Friday, October 30, 2015


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Saturday October 17, 2015:

There was close competition on Saturday cable, but TBS's coverage of the MLB NLCS game 1 between the Cubs and Mets won out among both adults 18-49 (2.26 rating), and total viewers (7.89 million). Close behind was ESPN's Florida/LSU COLLEGE FOOTBALL game which was at 2.21 in the demo with 6.78 million viewers. The football game actually edged out a victory in men 18-49 (3.05 rating vs. 2.78) & men 18-34 (2.68 vs. 1.88), but baseball won out in men over 50 (4.15 vs. 3.08). Also airing on ESPN was the Arizona State/Utah game which was at 1.56 in men 18-49, 1.38 in men 18-34, and 3.06 million viewers. Elsewhere, Starz's SURVIVOR'S REMORSE fell to 235,000 viewers, and BLUNT TALK was down to 136,000. On BBC America, DOCTOR WHO dipped to 910,000 viewers (0.38 rating in men 18-49, 0.24 in women), and LAST KINGDOM fell 150K to 241,000. Over at Disney Channel, GIRL MEETS WORLD delivered the day's best F12-34 rating (1.69) and was quite strong in total viewership (2.88 million). Among lower-rated cables, FAME KILLS, on Reelz, was up to 110,000 viewers, and BEHIND THE SCREAMS logged 75,000.


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Friday October 16, 2015:

Discovery Channel's GOLD RUSH took an easy victory on the Friday cable ratings with a strong 1.21 adults 18-49 rating (including a huge 2.0 rating in men 50+) and 3.89 million viewers. On Disney Channel, the series finale of JESSIE delivered 2.43 million viewers (and a 1.16 F12-34 rating), basically even with the season premiere back in January (2.43 mil, 1.09 rating in that demo), but down ~2 mil from its series premiere four years ago (4.63 million). On the same net, GIRL MEETS WORLD was at 2.94 million viewers (1.57 F12-34 rating), and I DIDN'T DO IT had 2.26 million (1.21 rating). Over at Lifetime, STEP IT UP had 470,000 viewers (from 554K), and JACKSON: NEXT GENERATION was at 429,000. Syfy has new episodes of Z NATION (841,000) & CONTINUUM (347,000) while WEtv had two new episodes of KENDRA ON TOP at 9pm (528,000) and 9:30pm (642,000). Finally, SATISFACTION, on USA Network, began its second season with 818,000 viewers (down from 1.34 million for the first season finale in 2014), and THE KNICK, on Cinemax, began its second season with 269,000 (down from the 413K for the first season finale).


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Thursday October 15, 2015:

TBS's coverage of the MLB NLDS between the Mets & Dodgers took an easy victory on Thursday cable with a 2.11 adults 18-49 rating and 7.38 million viewers. The game also brought in top numbers among men 18-49 (2.81), men 18-34 (2.08), and men over 50 (3.91). NFL Network's simulcast of THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL, was second on the day with 1.15 in the demo and 2.66 million viewers. Elsewhere, Lifetime's PROJECT RUNWAY led the non-sports telecasts, with 2.34 million viewers and a 0.66 rating among F12-34. Over at TruTV, IMPRACTICAL JOKERS was up to 978,000 viewers (with a strong 0.62 P18-34 rating), and BILLY ON THE STREET was up to 444,000. On Syfy, HAVEN logged 695,000 viewers, and on MTV, RIDICULOUSNESS was at 602,000 (0.35 in F12-34). CMT also pulled decent numbers with new episodes of PARTY DOWN SOUTH (429,000), and GAINESVILLE (179,000). Among lower-rated cables, SMALL TOWN BIG DEAL was way up to 56,000 viewers.

