Wednesday, July 13, 2022

2002-03 Season on Temporary Pause

UPDATED: this is complete!

I've recently uncovered an additional data source for 2001-2003 which provides more detailed information regarding airdates and airtimes of cable programs. Most of the cable charts I've posted so far from that timeframe do not specify the time that a program aired and about half do not even specify the date that a program aired. This can make it problematic & confusing when there are multiple listings for a single program in a given week. With the data from this new data source, I'm going to go back into the previous 2 seasons worth of posts and update the charts. These updates will include:
  • More detailed information regarding airdates and airtimes in the cable viewership and HH charts (w/e May 27, 2001 through Nov. 17, 2002)
  • Weekly top 10 cable 18-49 charts for most of the weeks that were previously missing them (Jul. 29, 2001, Sept. 30, 2001, Oct. 28, 2001, Nov. 18, 2001, Nov. 25, 2001, Dec. 30, 2001, Mar. 31, 2002, Jun. 30, 2002)
  • Including the top 40 weekly cable programs by HH instead of just top 20 (Jun. 16, 2002 through Nov. 17, 2002)
  • Broadcast sports ratings for programs outside of primetime (Oct. 8, 2000 through Jun. 24, 2001, and Sept. 30, 2001 through Dec. 23, 2001)
I've already started this process beginning with fall 2001 - all of the posts from Sept. 30 - Nov. 25, 2001 have already been updated. But to make all of these updates, I'm going to have to temporarily pause posting the 2002-03 ratings for about a week or 2.

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