Thursday, December 31, 2015


Select Ratings from Original Sunday Cable telecasts from November 29 - December 27, 2015:

A whole bunch of big shows aired on the past 5 Sundays. On Showtime, HOMELAND finished its fifth season with 2.07 million viewers (up from the 1.66m who saw the season premiere, and up from the 1.97m who watched the fourth season finale), and THE AFFAIR ended its second season with a series-high 1.11 million viewers (up from the 815K who watched the season premiere, and from the 951K who watched the first season finale), this also marked the first time the show has crossed the 1 million viewers threshold. On HBO, THE LEFTOVERS concluded its second season with 993,000 viewers (up from 861K the week before), which was up from the 713K who watched the season premiere, but down from the 1.53m viewers who saw the first season finale. The series finale of GETTING ON was at 263,000 viewers, about even with the 269K who watched the season premiere, up from the 209K who saw the second season finale, but half of the 520K who watched the series premiere in 2013. On AMC, THE WALKING DEAD finished the first part of its sixth season with 13.98 million viewers, and INTO THE BADLANDS ended its inaugural season with 2.16m viewers (down from the 6.39m who saw the series premiere). On TNT, THE LIBRARIANS concluded its second season with 2.24m viewers (even with the 2.25m who saw the season premiere) and AGENT X concluded with 1.22m/1.12m for its final 2 episodes. On Smithsonian, UFO'S DECLASSIFIED ranged between 65,000 viewers and 109,000, and SECRETS OF THE THIRD REICH was at 121,000 viewers on 11/29. Among lower-rated cables, PORTRAIT ARTIST OF THE YEAR, on Ovation, ended its first season with 1,000 viewers, and began its second season with 4,000 the next week. On SundanceTV, BEHIND THE STORY WITH THE PALEY CENTER ended its second season with 18,000 viewers (down from the 37K that saw the season premiere), and CLOSEUP WITH THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER was seen by 47,000 for its most recent episode on 12/20. Finally, on Starz, FLESH AND BONE ended its short run with 93,000 viewers (down from 190K for the series premiere on 11/1).

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Portrait Artist of the Year (Ovation): Full Season 1 Ratings

Here is the full season ratings chart for 'Portrait Artist of the Year' season 1 on Ovation. 'Portrait Artist of the Year' began its season on Sunday October 18, 2015, and concluded its season on November 29, 2015.


Select Ratings from Original Saturday Cable telecasts from November 28 - December 26, 2015:

On BBC America, DOCTOR WHO concluded its ninth season on 12/5 with 852,000 viewers, and had 895,000 the week before (down from 1.97m for the season premiere on 9/19), and LAST KINGDOM ended with 371,000 viewers on 11/28 (almost even with the 393K that saw the season premiere). On Starz, DA VINCI'S DEMONS aired its series finale on 12/26, and it garnered 202,000 viewers, down from the 238K for the season premiere, and hugely down from the 1.042m that saw the series premiere in 2013. ASH VS. EVIL DEAD has its season finale on January 2, 2016, but its penultimate episode had 343,000 viewers and the prior 4 episodes never dropped below 400K viewers. Hallmark aired original Christmas films on the Saturdays leading up to Christmas Day, and each and ever movie was above 3.4m viewers. Destination America's RAILROAD ALASKA dropped steadily from 509,000 on 11/28 to 311,000 on Boxer Day. On Velocity, a new series THE APPRAISERS began with 161,000 and 170,000 viewers on 12/5, but was up to 208,000 viewers for the most recent episode. Among lower-rated cables, SPOTLESS, on Esquire, had viewership ranging from 41,000 to 99,000, and THE RETURNED, on SundanceTV, finished its second season with 72,000 viewers (down from 123K for the season premiere on Halloween).