Sunday, October 25, 2015


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Wednesday October 14, 2015:

FX's AMERICAN HORROR STORY scored Wednesday's best numbers on cable with a 2.15 adults 18-49 rating and ranked second in total viewers (4.06 million). The program also delivered the top numbers in women 18-49 (2.55), women 18-34 (3.17), and females 12-34 (2.86). The best viewership came from FS1's coverage of the MLB ALDS between the Astros & Royals which had 5.94 million viewers and strong numbers in both men 18-49 (2.4 rating) and men 18-34 (2.07). Comedy Central had its usual strong numbers with SOUTH PARK (1.38 million, 1.17 rating in 18-34), and Lifetime had decent returns from LITTLE WOMEN LA (1.07 million, 0.42 rating in F12-34). Also faring well was FXX with a new episode of THE LEAGUE (440,000), but YOU'RE THE WORST remained low (132,000). Over at MTV, TEEN MOM was down to 973,000 viewers (0.97 in F12-34), and ARE YOU THE ONE? was up to 756,000 viewers (0.94 in that demo). On ABC Family, YOUNG & HUNGRY was at 629,000 & 546,000 viewers for its two episodes, and at 0.52 & 0.53 ratings in F12-34. Elsewhere, Fuse's BIG FREEDIA lost 60K viewers to 107,000 viewers, but TRANSCENDENT rose slightly to 79,000. Among lower-rated cables were two episodes of Esquire's CAR MATCHMAKER (42,000 & 34,000), Disney XD's GAMER'S GUIDE (429,000), and the finale of UP's TIES THAT BIND (135,000).


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Tuesday October 13, 2015:

CNN's DEMOCRATIC DEBATE dominated the Tuesday cable ratings in all major demos including adults 18-49 (3.59 rating), men & women of that demo (3.96 & 3.22), 18-34 (2.97), men & women of that demo (3.28 & 2.65), 25-54 (4.21), men over 50 (10.08), and total viewers (15.79 million). Despite the size of the audience, this was still down from the astronomical 24 million who watched the first Republican debate back on August 6. Over at TBS, game 4 of the MLB NLDS between the Dodgers & Mets also delivered strong numbers in men 18-49 (2.72), men 18-34 (1.94), and total viewers (6.35 million). In the females 12-34 demo, top returns came from BET's BET HIP HOP AWARDS (1.09 rating, 1.81 million viewers), OWN's IF LOVING YOU IS WRONG (0.57, 1.97 million), and E!'s BOTCHED (0.55, 982,000). Over at FX, THE BASTARD EXECUTIONER fell to 942,000 viewers (from 1.12m) and at Comedy Central, TOSH.0 logged 858,000 (0.57 rating in 18-34). Among lower-rated cables was El Rey's FROM DUSK TIL DAWN (33,000), Oxygen's PRETTY. STRONG. (145,000), and the second-season premiere of WGN America's MANHATTAN (265,000) which was down quite a bit from the 904,000 for the series premiere last year, and the 378,000 for the first season finale.


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Monday October 12, 2015:

ESPN's MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL easily led the Monday cable ratings, scoring a sizable 4.45 adults 18-49 rating (6.41 in M18-49), a 3.86 in adults 18-34 (5.36 in M18-34), and 12.18 million viewers. TBS aired two MLB NLDS games with the Cardinals'Cubs game edging out a victory in both 18-49 (1.68) and total viewers (5.78 million). Outside of sports VH1 delivered strong numbers with LOVE & HIP HOP HOLLYWOOD at 2.56 million (1.98 rating in F12-34), BLACK INK CREW at 2.07 million (1.51 in that demo), and SHES GOT GAME at 1.78 million (1.42). On FX, FARGO began its second season with 1.59 million viewers, down over a million from last season's premiere in January 2014 (2.65 mil). Among adults 18-49 it notched a 0.48 rating (down from 0.80 last Jan.) and was relatively even between men (0.47) and women (0.49). MTV had a busy night with AWKWARD (498,000), FAKING IT (390,000), TODRICK (190,000), and GIRL CODE LIVE (177,000). In lower-rated cables, Smithsonian's THE WEAPON HUNTER was down slightly to 65,000.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Esquire & Smithsonian Channel Summer Show Ratings Recap

Below are a recap of the ratings for a number of programs that aired on low-rated cable nets Esquire and Smithsonian channel in the summer of 2015. This is not a comprehensive list of all programs that aired over the course of the summer, and there are programs included in the daily cable ratings posts that are not included in this post.

