Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Broadcast TV Ratings: Week Ending December 29, 2013

Below are the Nielsen ratings for the week ending December 29, 2013. The first chart below includes final household, 18-34, 18-49, 25-54, and viewership figures for all first-run broadcast programs that aired during the week. Cable ratings for this week will be in a separate post. Note: most reruns are excluded from these charts.

Broadcast ratings:
48 HOURS PRESENTSCBSSat3.1/60.5/20.81/31.3/44.703
GREAT XMAS LIGHT FIGHTABCMon2.9/51.0/41.35/41.8/54.973
HOLLYWOOD GAME NIGHTNBCMon2.3/40.8/31.01/31.3/33.459
HOW GRINCH STOLE XMAS-8:00PABCTue2.3/51.0/51.20/51.5/64.084
HOW GRINCH STOLE XMAS-8:30PABCTue2.1/51.1/51.32/51.5/54.046
KENNEDY CENTER HONORSCBSSun4.5/70.5/20.91/21.4/37.176
MYSTERIES OF THE CASTLEABCThu3.2/60.8/30.99/31.3/44.829
NFL TODAY POST-GAMECBSSun7.6/122.9/103.69/114.3/1113.385
SING OFFNBCMon3.3/60.9/31.35/41.7/55.315
SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALLNBCSun15.5/257.8/249.29/2511.0/2627.363
THE OTFOXSun8.3/144.1/144.79/145.8/1415.324
WHAT WE WASTD OUR YEAR ONNBCFri2.7/50.7/30.97/31.3/44.130
WWE TRIBUTE TO TROOPSNBCSat1.2/20.4/20.58/20.7/22.091

Source: Nielsen Media Research via The Futon Critic and TV by the Numbers

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