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Nielsen Ratings: Week Ending June 19, 1988

Below are the Nielsen ratings for the 39th week of the 1987-88 television broadcast season. The chart below includes viewership and household (HH) ratings for every broadcast program that aired during the week with reruns included. Note that the HH ratings & shares come from Nielsen, but for this TV season only (until the w/e July 31, 1988), the viewership figures come from a different company called AGB Television Research, not Nielsen.

Broadcast ratings:
Monday, June 13, 1988
ALF NBC20.412.926
Blue Skies CBS13.29.719
Monday Night Baseball ABC10.89.218
Hogan Family NBC18.912.625
Newhart CBS17.612.823
Evergreen, Pt. II NBC14.411.721
Eisenhower & Lutz CBS15.411.520
Cagney & Lacey CBS16.811.421
Tuesday, June 14, 1988
Who's the Boss? ABC19.113.427
Matlock NBC17.612.224
Peanuts CBS10.06.613
Perfect Strangers ABC17.713.025
NBA Finals Game 4 CBS17.514.827
Evergreen, Pt. III NBC17.912.923
Moonlighting ABC15.410.619
thirtysomething NBC12.09.416
Wednesday, June 15, 1988
Growing Pains ABC17.111.625
Jake and the Fatman CBS12.910.221
Highway to Heaven NBC10.86.413
Head of the Class ABC17.711.523
Wiseguy CBS18.012.624
Hooperman ABC14.710.220
Molly Dodd NBC9.76.412
Billy Joel Special ABC12.29.418
Sara NBC11.68.215
The Bronx Zoo NBC12.29.017
Thursday, June 16, 1988
The Cosby Show NBC25.115.230
48 Hours CBS11.99.519
Sledge Hammer! ABC7.25.711
A Different World NBC24.516.331
Heartsounds ABC9.87.914
Cheers NBC24.216.330
NBA Finals Game 5 CBS18.516.130
Night Court NBC23.316.429
L.A. Law NBC17.914.326
Friday, June 17, 1988
Beauty and the Beast CBS11.08.519
Perfect Strangers ABC11.78.219
Bloopers & Jokes NBC12.47.517
Full House ABC11.58.619
Jaws 3-D CBS21.512.325
Mr. Belvedere ABC13.18.518
Sonny Spoon NBC9.07.616
I Married Dora ABC10.98.016
20/20 ABC17.112.625
Miami Vice NBC11.38.717
Saturday, June 18, 1988
The Facts of Life NBC13.69.724
Sea World Texas Salute CBS13.07.717
Probe ABC5.84.711
The Golden Girls NBC23.315.333
Ohara ABC7.56.413
Amen NBC21.313.127
Hunter NBC18.812.025
For Hire ABC10.58.117
West 57th CBS10.27.516
Sunday, June 19, 1988
60 Minutes CBS17.914.935
Our House NBC8.65.613
Disney Movie ABC6.25.212
Murder, She Wrote CBS17.113.728
Family Ties NBC12.88.418
MacGyver ABC11.67.716
My Two Dads NBC12.48.918
Intimate Strangers CBS20.215.028
A Father's Homecoming NBC18.612.423
It's My Turn ABC10.17.614

Source: USA Today

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