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Nielsen Ratings: Week Ending September 18, 1988

Below are the Nielsen ratings for the 52nd and final week of the 1987-88 television broadcast season. The chart below includes viewership and household (HH) ratings for every broadcast program that aired during the week with reruns included. Note that beginning with the w/e July 31, 1988 both the HH ratings and the viewership figures come from Nielsen.

Broadcast ratings:
Monday, September 12, 1988
Monday Night Football ABC24.117.429
ALF NBC21.414.324
Newhart CBS12.19.416
Stone Fox NBC16.011.018
Cavanaughs CBS13.09.716
Kate & Allie CBS16.312.720
Designing Women CBS16.813.321
Magnum, P.I. CBS14.511.520
Decision '88 NBC7.45.911
Tuesday, September 13, 1988
Who's the Boss? ABC18.913.623
Matlock NBC17.913.122
Roger Rabbit Special CBS17.711.419
Full House ABC20.114.123
Barbara Walters ABC23.016.526
In the Heat of the Night NBC16.611.719
Mistress CBS15.912.220
The Koppel Report ABC16.212.422
The Hard Rock NBC8.76.411
Wednesday, September 14, 1988
Growing Pains ABC18.713.124
Unsolved Mysteries NBC15.911.821
Dick Clark Presents CBS11.28.315
Head of the Class ABC19.313.623
Downpayment on Murder NBC17.613.323
Hooperman ABC14.610.318
The Equalizer CBS13.19.215
`Slap' Maxwell Story ABC11.17.813
Wiseguy CBS12.79.617
China Beach ABC12.18.916
Thursday, September 15, 1988
The Cosby Show NBC24.717.631
48 Hours CBS19.614.124
Flintstone Kids ABC12.68.214
A Different World NBC26.918.230
The Spy Who Loved Me ABC14.610.217
Sherlock Holmes CBS17.612.522
Olympic Preview NBC13.810.218
Friday, September 16, 1988
Olympic Games NBC22.715.229
Pee-wee's Big Adventure CBS15.19.517
Perfect Strangers ABC13.59.718
Full House ABC14.410.318
Mr. Belvedere ABC12.08.515
Cowboy Joe ABC10.87.713
20/20 ABC16.311.922
Sold Out CBS9.76.812
Saturday, September 17, 1988
Olympic Games NBC23.815.630
The Great One CBS12.58.916
California Girls ABC9.77.113
California Girls ABC14.910.419
West 57th CBS9.46.813
Sunday, September 18, 1988
MacGyver ABC12.98.815
NFL Football CBS19.613.927
60 Minutes CBS22.916.829
Olympic Games NBC26.517.730
Growing Pains ABC16.611.318
Murder, She Wrote CBS22.515.824
Head of the Class ABC16.811.117
Who's the Boss? ABC20.213.821
Rockabye CBS25.517.629
Perfect Strangers ABC16.711.518
Beyond the Shuttle ABC8.46.411

Source: USA Today

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