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U.S. Primetime Broadcast TV Ratings: 10/9 - 10/15/2017

Below are the broadcast TV ratings for the week ending October 15, 2017. The first chart includes ratings based on households (HH), adults 18-34, adults 18-49 (most to two-decimal places), adults 25-54, and total viewers (presented in millions) while the second chart presents sub-demographic ratings (divided by gender) for adults 18-34 and adults 18-49. A third chart is also provided which includes persons-using-television (PUT) 18-49 data for each day of the week (except Saturdays). Note: most reruns are excluded from the chart below.

On Monday, 'The Big Bang Theory' was not enough to save CBS from dropping to third among the big 4 networks in the 18-49 ratings (1.3/5). NBC (2.0/7) beat out ABC (1.5/5) in the demo, but ABC won the night in total viewers (9.72 million). The highest airing on the broadcast networks was 'The Big Bang Theory' (2.9/11, 13.13M) and the lowest belonged to CW's premiere of 'Valor' (0.3/1, 1.2M). NBC's demo win was propelled by 'The Voice' (2.4/8, 10.91M), while ABC's viewership win was made possible with help from both 'Dancing with the Stars' (1.3/4, 9.25M), and 'The Good Doctor' (2.0/7, 10.69M). CBS's comedy block of '9JKL' (1.4/5, 7.04M), 'Kevin Can Wait' (1.2/4, 6.01M), and 'Me, Myself & I' (0.9/3, 4.33M) continued to underperform in week 3. The season premiere of 'Supergirl' on the CW, brought in 1.87 million viewers and a 0.5/2 18-49 rating/share. 

On Tuesday, NBC won the night in the 18-49s (2.1/8), but CBS's older skewing lineup pulled out the win in total viewers (11.46 million). NBC received a lot help from hits 'The Voice' (2.4/9, 11.09 million), and 'This Is Us' (2.8/10, 11.02M), but couldn't overcome the deficit left by 'Law & Order True Crime' (1.1/4, 4.72M) which lost a whopping 1.75 rating and over 6 million viewers from its 'This Is Us' lead-in. The top 2 shows of the night in total viewers were CBS's 'NCIS' (1.4/6, 13.6M), and 'Bull' (1.3/4, 11.26M); its other entry, 'NCIS: New Orleans' had a mediocre 1.0/4 rating/share and just over 9.5 million viewers. On The CW, the fourth season premiere of 'The Flash' had a 1.05/4 18-49 rating/share & 2.84 million viewers, its lowest season premiere to date, and down from last year's 1.3/5 & 3.17 million. The third season premiere of 'Legends of Tomorrow' was also its lowest start, and too, was down from last year's premiere (0.6/2, 1.82M). 

On Wednesday, FOX won the night in the 18-49s (1.7/7), but CBS won primetime in total viewers (7.3 million). On FOX, 'Empire' (2.0/8, 5.93 million) led all of primetime in the 18-49s, and 'Star' (1.5/5, 4.51M) was third on the day in that demo. In African-Americans, 'Empire' had 3.86 million and 'Star' had 3.04 million; in females 18-34, they were ranked 1 and 2 on the day at 1.8/9 and 1.4/6 respectively. On CW, the season premiere of 'Riverdale' (0.8/3, 2.34M) hit series-highs in viewers and 18-49, beating its series-premiere back in January (0.5/2, 1.38M); it had 161,000 viewers aged 2-11, and 422,000 viewers aged 12-17. CW's other premiere, 'Dynasty' began with a 0.3/1 18-49 rating (476,000 in that demo) and 1.26 million viewers; it had 52,000 viewers aged 2-11 and 101,000 viewers aged 12-17. 

