Monday, February 26, 2024

Nielsen Pocketpiece: Week Ending September 6, 1987

Note: this is the first Pocketpiece report compiled with data from the Nielsen people meter. Prior to this, Household data was captured via the Nielsen audimeter and demographic information was collected via diaries. The change to the people meter allowed Nielsen to measure demographic information in real-time which enabled the Pocketpieces to begin to be put out weekly rather than biweekly. Because this is the first weekly Pocketpiece, I've included scans from every page of the report rather than just the ratings-only pages.

Below is a full Nielsen pocketpiece for the week ending September 6, 1987. The first half of the report includes a full alphabetical list of all programs that aired and their audience composition in VPVHs. To convert VPVHs to ratings, use the Pocketpiece calculator linked in the sidebar. The second half of the report is a grid which organizes the broadcast ratings by date and includes top-level weekly data for basic cable, superstations, PBS, independents, and pay cable.

Source: Nielsen Media Research

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