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Nielsen Ratings: Week Ending November 6, 1988

Below are the Nielsen ratings for the seventh week of the 1988-89 television broadcast season. The chart below includes viewership and both household (HH) ratings & shares for every broadcast program that aired during the week with reruns included.

Broadcast ratings:
Monday, October 31, 1988
ALF NBC24.215.124
MacGyver ABC18.112.520
Newhart CBS16.212.220
Favorite Son, Part 2 NBC21.115.725
Coming of Age CBS16.011.718
NFL Football ABC19.915.429
Dadah is Death, Part 2 CBS13.110.117
Political Talk NBC8.16.512
Tuesday, November 1, 1988
Who's the Boss? ABC33.822.334
Bloopers & Jokes NBC17.912.118
High Risk CBS10.67.612
Roseanne ABC36.924.136
Favorite Son, Part 3 NBC22.316.326
Go Toward the Light CBS21.514.924
Mrs. America Pageant ABC18.813.120
One Week Away ABC9.87.413
Wednesday, November 2, 1988
Growing Pains ABC29.920.131
Unsolved Mysteries NBC20.013.621
The Van Dyke Show CBS10.48.112
Head of the Class ABC26.117.726
Annie McGuire CBS10.58.012
Night Court NBC17.412.519
The Equalizer CBS16.111.718
The Wonder Years ABC20.113.821
Baby Boom NBC14.911.217
Wiseguy CBS18.713.725
Murphy's Law ABC13.410.018
Tattinger's NBC12.59.417
Thursday, November 3, 1988
The Cosby Show NBC39.825.941
48 Hours CBS12.59.114
World's Greatest Stunts ABC12.79.014
A Different World NBC34.722.735
Cheers NBC31.221.833
Dynasty ABC17.912.820
Paradise CBS15.110.817
Dear John NBC23.117.227
L.A. Law NBC27.620.034
Knots Landing CBS21.515.726
Celebration ABC7.35.710
Friday, November 4, 1988
Perfect Strangers ABC20.314.325
America, Charlie Brown CBS18.210.919
Sonny Spoon NBC11.88.114
Full House ABC22.415.326
Meet the Raisins CBS20.712.121
Dallas CBS23.115.826
Mr. Belvedere ABC20.213.623
Something Is Out There NBC13.39.015
Just the Ten of Us ABC18.412.821
20/20 ABC20.615.026
Falcon Crest NBC17.912.923
Miami Vice NBC18.012.221
Saturday, November 5, 1988
Crimes of the Century ABC13.18.916
Dirty Dancing CBS12.98.515
Amen NBC25.516.529
Raising Miranda CBS9.96.812
The Golden Girls NBC34.522.639
Police Story ABC11.98.115
Simon & Simon CBS9.66.411
Empty Nest NBC32.521.337
Hunter NBC27.618.735
West 57th CBS10.27.314
Sunday, November 6, 1988
Incredible Sunday ABC14.29.314
Countdown NBC7.85.99
60 Minutes CBS32.622.734
Family Ties NBC21.013.519
Impossible ABC17.311.016
Murder, She Wrote CBS31.221.431
Day by Day NBC18.812.117
Down & Out in Beverly Hills ABC22.615.625
Great Escape II, Part 1 NBC22.314.423
Internal Affairs, Part 1 CBS21.416.126

Source: USA Today

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