Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Support My Work (and Pocketpiece Travel) on Patreon (If You Want)

I've been running this blog for nearly 8 years as a fun little side project and I've never really cared about monetizing it (and still don't!). I don't even want ads here (the Disqus ones are here against my will). I think it's so important to have this data be free & easily accessible to everyone as that's the exact reason I started it. 

My newest endeavor, the digitization of the Nielsen Pocketpieces, is proving to require a lot consistent travel as they are primarily housed in two libraries nowhere near me. If you have any interest in supporting either the work I've done/am doing/am going to do on the site and/or would like to support in the travel expenses (bus/train fares), I did finally break down and make a patreon. The link is here:

Not really expecting much tbh, but quite literally anything is appreciated. Content on this site will always stay free and I'm excited about some of the things coming down the pipeline :)

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