Monday, October 19, 2015


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Sunday October 11, 2015:

AMC's THE WALKING DEAD premiered its sixth season to a 7.43 adults 18-49 rating (6.81 in women, 8.05 in men) and 14.63 million viewers, down from the 8.65 rating & 17.29 million for the fifth season premiere last year. Lead-out TALKING DEAD fared slightly better year-to-year, down to 2.9 in the demo (2.8 in women, 2.99 in men) with 5.66 million viewers (down from 3.5 & 6.88 mil). On Showtime, HOMELAND was down to 1.4 million viewers this week (0.49 rating in W18-49, 0.42 in men), and THE AFFAIR tumbled to 547,000 (from 815K). Over at HBO, THE LEFTOVERS dropped ~140K viewers to 552,000 (0.25 rating in both men & women 18-49), PROJECT GREENLIGHT fell 200K to to 141,000, DOLL & EM was down to 89,000 (from 147K), but LAST WEEK TONIGHT actually rose slightly to 704,000. Top returns in the F12-34 demo came from AMC's DEAD (6.13 rating), E!'s KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS (1.31), and VH1's BASKETBALL WIVES (1.09). Among lower-rated cables was Smithsonian's AIR WARRIORS (95,000), Ovation's ART BREAKERS (34,000 & 18,000), and Reelz's EXTREME ESCAPES (4,000).


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Saturday October 10, 2015:

ESPN coverage of COLLEGE FOOTBALL between Arkansas & Alabama led the Saturday cable ratings in adults 18-49 (1.53), men of that demo (2.04), and total viewers (4.84 million). ESPN's other big game, California/Utah was at 1.07 in the demo, 1.54 in M18-49, and 2.82 million. Over at TBS, the two MLB NLDS games brought pretty similar numbers: Mets/Dodgers logged a 1.58 M18-49 rating with 4.21 million viewers, and Cubs/Cardinals was at 1.52 in that demo with 4.61 million. On BBC America, DOCTOR WHO was down to 936,000 viewers (0.38 in M18-49, 0.33 in women), and LAST KINGDOM premiered to 393,000 viewers. Starz's SURVIVOR'S REMORSE was down to 303,000 viewers, but BLUNT TALK was up slightly to 183,000. Nickelodeon had solid F12-34 returns with GAME SHAKERS and HENRY DANGER which were both at 0.54. Elsewhere, TV Land had two episodes of INSTANT MOM at 322,000 & 307,000. Finally, a Hallmark movie HARVEST MOON was seen by 2.9 million viewers, and a Syfy movie OMINOUS had 1 million.


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Friday October 9, 2015:

ESPN's coverage of the MLB NLDS took victory in the Friday cable ratings with the Mets/Dodgers game leading among adults 18-49 (1.59 rating), and the Cubs/Cardinals winning among total viewers (5.38 million). On Disney Channel, INVISIBLE SISTER delivered the day's best numbers in the females 12-34 demo (1.76 rating) and had 4.03 million viewers; on that same net GIRL MEETS WORLD was at 1.72 in that demo with 3.31 million, and JESSIE was at 1.1 with 2.5 million viewers. Over at Syfy, Z NATION was at 882,000, and CONTINUUM was up to 374,000, and at WEtv, two episodes of KENDRA AT TOP were at 0.21/0.22 in F12-34 and 481,000 & 493,000 among total viewers. On HBO, REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER fell ~200K viewers to 911,000, and on Animal Planet, TANKED dipped ~150K to 558,000 viewers . Finally, on Cinemax, the finale of STRIKE BACK logged a season-high 286,000 viewers (up from 237K for the season premiere).