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Select Ratings from Original Friday Cable telecasts from November 27 - December 25, 2015:

Not many notable programs aired on the 5 Fridays leading up to Christmas, but nevertheless, here is a recap of what did air. GOLD RUSH, on Discovery, led in the ratings and never dropped below 3.7 million viewers. On Syfy, Z NATION ranged from a low of 826,000 viewers to a high of 1.1 million, and was seen by 917,000 on Black Friday. On WeTV, MARRIAGE BOOT CAMP was at 651,000 and 786,000 viewers, and DAVID TUTERA CELEBRATIONS was between 417,000 and 465,000 from 12/4 to 12/18. On USA, SATISFACTION concluded its second season with 636,000 viewers on 12/18, down from the 818K for the season premiere, and hugely down from the 1.71m for the series premiere). On E!, THE SOUP finished its long run with 561,000 viewers on 12/18, (down from 280K the previous week). On Cinemax, THE KNICK finished its second season with 275,000 viewers (up from the 269K for the season premiere, but down from the 413K for the first season finale). Finally, on BBC America, A DOCTOR WHO SPECIAL that aired on Christmas Day was seen by 1.24 million.


Select Ratings from Original Thursday Cable telecasts from November 26 - December 24, 2015:

Many shows have aired during the past 5 Thursdays, here is a recap of a select number of them. On Syfy, HAVEN concluded on 12/17 with a series-low 528,000 viewers at 11pm, a huge drop from the 679,000 that saw the 10pm episode (also majorly down from the 745K that saw the Season 5 Pt. 2 premiere). On MTV, BROKE A$$ GAME SHOW ranged from 250,000 to 384,000, RIDICULOUSNESS was at 529,000 on 12/3, 673,000 on 12/10, and 592,000 on 12/17, and finally, MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT SHOW aired two episodes during this timeframe, which were at 164,000 and 250,000 on 12/3 and 12/10 respectively. On FXX, ANIMATION DOMINATION saw a low of 61,000 viewers on Thanksgiving, and a high of 145,000 on 12/17. On TruTV, BILLY ON THE STREET ranged from 131,000 to 275,000, and SANTAS IN THE BARN was between 209,000 and 250,000. On Thanksgiving, MCDONALDS THANKSGIVING PARADE, on WGN America was seen by 177,000 viewers, RAILROAD ALASKA, on Destination America, was at 104,000 viewers, and INSIDE STORY: SANTA CLAUSE, on Reelz, was seen by a mere 45,000. Among lower-rated cables, COMEDY BANG! BANG! concluded its fourth season with 36,000 viewers (down from 75K for the season premiere on 1/9/15), and SMALL TOWN BIG DEAL, on RFD, ranged between 25,000 and 36,000 viewers.

Monday, December 28, 2015


Select Ratings from Original Wednesday Cable telecasts from November 25 - December 23, 2015:

In the table below is a collection of select shows that aired on Wednesdays from November 25 - December 23, 2015. During that time, AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL, on FX, viewership ranged from a low of 1.85m viewers on 12/16, to a high of 2.31m on 12/2. On FXX, THE LEAGUE concluded its run with 456,000 viewers on 12/9 (down from 406K on 12/2), and YOU'RE THE WORST ended its second season with 269,000 viewers (up from 175K). On Discovery, ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE led the list in viewership never dropping below 3 million viewers during its 4 week run. On Velocity, DALLAS CAR SHARKS ended its third season with 324,000 viewers and had a high of 389K viewers during the final 4 weeks, and GRAVEYARD CARZ ended its fourth season with 263,000 viewers, with a high of 337K during its final 5 weeks. JAY LENO'S GARAGE, on CNBC, concluded its first season with 567,000 viewers (up from 480K), and an episode of TOP CHEF (Bravo) on 12/2 garnered 795,000 viewers. On Oxygen, FINDING MY FATHER began with 231,000 viewers on 12/9, but promptly dropped to 133K on 12/16. GOING DEEP WITH DAVID REES, on Esquire, was seen by 116K, 37K, & 54K on 12/2, 12/9 and 12/16 respectively, and on GAC, FLIPPIN' RV'S had viewership ranging from 39,000 to 107,000 viewers during the same time period. Finally, among lower-rated cables, ICROCODILE, on Smithsonian, was seen by 46,000 viewers on 12/9, I KILLED JOHN LENNON, on Reelz, was at 109,000 viewers on 12/2, and CELEBRITY CONVERSATIONS, on Ovation, was at 23,000 viewers on Thanksgiving Eve.