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Nielsen Ratings: Week Ending October 16, 1988

Below are the Nielsen ratings for the fourth week of the 1988-89 television broadcast season. The chart below includes viewership and both household (HH) ratings & shares for every broadcast program that aired during the week with reruns included.

Broadcast ratings:
Monday, October 10, 1988
ALF NBC28.717.627
60 Minutes Special CBS22.716.625
MacGyver ABC14.39.715
Hogan Family NBC26.616.925
Winnie NBC24.918.628
Country Music Awards CBS25.417.126
NFL Football ABC22.716.828
Tuesday, October 11, 1988
Matlock NBC21.615.224
Baseball Playoff Pregame ABC19.413.925
High Risk CBS13.99.816
Baseball Playoffs ABC28.32033
Outback Bound CBS21.415.725
Twice in a Lifetime NBC15.111.919
Wednesday, October 12, 1988
Unsolved Mysteries NBC22.71726
Baseball Playoff Pregame ABC20.714.926
Here Comes Garfield CBS17.411.218
Blondie & Dagwood CBS17.31117
Baseball Playoffs ABC31.822.237
Highway to Heaven NBC16.512.820
The Equalizer CBS13.29.414
Wiseguy CBS14.910.918
Destined to Live NBC10.48.715
Thursday, October 13, 1988
The Cosby Show NBC36.523.138
48 Hours CBS12.59.115
The Ultimate Stuntman ABC12.58.915
A Different World NBC32.82134
Debate Analysis NBC17.812.521
Debate Analysis CBS13.39.616
Debate Analysis ABC12.49.216
Friday, October 14, 1988
Perfect Strangers ABC18.113.525
Return to Dodge CBS159.917
Crossing the Mob NBC14.19.617
Full House ABC21.114.926
Mr. Belvedere ABC21.114.525
Just the Ten of Us ABC18.612.722
20/20 ABC25.517.232
Back on the Road CBS13.39.418
Sonny Spoon NBC13.18.816
Saturday, October 15, 1988
World Series Pregame NBC18.312.825
A Family Again ABC12.7916
Live! Dick Clark Presents CBS11.37.513
World Series Game 1 NBC30.420.538
Simon & Simon CBS159.817
88 Vote ABC9.56.412
West 57th CBS12.2917
Sunday, October 16, 1988
NFL Football CBS22.416.431
Magical World of Disney NBC13.28.114
Incredible Sunday ABC9.67.212
60 Minutes CBS26.519.533
World Series Pregame NBC20.813.723
America's Favorite Movie ABC9.26.210
Murder, She Wrote CBS23.716.826
World Series, Game 2 NBC34.322.936
Lady Mobster ABC22.516.226
Out of Africa, Part I CBS16.812.120

Source: USA Today

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