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Thursday October 8, 2015:

NFL Network's simulcast of THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL led the daily cable ratings in the adults 18-49 demo (1.29 rating), but FS1's coverage of the MLD ALDS between the Astros & Royals led among total viewers (3.3 million) and scored well in men 18-34 (1.27 rating) & men 18-49 (1.35). On Lifetime, PROJECT RUNWAY was on par with last week's number at 2.17 million, and tied FOOTBALL for second-place among females 12-34 at 0.55 (baseball was #1 with 0.56). Over at Syfy, HAVEN began the second part of its fifth season with 745,000 viewers at 10pm, and 552,000 at 11pm, both down quite a bit from the season premiere (1.04 million). MTV had new episodes of RIDICULOUSNESS at 689,000 (0.32 in F12-34) & BROKE A$$ GAME SHOW at 410,000 while TruTV was new with IMPRACTICAL JOKERS (868,000, 0.48 rating in F12-34), and BILLY ON THE STREET (384,000). Among lower-rated cables was IFC's BENDERS (77,000), GIGI DOES IT (20,000), and COMEDY BANG! BANG! (18,000).


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Wednesday October 7, 2015:

FX's fifth season premiere of AMERICAN HORROR STORY (HOTEL) dominated the cable ratings, leading in adults 18-49 (2.99 rating), 18-34 (3.57), women 18-49 (3.42), women 18-34 (4.19), and females 12-34 (4.08). Its 5.8 million are down slightly from the 6.13 million for last season's premiere, but up from the 3.27 million for the fourth season finale. Also scoring well was TBS's coverage of the MLB WILDCARD between the Cubs & Pirates which ranked second in 18-49s (2.59) & 18-34s (2.24), but led in men 18-49 (3.64), and men 18-34 (3.05). On FXX, THE LEAGUE crumbled to 368,000 viewers this week (from 634K), and YOU'RE THE WORST similarly fell, to a series low 198,000. Over at MTV, a TEEN MOM special was at 1.11 million viewers, and ARE YOU THE ONE was up to 695,000; among females 12-34 those two programs logged 1.01 & 0.74 ratings (ranked third and fourth behind AHS and baseball). On CNBC, JAY LENO'S GARAGE premiered to 916,000 viewers (272,000 in 25-54), and on TV One, UNSUNG was at 211,000. Among lower-rated cables were the premieres of Fuse's BIG FREEDIA (167,000), and TRANSCENDENT (54,000), as well as new episodes of Esquire's CAR MATCHMAKER(106,000), and UP's TIES THAT BIND (90,000).

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Tuesday October, 6, 2015:

ESPN's MLB WILDCARD coverage between the Astros & Yankees took victory on the Tuesday cable ratings and actually beat everything on the broadcast nets among adults 18-49 (2.34 rating), men 18-49 (3.36), and men 18-34 (2.93). Spike's INK MASTER led all non-sports programming in the key demo (0.77 rating), but dropped week-to-week among total viewers, to 1.47 million (vs. 1.61 mil); INK MASTER: REDEMPTION was about even with last week: up only 10K viewers to 1.03 million (those two shows were at 0.65/0.40 respectively in F12-34. On FX, THE BASTARD EXECUTIONER was down to 1.12 million viewers (0.49 rating in P25-54), and on TNT, PUBLIC MORALS fell even further, to 620,000. Over at Oxygen, BAD GIRLS CLUB was up to 709,000 viewers (0.81 in F12-34), and PRETTY. STRONG. began its run with 227,000 viewers. On E!, BOTCHED was at 918,000 (0.52 in F12-34), and WAGS was way down, to 341,000. A&E's STORAGE WARS began its new season with 2.13 million viewers at 9pm and 2.06 million at 9:30pm. Among lower-rated cables was Esquire's THE AGENT (26,000), El Rey's FROM DUSK TILL DAWN (40,000), and Showtime's A SEASON WITH NOTRE DAME (39,000).


