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'Shooter' Returns Stable, 'OutDaughtered' Down From Last Week | 2017-07-18

USA Network's 'Shooter' returned for its second season premiere Tuesday with a 0.41 18-49 rating and 1,507,000 total viewers. This was down 16% in the demo from the season 1 finale, but up 4% in total viewers (from 0.49/1,449,000). It was also up in viewers from the series premiere back in November (1,439,000). The 0.41 demo rating is the second-lowest for the show (0.39 on 11/22/16). Other demos: In males 50+ it notched a 0.78 rating, in adults 25-54 it was 0.53, and in adults 18-34, it was 0.25. Its lead-in, 'WWE Smackdown', led the entire day on cable with a 0.81 18-49 rating and 2,548,000 viewers. In females 18-49 it had a 0.67 and in males it was 0.96.

The second episode of the season for TLC's 'OutDaughtered' brought in a 0.37 18-49 rating and 1,403,000 viewers; down from last week's 0.46/1,479,000, but still well above the season 1 and 2 average. In adults 18-34 it was at 0.3, and in 25-54s it was 0.5. The gender skew in the 12-34s was 0.43 females vs. 0.12 males. Also on TLC was the second episode of season 2 for 'Rattled'. That show was slightly lower at 0.27 in the 18-49s and 972,000 viewers, down from last week's bow which scored 0.34/1,009,000. That 12-34 gender skew was 0.37 females vs. 0.09 males.

On Freeform, 'The Fosters' was down heavily to 0.46 in females 12-34 (from 0.7 last week), and 687,000 total viewers (from 872,000). Despite this, the show is continuing to skew young with a 0.31 in adults 18-34, a 0.30 in adults 18-49, a 0.28 in adults 25-54, and a mere 0.17 in adults 50+. The network's other entry 'The Bold Type' did not fair well at all. In Freeform's target demo, females 12-34, the show only managed a 0.23, this is down from last week's numbers (0.34 & 0.30 for its 2 episodes), as well as down 50% from its lead-in. In viewers, the show only mustered 275,000 (down from 355,000 & 302,000 last week); down 60% from 'Fosters'. The only good news is that the show's small audience is at least skewing young; it had a 0.18 in adults 18-34, a 0.13 in adults 18-49, a 0.10 in adults 25-54, and a minuscule 0.06 in adults 50+. 

TBS's 'Wrecked' rose to 935,000 viewers this week (from 874,000), and gained 0.01 in the 18-49s to 0.37. In males 18-49 it was at 0.42 and in males 12-34 it was at 0.23. It's lead-in, a rerun of 'The Big Bang Theory', had almost double the ratings, with a 0.67 in the 18-49s, and 1,888,000 total viewers.

Among African-American skewing channels, 'The Haves and Have Nots', on OWN, was #2 for the day on cable with a 0.66 18-49 rating and 2,432,000 viewers. Both numbers were up from last week's 0.60/2,329,000. It did 0.8 in females 18-49, and 1.2 in adults 50+. On BET, 'Being Mary Jane' returned from its 4 month hiatus to a series-low 667,000 viewers and a 0.27 in the 18-49s. Its most recent episode on March 21st, had a 0.31/891,000. The network's other entry, 'Tales', was down very slightly from last week, to 0.18/432,000 (from 0.19/451,000). Both shows did very well in females 18-49, at 0.4 and 0.2 respectively.

On TNT, 'Animal Kingdom' held its 0.36 18-49 rating from last week, but gained 100K additional viewers, up to 1,272,000. The show leaned female (0.43 vs. 0.37 in 18-49s), and skewed old (0.22 in 18-34 & 0.66 in 50+). On TruTV, 'Adam Ruins Everything' rose to 0.24/523,000 (from 0.22/430,000) and was even between males & females 18-49 (0.24). On Syfy, 'Face Off' ticked up to 0.17/639,000 (from 0.15/575,000) and did 0.2 in females 18-49. And on CNBC, 'The Profit' was up to 0.17/455,000 (from 0.14/379,000). It did a 0.21 in adults 50+.

Other shows of note include: Bravo's 'Below Deck Mediterranean' (0.48/1,348,000), Comedy Central's 'The Daily Show' (0.28/835,000) & 'At Midnight' (0.15/302,000), Velocity's 'Iron Resurrection' (0.09/472,000) & 'Fantomworks' (0.08/413,00), TV One's 'Rickey Smiley for Real' (0.09/197,000), Pop's 'Big Brother After Dark' (0.06/166,000), and CMT's 'Still the King' (0.04/111,000).

Some cable ratings below the top 150 include: 'World War II: Confidential', on American Heroes Channel, which posted a 0.02/222,000; 'States of Undress', on Viceland, which did a 0.02/53,000; and finally, 'Fluffy's Food Adventures', on Fuse, which was 0.02/43,000. 

A rerun of 'The Thundermans' on Nickelodeon at 8pm had a 1,433,000 viewers, and a 'Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, & Dawn' re-airing at 8:30pm had 1,146,000. 

Top cable news show by network: 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' (Fox News) had 0.23/2,319,000, 'Anderson Cooper 360' (CNN) had 0.23/1,044,000, 'The Rachel Maddow Show' (MSNBC) had 0.36/2,626,000, and 'Morning Express with Meade' (HLN) had 0.08/234,000 at 6am. 

On broadcast, 'America's Got Talent' (2.5/11, 12.57m) was at 8pm, and 'World of Dance' (1.6/7, 6.91m) was at 10pm. Everything else was in reruns. 

On Facebook & Twitter, the top 5 shows in terms of total interactions were: 'America's Got Talent' (220,000), 'At Midnight with Chris Hardwick' (186,000), 'WWE Smackdown' (123,000), 'Being Mary Jane' (65,000), and 'The Challenge' (63,000).

Source: Nielsen Media Research

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