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Nielsen Ratings: Week Ending August 21, 1988

Below are the Nielsen ratings for the 48th week of the 1987-88 television broadcast season. The chart below includes viewership and household (HH) ratings for every broadcast program that aired during the week with reruns included. Note that beginning with the w/e July 31, 1988 both the HH ratings and the viewership figures come from Nielsen.

Broadcast ratings:
Monday, August 15, 1988
ALF NBC16.510.821
Newhart CBS9.07.014
Remo Williams ABC9.26.412
Hogan Family NBC14.59.919
Cavanaughs CBS7.75.811
Republican National Convention NBC9.37.113
Republican National Convention ABC9.36.813
Republican National Convention CBS7.76.012
Tuesday, August 16, 1988
Matlock NBC15.710.921
Who's the Boss? ABC14.610.120
CBS Summer Playhouse CBS6.95.010
Full House ABC15.510.720
Republican National Convention ABC8.46.413
Republican National Convention NBC7.86.012
Republican National Convention CBS6.95.210
Wednesday, August 17, 1988
Growing Pains ABC13.19.519
Jake and the Fatman CBS10.67.815
Lovers, Partners and Spies NBC8.26.012
Head of the Class ABC13.79.919
Republican National Convention ABC8.16.112
Republican National Convention NBC6.65.311
Republican National Convention CBS6.55.311
Thursday, August 18, 1988
The Cosby Show NBC22.115.329
Loner ABC9.87.013
Republican National Convention CBS8.06.212
A Different World NBC21.714.426
Republican National Convention ABC10.57.715
Republican National Convention NBC9.67.013
Friday, August 19, 1988
Perfect Strangers ABC14.710.123
Beauty and the Beast CBS11.28.619
Sports World Anniversary NBC6.54.510
Full House ABC15.310.422
Child's Cry CBS15.211.423
Mr. Belvedere ABC15.110.221
NFL Preseason Game NBC10.47.917
I Married Dora ABC13.49.218
20/20 ABC14.910.521
Saturday, August 20, 1988
The Facts of Life NBC14.19.822
Supercarrier ABC7.65.312
Frank's Place CBS6.54.911
The Golden Girls NBC21.715.131
Dakota's Way ABC8.86.213
Tour of Duty CBS8.35.612
Amen NBC18.713.027
Hunter NBC18.512.727
For Hire ABC9.46.815
NFL Preseason CBS8.46.316
Sunday, August 21, 1988
60 Minutes CBS20.615.633
Disney Sunday Movie ABC9.36.313
Rags to Riches NBC7.35.311
Murder, She Wrote CBS21.015.628
Family Ties NBC14.09.617
MacGyver ABC10.57.213
Outrage CBS20.114.826
Letting Go ABC16.211.620
Dress Gray, Part 1 NBC13.69.617

Source: USA Today

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