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Monday October 5, 2015:

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL between the Seahawks & Lions, on ESPN, dominated the daily TV ratings, leading both broadcast & cable among adults 18-49 (5.2 rating), men 18-49 (6.49), men 18-34 (6.37), and total viewers (14.4 million). Over at VH1, LOVE & HIP HOP HOLLYWOOD logged a strong 1.95 F12-34 rating with 2.58 million viewrers, BLACK INK CREW delivered a 1.68 in that demo with 2.18 million, and SHE'S GOT GAME was at 1.37 in that demo with 1.72 million. Over at MTV, AWKWARD was down to 577,000 viewers (0.74 F12-34 rating), FAKING IT fell to 374,000, GIRL CODE LIVE dropped to 170,000, and TODRICK was down to 146,000. Three hours of USA Network's WWE ENTERTAINMENT ranged between 3.17 million and 3.47 million viewers and between 1.12-1.13 ratings in adults 18-49. In the F12-34 demo, Bravo's REAL HOUSEWIVES OF OC had a 0.65, LADIES OF LONDON had 0.28, and ABC Family's SWITCHED AT BIRTH was at 0.56. Finally, on Smithsonian, THE WEAPON HUNTER began its run with 73,000 viewers.

Friday, October 9, 2015


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Sunday October 4, 2015:

The inaugural season finale of AMC's FEAR THE WALKING DEAD easily topped the Sunday cable ratings with a 3.37 adults 18-49 rating and 6.68 million viewers - up slightly from last week (6.66 million), but down dramatically from the the season premiere (10.13 million). The show also led the day among men & women 18-49 (3.54 & 3.2 ratings), and men & women 18-34 (2.74 & 2.62). On Showtime, the fifth-season premiere of Showtime's HOMELAND delivered a 0.56 18-49 rating (0.62 in women, 0.51 in men) with 1.66 million viewers - down from the 1.92 mil from the fourth season finale, but up from last season's premiere (1.61 mil). On the same net, THE AFFAIR began its second season with 815,000, down from 951,000 for the season 1 finale. Over at HBO, THE LEFTOVERS was at 0.33 in the demo (0.38 in women, 0.28 in men) with 713,000 viewers, PROJECT GREENLIGHT leaped to 342,000, DOLL & EM was on par with last week at 145,000, and LAST WEEK TONIGHT ticked up to 687,000. A SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED special episode on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries was at 798,000 viewers - similar to the last special on Sept. 13 (806,000). Among lower-rated cables was Smithsonian's THE MISSING EVIDENCE (64,000) & AIR WARRIORS (82,000), and Ovation's ART BREAKERS (55,000).


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Saturday October 3, 2015:

ESPN's coverage of COLLEGE FOOTBALL between Ole Miss & Florida led the daily cable ratings with a sizable 1.37 rating in the demo, 1.78 in men of that demo, 1.68 in men 18-34, and 3.75 million viewers. On the broadcast nets, ABC's SATURDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL game between Notre Dame & Clemson did about double that in each of those metrics: adults 18-49 (2.5/9), M18-49 (3.4/12), M18-34 (2.7/12), and total viewers (7.65 million). ESPN2's top numbers on the day came from the Arkansas/Tennessee game at 0.81 in the demo, 1.14 in M18-49, 1.22 in M18-34, and 2.29 million viewers. On Starz, SURVIVORS REMORSE was up to 387,000 viewers, and BLUNT TALK fell to a series low 160,000. At BBC America, DOCTOR WHO was down to 987,000, and at Lifetime, BEYOND THE HEADLINES dropped to 468,000. On the lower-rated nets was Reelz's BEHIND THE SCREAMS (148,000) & FAME KILLS (97,000), Centric's BEING (199,000), and two episodes of TV Land's INSTANT MOM (216,000 & 182,000).


