewers. The lead-out game, Pistons/Lakers, was at 1.08/0.90 in those demos with 1.46 million viewers. On VH1, 'Black Ink Crew Chicago' brought in the day's best ratings in the F12-34 demo (0.49), in addition to a 0.69 W18-49 rating and 960,000 viewers, while 'Love and Hip Hop Miami' was at 0.47/0.62 in those respective demos with 873,000 viewers. Over at Bravo, 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' notched the best W18-49 rating (0.7) on the day with 1.29 million total viewers, while at MTV, 'Catfish' was at 0.41 in that demo (0.36 in F12-34) with 531,000 viewers, and at E!, 'Botched' managed 0.33/0.21 with 696,000 viewers. Finally, the fifth season premiere of FXX's 'You're the Worst' averaged a 0.08 A18-49 rating with 265,000 viewers, down a bit from it's fourth season premiere back in 2017 (0.14/298,000). 

Tuesday January 8, 2019 Nielsen Finals

FOX News's coverage of Trump's first Oval Office speech via 'Hannity' topped the Tuesday cable ratings with a 1.36 P25-54 rating in the key news demo and 7.13 million viewers. The program also brought in a huge 5.11 P50+ rating. Over at CNN, 'Cuomo Prime Time' saw a 1.09 P25-54 rating with 3.54 million viewers, and on MSNBC, 'The Rachel Maddow Show' notched a 0.72 rating in that demo with 4.36 million viewers. 'The Curse of Oak Island,' on History, had the highest numbers among all non-cable news ratings with a 0.83 A18-49 rating with 3.27 million viewers, while lead-out 'Project Blue Book' saw a 0.43 rating with 2.27 million viewers. On Bravo, 'Below Deck' scored a 0.69 W18-49 rating with 1.45 million viewers, and on OWN, 'The Haves and the Have Nots' was at 0.61 in that demo with 1.69 million viewers. Elsewhere, the Freeform premiere of 'Good Trouble' notched a 0.26 F12-34 rating with 413,000 viewers, and TLC's 'I Am Jazz' was at 0.19 in that demo (0.30 in W18-49) with 707,000 viewers. 

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Live +3 and Live +7 Ratings: 12/24 - 12/30/2018

The second season premiere of FOX's 'The Orville' topped the L+7 raw demo gains for notoriously slow final week of the year. The show rose 0.80 among adults 18-49 to 2.33, and ticked up 2.56 million viewers to 8.26 million within 7 days. The final 2 episodes of the season (and more than likely) series of 'I Feel Bad' were both up 0.16 in the demo, to 0.69 and 0.57, and rose 472,000 & 508,000 in total viewers to 2.96 million and 2.44 million. The only other scripted broadcast entry on the week was the finale of 'Midnight, Texas,' on NBC, which rose 0.24 to 0.66 in the demo and 818,000 viewers to 3.24 million. On the cable side, Bravo's 'Dirty John' again led the L+3 ratings, up 0.55 in the demo to 0.94 and 1.54 million viewers to 2.91 million. The 10 season 4 episodes of TBS's 'Angie Tribeca' were up between 0.01 and 0.03 in adults 18-49 and 52,000 to 101,000 among total viewers. 

Monday January 7, 2019 Nielsen Finals

Coverage of the 'College Football Championship' between Alabama and Clemson brought in huge numbers for ESPN on Monday cable, scoring a massive 7.63 A18-49 rating with over 24.32 million viewers. The game also easily topped every major sub demo on the day: men & women 18-49 (10.04/5.24 ratings), males & females 12-34 (7.47/3.67), people 18-34 (6.22), and people 25-54 (8.61). Three hours of 'WWE Entertainment,' on USA Network, were at 1.19/1.03/0.92 in M18-49, 0.74/0.61/0.57 in M12-34, and 2.61 million/2.29 million/2.07 million among total viewers. On Bravo, 'Vanderpump Rules' notched a 0.77 W18-49 rating with 1.3 million viewers, while on VH1, 'Love & Hip Hop' was at 1.0 in that demo with 1.33 million viewers and 'Cartel Crew' hit 0.7 with 953,000 viewers. Over at MTV, 'Teen Mom OG: Backstage' hit a 0.30 F12-34 rating with 506,000 viewers and 'Teen Mom OG: Ask Moms' managed a 0.24 rating with 390,000 viewers. Elsewhere was A&E's 'Gangland' (385,000), History's 'Ancient Aliens' (822,000), and Smithsonian's 'Eight Days that Made Rome' (71,000). 

