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Broadcast & Cable Nielsens: Week Ending June 6, 1999

Below are the Nielsen ratings for the 37th week of the 1998-99 television broadcast season; most reruns are excluded from the list. The first chart includes household (HH) ratings and viewership (in millions) for all first-run broadcast programs. The second charts have ratings for programs that aired on cable during the week.

Broadcast ratings:
60 MinutesCBS6/6/997:009.9/2013.19
Movie: Heart of FireCBS6/1/999:008.8/1512.87
World's Most Amazing VideosNBC6/2/999:007.6/1310.78
Unsolved MysteriesCBS6/4/999:007.4/149.82
NBA Playoffs: Spurs/TrailblazersNBC6/4/999:007.2/149.80
48 HoursCBS6/3/9910:007.3/139.68
60 Minutes IICBS6/2/999:006.9/129.26
Tony AwardsCBS6/6/999:007.0/129.16
Special: Heroes of the 20th CenturyCBS5/31/9910:006.6/129.08
Movie: Mary ReillyABC5/31/999:006.1/108.45
World's Wildest Police VideosFOX6/3/998:005.9/118.36
America's Most WantedFOX6/5/999:005.4/117.70
John Stossel SpecialABC6/3/9910:005.5/107.35
1999 Essence AwardsFOX6/2/998:005.0/97.32
Fox FilesFOX6/3/999:005.4/97.29
Movie: Thanks of a Grateful Nation Pt. 2NBC5/31/999:005.3/97.10
Kids Say the Darndest ThingsCBS6/4/998:005.0/116.74
The NannyCBS6/2/998:304.8/96.36
Movie: Principal Takes a HolidayABC6/6/997:004.2/86.22
Candid CameraCBS6/4/998:304.6/106.12
World's Most Amazing VideosNBC6/5/999:304.5/95.90
The NannyCBS6/2/998:004.4/85.64
The World's FunniestFOX6/6/998:003.7/85.63
Alma AwardsABC6/3/998:003.5/65.08
America's Funniest Home VideosABC6/5/998:002.9/74.47
The World's FunniestFOX6/4/998:002.9/64.25
The Big MomentABC6/5/998:302.5/64.16
Mad TV PrimetimeFOX6/4/999:003.0/64.14
The Parent 'HoodWB6/6/997:301.4/32.12
The Parent 'HoodWB6/6/997:001.3/31.76

-Viewership not currently available for:
  • NBA Playoffs: Knicks/Pacers (NBC, Sat.) - 8.6/20 HH rating/share
  • NBA Playoffs: Spurs/Trailblazers (NBC, Sun.) - 7.8/16
  • Profiler (NBC, Sat.) - 4.1/8

Cable viewership ratings:
Wrestling (Mon, 10pm)USA7.69
Wrestling (Mon, 9pm)USA6.72
NBA PlayoffsTNT6.14
Dr. DoolittleHBO5.20
Boxing (Sat, 10:30pm)HBO5.17
Wrestling (Sun, 7pm)USA4.59
Boxing (Sat, 10pm)HBO4.43
Wrestling (Mon, 10pm)TNT4.37
Wrestling (Thus, 9pm)TBS4.30
Boxing (Sat, 9:30pm)HBO3.74

Cable household ratings:

Source: USA Today, Variety, Broadcasting Magazine, and The Los Angeles Times

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