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Nielsen Ratings: Week Ending April 17, 1988

Below are the Nielsen ratings for the 30th week of the 1987-88 television broadcast season. The chart below includes viewership and household (HH) ratings for every broadcast program that aired during the week with reruns included. Note that the HH ratings & shares come from Nielsen, but for this TV season only (until the w/e July 31, 1988), the viewership figures come from a different company called AGB Television Research, not Nielsen.

Broadcast ratings:
Monday, April 11, 1988
Barbara Walters Special ABC26.521.135
ALF NBC22.915.525
European Vacation CBS14.410.216
Valerie's Family NBC19.913.421
60th Academy Awards ABC38.929.449
Dirty Dozen NBC11.49.715
Kenny Rogers Special CBS8.06.210
Tuesday, April 12, 1988
Who's the Boss? ABC24.418.231
Matlock NBC21.917.329
LaRouche Campaign CBS4.83.46
The Wonder Years ABC25.117.722
My Sister Sam CBS6.75.49
In the Heat of the Night NBC21.716.526
Moonlighting ABC17.614.423
Murphy's Romance CBS16.213.121
thirtysomething ABC14.513.323
Sonny Spoon NBC15.111.620
Wednesday, April 13, 1988
Aaron's Way NBC16.413.021
Growing Pains ABC17.912.922
Smothers Brothers CBS13.79.816
Head of the Class ABC17.512.720
Hooperman ABC17.112.620
Jake and the Fat Man CBS14.711.217
A Year in the Life NBC13.511.217
Just in Time ABC14.010.817
The Equalizer CBS15.113.524
HeartBeat ABC15.512.321
Bronx Zoo NBC11.29.517
Thursday, April 14, 1988
The Cosby Show NBC34.122.238
48 Hours CBS15.311.219
Probe ABC10.98.815
A Different World NBC35.222.236
Cheers NBC31.122.136
Simon & Simon CBS15.511.819
Hotel ABC9.68.013
Molly Dodd NBC21.716.427
L.A. Law NBC20.417.730
Knots Landing CBS21.816.828
Buck James ABC8.88.314
Friday, April 15, 1988
Ringling Brothers Circus CBS19.513.726
Perfect Strangers ABC15.011.122
Highwayman NBC14.59.418
Full House ABC15.611.221
Dallas CBS21.716.830
Mr. Belvedere ABC19.510.919
Night Court NBC15.710.419
Beverly Hills Buntz NBC13.89.817
Family Man ABC16.49.517
Miami Vice NBC18.514.426
Falcon Crest CBS17.414.226
20/20 ABC17.511.621
Saturday, April 16, 1988
The Facts of Life NBC15.712.024
Mountain Rangers CBS14.98.918
The Presidents ABC8.16.112
The Storyteller NBC15.111.522
The Golden Girls NBC26.818.034
Tour of Duty CBS13.48.616
Ohara ABC9.58.015
Amen NBC25.316.331
Hunter NBC22.114.829
For Hire ABC9.98.817
West 57th CBS14.28.116
Sunday, April 17, 1988
60 Minutes CBS24.417.533
Our House NBC12.88.616
Disney Sunday Movie ABC11.87.214
Murder, She Wrote CBS24.817.930
Family Ties NBC21.213.323
Supercarrier ABC14.09.716
Day by Day NBC22.113.522
Enforcer ABC23.417.428
Where the Heart Is NBC22.317.428
Anne Frank CBS17.211.519

Source: USA Today

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