Sunday January 6, 2019 Nielsen Finals

TLC's '90 Day Fiancé' took victory on Sunday cable with a 0.9 A18-49 rating and 2.59 million viewers, also leading the day in W18-49 (1.23 rating) and females 12-34 (0.83). On Bravo, 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' led-off the night with a 1.21 W18-49 rating and 2.12 million viewers, 'Married to Medicine' brought in a 0.77 rating in that demo with 1.47 million viewers, and drama-series 'Dirty John' stayed strong with a 0.62 demo rating and 1.49 million viewers. Over on premium cable, Showtime aired only 'Ray Donovan' (1.04 million), while Starz had both 'Outlander' (1.16 million) and 'Counterpart' (244,000). Other notables on the day include: Food Network's 'Worst Cooks' (1.68 million), Oxygen's 'Snapped' (407,000) & 'Snapped: Killer Couples' (372,000), and Smithsonian's 'Air Disasters' (223,000) & 'Eight Days that Made Rome' (129,000). 

Saturday January 5, 2019 Nielsen Finals

ESPN's coverage of the Colts/Texans AFC Wildcard game dominated the Saturday cable ratings, leading in adults 18-49 (2.09 rating), men 18-49 (2.98), males 12-34 (2.3), people 18-34 (1.94), and total viewers (6.1 million). On Lifetime, the final 2 episodes of 'Surviving R. Kelly' found the best ratings yet: scoring 1.20/1.29 ratings among women 18-49, twin 0.76 ratings in females 12-34, and 2.26 million/2.29 million in total viewers. Over at Hallmark Channel, 'Winter Castle' was at 0.5 in W18-49, 2.16 in P50+, and averaged 2.97 million viewers. Other programs of note include: Nickelodeon's 'Henry Danger' (926,000) & 'Cousins for Life' (675,000), HBO's 'Sesame Street' (113,000), and Oxygen's 'Dateline: Secrets Uncovered' (319,000).

Friday January 4, 2019 Nielsen Finals

The second two episodes of Lifetime's exposé 'Surviving R. Kelly' easily topped the night in adults 18-49 (0.93/0.92) as well as in a number of different subdemos including women 18-49 (1.24/1.28 ratings), people 18-34 (0.71/0.71), females 12-34 (0.78/0.84), and people 25-54 (1.02/1.02). The two episodes were at 2.09 million and 2.16 million viewers at 9pm and 10pm respectively. Coverage of 'NBA Basketball' between the Thunder and Blazers, on ESPN, topped the night both men 18-49 (0.85) and males 12-34 (0.68) with 1.39 million viewers, while the Mavericks/Celtics game was at 0.78/0.65 in those demos with 1.34 million viewers. Over at MTV, two episodes of 'Ridiculousness' were at 0.23/0.23 among W18-49, 0.19/0.19 in F12-34, and 589,000/597,000 in total viewers. Other programs of note include the 2 premiere episodes of VH1's 'Grown & Sexy' (169,000/119,000), GSN's 'America Says' (526,000), and Reelz's 'World's Most Evil Killers' (144,000). 

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Thursday January 3, 2019 Nielsen Finals

'NBA Basketball' between the Rockets and Warriors, on TNT, topped the Thursday cable ratings with a 0.92 A18-49 rating and 2.39 million viewers, leading also men 18-49 (1.29 rating), and males 12-34 (0.93). The lead-in Raptors/Spurs game scored a 1.0 M18-49 rating, a 0.84 M12-34 rating, and 1.81 million viewers. Over on Lifetime, two episodes of 'Surviving R. Kelly' notched the day's best ratings in women 18-49 (1.11/1.26) and females 12-34 (0.63/0.70), as well as 1.8 million/1.97 million among total viewers. MTV's 'Ex on the Beach,' managed a 0.50 F12-34 rating with 751,000 viewers, and 'Floribama Shore' was at 0.49 in that demo with 787,000 viewers. Other programs of note include UP's 'Bringing Up Bates' (305,000), GSN's 'America Says' (416,000), and CMT's 'Music City' (139,000). 