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Friday October 2, 2015:

Disney Channel's GIRL MEETS WORLD tied Discovery's BERING SEA GOLD for the 18-49 victory on Friday cable, each scoring a 0.6 rating. WORLD easily won in total viewers (2.38 million) and in the females 12-34 demo (1.39 rating) while GOLD led in 25-54 (0.74). Also at Disney Channel was JESSIE (2.1 million), and I DIDN'T DO IT (2.07 million) which tied for second on the day in F12-34 (1.1 rating). On Syfy, Z NATION fell to 896,000 viewers, and CONTINUUM tumbled to an embarrassing 331,000. Over at HBO, REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER was up week-to-week to 1.19 million viewers (0.81 rating in men over 50), and a VICE special was at 294,000. On Lifetime, STEP IT UP lost nearly half its audience, down to 678,000 (vs. 1.26 mil), and a BRING IT UP special was at 828,000 (plus 0.39 in F12-34). Finally the penultimate episode of the season for Cinemax's STRIKE BACK logged 196,000 viewers.

Monday, October 5, 2015


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Thursday October 1, 2015:

NFL Network's simulcast of THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL dominated yet again, delivering a 1.6 adults 18-49 rating with 3.61 million viewers. Combined with the airing on CBS, it delivered a 9.4/32 rating/share in men 18-49 and a 8.0/34 in men 18-34. Also scoring well on the day was Lifetime's PROJECT RUNWAY which was at 0.57 in F12-34 with 2.2 million viewers, and USA Network's WWE SMACKDOWN at 0.35 in that demo with 2.13 million viewers. On FX, MARRIED concluded its second season with 2 new episodes at the 10pm (414,000), and 10:30pm (267,000); and on Syfy, DOMINION was solid at 721,000. Over at ABC Family, NEXT STEP REALTY was down slightly to 93,000 viewers (vs. 114K last week), JOB OR NO JOB was up to about doubled to 125,000, and STARTUP U was about even with last week at 58,000. Elsewhere in the lower-rated cables, IFC had the premieres of BENDERS (68,000) & GIGI DOES IT (42,000), both down from the recent finale of DOCUMENTARY NOW (109,000 & 104,000).

Sunday, October 4, 2015


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Wednesday September 30, 2015:

Comedy Central's SOUTH PARK narrowly edged out MTV's TEEN MOM SPECIAL among adults 18-49 (0.78 vs. 0.77 ratings), and adults 18-34 (1.02 vs. 0.97) but TEEN MOM simply dominated in females 12-34 (1.25 rating). Also on MTV was ARE YOU THE ONE which was at 0.62 in that demo with 514,000 viewers. On FXX, THE LEAGUE was up nearly 100K viewers to 634,000, and YOU'RE THE WORST was up ~50K to 294,000. Over at Lifetime, LITTLE WOMEN LA notched a 0.44 in F12-34 with 990,000 and at Bravo, MILLION DOLLAR LISTING LA was at 0.13 in that demo with 805,000. ABC Family was new with YOUNG & HUNGRY at 0.61 in F12-34 with 778,000 viewers, and KEVIN FROM WORK was at 296,000 - basically even with its episode 2 weeks ago (297,000). In kids programming, Nickelodeon's THE THUNDERMANS brought in solid numbers among F12-34 (0.64 rating) and in total viewers (1.74 million) as did BELLA AND THE BULLDOGS (1.49 million); Disney XD had new episodes of LAB RATS (456,000) and GAMER'S GUIDE (281,000). Among lower-rated cables was UP's TIES THAT BIND (73,000), Esquire's CAR MATCHMAKER (43,000), and Fuse's BIG FREEDIA (152,000).

Friday, October 2, 2015


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Tuesday September 29, 2015:

