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Broadcast & Cable Nielsens: Week Ending July 4, 1999

Below are the Nielsen ratings for the 41st week of the 1998-99 television broadcast season; most reruns are excluded from the list. The first chart includes household (HH) ratings and viewership (in millions) for all first-run broadcast programs. The second charts have ratings for programs that aired on cable during the week.

Broadcast ratings:
Movie: The Stranger Beside MeABC6/28/999:008.6/1511.72
60 Minutes IICBS6/29/999:008.5/1511.40
Whose Line Is it Anyway?ABC6/30/999:307.2/1211.01
60 MinutesCBS7/4/997:007.7/2110.78
48 HoursCBS7/1/9910:007.4/139.95
48 HoursABC6/28/9910:007.4/139.76
World's Most Amazing VideosNBC6/30/999:006.7/129.08
Movie: Danielle Steele's RemembranceNBC7/2/999:006.3/138.56
Pepsi 400CBS7/3/998:005.4/138.11
Movie: The Thorn Birds Missing Years Pt. 2CBS6/30/999:005.7/107.81
World's Wildest Police VideosFOX7/1/998:005.6/117.79
Kids Say the Darndest ThingsCBS7/2/998:005.3/127.44
Candid CameraCBS7/2/998:305.0/117.25
Fox FilesFOX6/29/999:004.3/86.03
Movie: A Thin Line Between Love & HateFOX6/30/998:004.4/86.03
Movie: From Dusk 'til DawnFOX7/3/998:004.3/105.98
AFI Salute to Dustin HoffmanABC7/1/999:004.1/75.49
Movie: Ed McBain's 87th PrecinctNBC7/4/999:003.5/94.81
Movie: Race the SunABC7/4/997:003.0/84.44
Movie: Ace Ventura, Pet DetectiveNBC7/4/997:003.0/84.24
1999 Special OlympicsABC7/1/998:003.2/64.13
Movie: Darkman 3FOX7/2/998:002.7/63.89
Movie: Bye, Bye, BirdieABC7/3/998:003.3/73.53
The World's FunniestFOX7/4/997:001.9/53.07
The Parent 'HoodWB7/4/997:301.0/31.28
The Parent 'HoodWB7/4/997:000.9/21.22

Cable viewership ratings:
Wrestling (Mon, 10pm)USA8.03
Wrestling (Mon, 9pm)USA7.54
Wrestling (Mon, 8pm)TNT4.70
The Real WorldMTV3.80
Wrestling (Mon, 10pm)TNT3.78
Wrestling (Mon, 9pm)TNT3.39
Wrestling (Thu, 9pm)TNT3.34
Baseball (Sun)ESPN2.88
Wrestling (Sun, 7pm)USA2.82
World Dog ShowUSA2.80

Cable household ratings:

Source: USA Today, Variety, Broadcasting Magazine, and The Los Angeles Times

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