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Nielsen Ratings: Week Ending September 25, 1988

Below are the Nielsen ratings for the first week of the 1988-89 television broadcast season. The chart below includes viewership and both household (HH) ratings & shares for every broadcast program that aired during the week with reruns included.

Broadcast ratings:
Monday, September 19, 1988
Olympic Games NBC23.916.829
Indianapolis at Cleveland ABC16.912.921
Newhart CBS17.512.821
Cavanaughs CBS16.912.319
A Stranger Waits CBS20.215.424
Tuesday, September 20, 1988
Olympic Games NBC23.616.930
Growing Pains ABC19.914.524
Bugs Bunny Special CBS14.39.215
Head of the Class ABC21.915.324
White Nights CBS11.88.514
The Man With One Red Shoe ABC16.612.120
Wednesday, September 21, 1988
Olympic Games NBC24.918.132
Growing Pains ABC19.513.724
Live ... Dick Clark Presents CBS11.48.214
Head of the Class ABC19.213.522
The Equalizer CBS16.011.719
Best of SCTV ABC11.07.913
Wiseguy CBS14.811.019
Thursday, September 22, 1988
Olympic Games NBC28.320.136
Growing Pains ABC19.913.923
48 Hours CBS9.67.512
All of Me ABC14.410.918
Kids Like These CBS12.09.315
Friday, September 23, 1988
Olympic Games NBC28.819.537
Perfect Strangers ABC13.510.019
Beauty and the Beast CBS10.27.013
Full House ABC15.811.220
Mr. Belvedere ABC14.49.917
Stillwatch CBS13.79.817
Just the Ten of Us ABC14.19.616
20/20 ABC13.39.717
Saturday, September 24, 1988
Olympic Games NBC29.519.638
Who's the Boss? ABC13.49.117
First Impressions CBS6.54.69
Perfect Strangers ABC14.39.618
Frank's Place CBS6.34.48
Rodney Dangerfield ABC12.78.515
Bodywatching CBS8.26.011
Garry Shandling Special ABC9.46.613
West 57th CBS7.05.210
Sunday, September 25, 1988
Olympic Games NBC20.013.926
NFL Football CBS17.812.825
Mr. Belvedere ABC11.58.415
NFL Football Postgame CBS15.010.821
Cadets ABC11.48.315
60 Minutes CBS18.913.624
Olympic Games NBC27.418.233
Debate Analysis CBS17.012.119
Debate Analysis ABC14.29.815
Murder, She Wrote CBS17.813.122
Who's the Boss? ABC13.69.716
Perfect Strangers ABC12.79.116

Source: USA Today

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