Spike's INK MASTER led the Tuesday cable ratings among adults 18-49 (0.78 rating) and averaged 1.61 million viewers; lead-out INK MASTER: REDEMPTION was at 0.51 in the demo with 1.02 million. Over at Comedy Central, TOSH.0 was victorious in adults 18-34 (0.79 rating) and DRUNK HISTORY was a few tenths behind at 0.49. On FX, THE BASTARD EXECUTIONER was up in its third week. to 1.26 million viewers (vs. 1.09 mil last week), but still down from its strong series premiere (2.12 million). Top performances in the F12-34 demo came from E!'s WAGS (0.95 rating) & TOTAL DIVAS (0.85), as well as Oxygen's BAD GIRLS CLUB (0.64), and OWN's IF LOVING YOU IS WRONG (0.64). Elsewhere, MONICA THE MEDIUM, on ABC Family, fell over 100K viewers to 235,000, and FACE OFF, on Syfy, was down a tick to 922,000. On Velocity, BITCHIN' RIDES began its second season with 266,000 viewers, while GARAGE SQUAD remained pretty solid at 218,000. Finally, on the lower-rated cables, Esquire's THE AGENT (31,000) was even with last week, and El Rey's FROM DUSK TILL DAWN (48,000) was also relatively stable.

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Monday September 28, 2015:

ESPN's MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL match-up between the Chiefs and Packers led all of broadcast and cable among adults 18-49 (5.13 rating), men 18-49 (7.15), men 18-34 (6.32), and total viewers (13.51 million). At VH1, LOVE & HIP HOP: HOLLYWOOD was at 1.93 in F12-34 with 2.49 million viewers, BLACK INK CREW hit a 1.75 in that demo with 2.17 million, and SHES GOT GAME logged a 1.32 with 1.58 million. MTV's AWKWARD & FAKING IT also scored well in that demo (0.98 & 0.69 ratings) and each also had sizable week-to-week growth in total viewers, up to 749,00 & 584,000 respectively. Also at MTV was GIRL CODE LIVE (263,000) and TODRICK (178,000). On ABC Family, SWITCHED AT BIRTH delivered 764,00 viewers (0.60 in F12-34), and CHASING LIFE concluded its second season with 486,000 - down from the 723,000 for the second season premiere, and 934,000 for the season one finale. Also of note today was the premiere of THE DAILY SHOW with new host Trevor Noah; it aired across all 12 Viacom networks, delivering a 1.44 18-49 rating & 3.42 million viewers cumulatively (which include the 0.44 & 1.09 million it received on its home network Comedy Central).


Select Ratings from Original Cable telecasts on Sunday September 27, 2015:

AMC's FEAR THE WALKING DEAD easily led the Sunday cable ratings and also had its first week of growth since its premiere, up slightly week-to-week to 6.65 million viewers. It also led the day among adults 18-49 (3.44), men & women of that demo (3.6 & 3.29), 18-34 (2.71), and men & women of that demo (2.68 & 2.74). Elsewhere, Showtime had the third season finales of RAY DONOVAN and MASTERS OF SEX at 1.5 million & 605,000 - down from their respective finales last year (1.97 million & 889,000). KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS, on E!, delivered a 1.12 F12-34 rating with 1.66 million viewers, BASKETBALL WIVES, on VH1, was at 0.92 in that demo with 1.46 million, and TOY STORY OF TERROR, on Disney Channel, was huge in that demo (1.6) with 2.82 million. On HBO, a special presentation of VICE was at 513,000 viewers (down from the 733K for the most-recent episode on 6/26), DOLL & EM more than doubled to 145,000, PROJECT GREENLIGHT also doubled to 218,000, and LAST WEEK TONIGHT led the night with 658,000. Among lower-rated cables was Ovation's THE ART OF (24,000) and the second-season premiere of Smithsonian's AIR WARRIORS (167,000) which saw a nice increase from its most recent episode on Nov. 23, 2014 (89,000).

Lucha Underground (El Rey): Ratings Recap

UPDATED 2020: 'Lucha Underground' began airing on October 29, 2014, just 2 days after El Rey network began being rated by Nielsen. Ratings tables include viewership for the original airing at 8:00pm, viewership for the re-airing later that night (either at 9pm, 10pm, or 11pm), and 18-49 viewership information for both airings. The show began with 14,000 viewers back in 2014, and reached a peak first-run viewership of 177,000 back on August 23, 2017. Its lowest first-run viewership figure was 7,000 viewers back on November 26, 2014.