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Cable Network Ratings: 12/24 - 12/30/2018

ESPN absolutely dominated the ratings for ad-supported cable networks in the week ending December 30, 2018. The net averaged a massive 5.96 million viewers in primetime, nearly 4 million more than second-placed Hallmark Channel (1.98 million). Despite making the top 10 last week, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries dropped to #19 this week with 737,000 viewers. On the cable news side, FOX News (1.27 million) overtook MSNBC (1.19 million) while CNN tumbled to 650,000. Other news nets include CNBC (321,000), HLN (318,000), and FOX Business (87,000).

U.S. Social Content Ratings: 12/24 - 12/30/2018

Below are the social content ratings for shows on both Broadcast and Cable for the week ending December 30, 2018. 'WWE Smackdown' led the week with 1.02 million total social media interactions and had the weeks best numbers in both Facebook (85K) and Instagram (746,000). 'WWE Monday Night Raw' just narrowly won the week on Twitter (190K). The only scripted series to air this week was Starz's 'Outlander' which delivered 135,000 interactions. 

Wednesday January 2, 2019 Nielsen Finals

Coverage of 'NBA Basketball' between Oklahoma City and the LA Lakers, on ESPN, took victory on Wednesday cable, notching a 0.75 A18-49 rating, a 1.13 men 18-49 rating, a 0.94 M12-34 rating, and 1.77 million viewers. The lead-in game, Minnesota and Boston, ranked second the day with 0.63/0.93/0.75 ratings respectively in those demos with 1.48 million viewers. On VH1, 'Love & Hip Hop Miami' notched the day's best numbers in women 18-49 (0.81 rating) and females 12-34 (0.65) with 1.09 million viewers, and lead-out, 'Black Ink Crew Chicago' was at 0.75/0.53 in those demos with 1.07 million viewers. Bravo's 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' notched a 0.62 W18-49 rating with 1.18 million viewers, and two season premiere episodes of Freeform's 'grown-ish' were at 0.41/0.38 among F12-34 and 672,000/556,000 among total viewers. Finally, two episodes of 'Catfish,' on MTV, averaged 0.35/0.33 in W18-49, 0.33/0.27 in F12-34, and 556,000/522,000 in total viewers. 

Friday, January 4, 2019

Tuesday January 1, 2019 Nielsen Finals

ESPN's coverage of the 'Rose Bowl' between the University of Washington and Ohio State topped the cable ratings on the first day of 2019, averaging a 4.16 A18-49 rating with 16.18 million viewers, as well as a 5.37 M18-49 rating and a 3.57 M12-34 rating. The 'Sugar Bowl' scored a 3.79 A18-49 rating, a 4.88 in M18-49, 3.11 in M12-34, and 12.97 million viewers, while the 'Fiesta Bowl' was at 2.35/3.15/1.97 in those demos with 8.47 million viewers. 'The Curse of Oak Island,' on History, was the day's highest-rated non-sports program, with a 0.9 rating in A25-54 and 3.01 million total viewers, while 'WWE Smackdown,' on USA Network, was solid at 0.83 in M18-49 and 2.09 million viewers. Other programs of note include BBC America's 'Doctor Who: Resolution' (983,000), GSN's 'America Says' (431,000), and the fourth-season premiere of TLC's 'I Am Jazz' (789,000). 

