Monday, July 25, 2022

Important Update Regarding Ratings

    There have been some major changes in my life recently that, sadly, are going to affect what I do here on this site. I graduated from college this past May, and after 5 years of living in Boston, I'm moving to NYC to pursue a very exciting job opportunity in the field of television advertising. Due to the nature of this company and this role, it's a conflict of interest for me to continue posting current-day Nielsen ratings data even if I'm not using my access as the source for it. So, unfortunately I'm no longer going to be able to post weekly rerun, broadcast, cable, and news data here. And also going forward, all requests will have to go through the "contact me" form in the sidebar, not Disqus.

    On a positive note, Andy over at SpoilerTV has graciously agreed to start posting a lot of this data over at his site. SpoilerTV will be doing a weekly top 200 reruns post, a weekly top 400 cable originals post, and a weekly top 200 cable sports post. So, nearly all of the data I was posting before will still be available, it just will be on SpoilerTV rather than here. Additionally, the 18-49 data there will be to 3-decimal places rather than the previous 2.

    Here is a link to the first weekly rerun recap at SpoilerTV for the week of July 18-24:

    Here is a link to the first weekly cable top 400 originals for the week of July 18-24:

    Here is a link to the first weekly top 200 cable sports programs for the week of July 18-24:

    I'm still planning on continuing to post the historical data here for now, so now my efforts will now be solely focused on that because there is still quite a lot more to finish. My (ambitious) goal is still to have the 2002-03 season completed by the end of the summer and the 2010-11 season started and completed by the end of the year. I'm really glad people are using these archives, and find them helpful.

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