Monday December 31, 2018 Nielsen Finals

ESPN's coverage of 'College Football' between NC State and Texas A&M topped the New Years Eve ratings, notching a 1.38 A18-49 rating and 5.14 million viewers, including a 1.86 M18-49 rating and a 1.23 M12-34 rating. The lead-in game, Missouri vs. Oklahoma State, had a 0.94 A18-49 rating, a 1.31 M18-49 rating, a 0.76 M12-34 rating, and 3.83 million viewers. Over on USA Network, three hours of 'WWE Entertainment' were at 0.78/0.76/0.67 among M18-49, and at 2.04 million/2.03 million/1.84 million among total viewers. Finally, on MTV, 'Teen Mom Reunion Part 2' scored a 0.33 W18-49 rating, a 0.23 F12-34 rating, and 513,000 viewers, while 'Teen Mom II: Ask Moms' had a 0.18 W18-49 rating, a 0.15 F12-34 rating, and 323,000 viewers. 

Sunday December 30, 2018 Nielsen Finals

TLC's '90 Day Fiancé' topped the Sunday cable ratings with a 0.78 A18-49 rating and 2.41 million viewers, topping both the women 18-49 demo (1.07) and females 12-34 (0.78). On Bravo, 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' notched a 0.93 W18-49 rating, a 0.47 F12-34 rating, and 1.77 million viewers, 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' was at 0.66/0.36 in those demos with 1.37 million viewers, and 'Dirty John' scored 0.53/0.31 with 1.37 million viewers. The final 5 fourth-season episodes of TBS's 'Angie Tribeca' averaged between 221,000 and 450,000 viewers. Finally, over on premium cable, Showtime aired 'Ray Donovan' (949,000) and 'Escape at Dannemora' (719,000), while Starz had 'Outlander' (1.01 million), and 'Counterpart' (181,000). 

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Live +3 and Live +7 Ratings: 12/17 - 12/23/2018

Due to very little original programming airing the week before Christmas, CBS's 'Survivor' led the raw demo gains in 7-day delayed viewing, up 0.58 to 2.08. The show ranked second in total viewership gains, rising 1.97 million viewers to 9.7 million. Leading the raw viewership gains was NBC's 'America's Got Talent: Holiday of Champions' which was up 2.73 million viewers to 8.93 million. Atop both the demo and viewership percentage gains was the series-finale of 'Timeless' which rose 70% in the demo from 0.59 to 1.0, and 51% from 3.24 million viewers to 4.9 million. Over on the cable side, Bravo's 'Dirty John' was on top of both the demo gains and viewership gains, rising 0.42 to 0.71 among adults 18-49, and 1.4 million viewers to 2.44 million. 

Saturday December 29, 2018 Nielsen Finals

ESPN's coverage of 'College Football' absolutely dominated the Saturday TV ratings. Leading the way was the 'Orange Bowl' between Oklahoma and Alabama, which scored a massive 5.34 A18-49 rating with 18.49 million viewers - up hugely from last year when it had only a 3.12 rating with 11.73 million viewers. This year's game also saw big numbers among men 18-49 (6.85), males 12-34 (4.88), people 18-34 (4.13), people 25-54 (6.21), and people over 50 (8.94). Coverage of the 'Cotton Bowl' between Notre Dame and Clemson saw the day's second best demo and viewership figures, averaging a 4.15 rating with 16.28 million viewers. That game also saw impressive numbers among M18-49 (5.65), M12-34 (3.76), P25-54 (5.11), and people over 50 (8.66). The day's other big game was the 'Peach Bowl' between Florida and Michigan which scored a 2.03 rating and 8.37 million viewers, including a 2.79 rating among M18-49 and a 1.75 among M12-34. Elsewhere, Hallmark's original movie 'A Midnight Kiss' was middle-of-the-road at 0.45 among W18-49, 1.65 in P50+, with 2.31 million viewers, while the first 5 fourth-season episodes of TBS's 'Angie Tribeca' ranged between 172,000 and 433,000 viewers.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Friday December 28, 2018 Nielsen Finals

Below are the daily Nielsen ratings for Friday December 28, 2018. In lieu of the daily text, an additional cable subdemos chart has been added below the normal cable ratings chart and includes information that would've otherwise been included in the text

Thursday December 27, 2018 Nielsen Finals

Below are the daily Nielsen ratings for Thursday December 27, 2018. In lieu of the daily text, an additional cable subdemos chart has been added below the normal cable ratings chart and includes information that would've otherwise been included in the text