On Thursday, CBS's coverage of 'Thursday Night Football' between the Eagles and Panthers, pushed it to a daily win in both 18-49 (4.1) and total viewers (13.49 million). The game had a 5.1/26 rating/share in males 18-34, and a 6.2/24 rating in males 18-49. In Philadelphia, the game had a 15.4/37 persons 2+ rating/share and 1.13 million viewers, and in Charlotte, it had a 12.3/31 rating and 356,000 viewers (it had 480,000 in New York and 365,000 in Los Angeles). ABC averaged a 1.4 18-49 rating and propelled by 'Grey's Anatomy' (2.1/8, 8.08M), 'Scandal' (1.2/4, 5M), and 'How to Get Away with Murder' (1.0/4, 3.88M). NBC's top airing was 'Will and Grace' (1.8/6, 6.72M), and on FOX, 'The Orville' (1.0/4, 3.37M) narrowly edged out 'Gotham' (0.9/3, 2.75M). Finally, on the CW, 'Supernatural' premiered its 13th season to 2.1 million viewers, it's highest numbers since last season's premiere (2.15M); and 'Arrow' premiered its sixth season to 1.52 million - its lowest number for a premiere yet.

On Friday, CBS claimed victory in both the 18-49s (0.9/4) and in total viewers (8.08 million), NBC was second (0.7/4, 3.45M). CBS's lineup: 'MacGyver' (0.8/4, 6.74M), 'Hawaii Five-0' (1.0/4, 8.51M), and 'Blue Bloods' (0.9/4, 8.98M) led every hour of primetime. A 2-hour 'Dateline' (0.9/4, 4.9M) was enough to push NBC to second for the 9pm hour and 10pm hour. The CW premiered new seasons of 'Jane the Virgin' (0.3/1, 681,000) and 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' (0.2/1, 624,000), both of which continue to push the downward ratings limits for broadcast television.

On Saturday,  NBC's 'Saturday Night Live' averaged a 2.01 18-49 rating and approximately 7.001 million viewers. Last year's week 3 airing found 7.854 million. ABC's 'Saturday Night Football' between Utah and USC had a 1.98 household rating, a 0.8 18-49 rating (1.072 million in that demo), and 3.192 million viewers. ABC's 12pm game between Michigan and Indiana had a 2.68 household rating, 1.492 million adults 18-49, and 4.122 million total viewers. ABC's 4pm game between Georgia Tech and Miami averaged a 2.13 household rating, 1.255 million adults 18-49, and 3.38 million total viewers.

On Sunday, NBC's coverage of 'Sunday Night Football', between the New York Giants and Denver Broncos, propelled it to a daily win in both the 18-49s (4.9/16) and total viewers (14.11 million). 'Sunday Night Football' averaged a 5.6/19 18-49 rating/share, a 9.4 household rating, and 16.16 million total viewers.  In New York City, the game had 1.32 million viewers, and in Denver, the game had 972,000 viewers. CBS's 4pm NFL Football coverage averaged a 12.01 household rating across the country and 20.59 million viewers, and their 1pm NFL Football coverage had a 6.62 household rating and 10.94 million viewers. At 1pm, FOX's NFL Football coverage had a 9.39 household rating and 16.2 million viewers. The top non-sports telecast in primetime was CBS's '60 Minutes' which averaged a 2.3/8 18-49 rating and 13.34 million viewers. 

Broadcast finals: household (HH) data not available for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday
60 MinutesSun-1.42.27/83.213.339
America's Funniest Home VideosSun-0.50.9/31.14.405
American HousewifeWed3.1/50.8/41.41/51.9/65.024
Blue BloodsFri-0.40.92/41.48.980
Bob's BurgersSun-1.01.12/41.22.432
Brooklyn Nine-NineTue1.1/20.4/20.69/20.8/21.681
Chicago FireThu4.0/80.6/31.12/41.5/56.157
Chicago PDWed3.9/70.7/41.18/51.5/56.072
Crazy Ex-GirlfriendFri-0.20.20/10.30.624
Criminal MindsWed3.8/70.7/41.07/41.5/55.865
D.C.'s Legends of TomorrowTue1.1/20.4/20.57/20.7/21.711
Dancing with the StarsMon5.9/100.8/41.5/51.8/59.246
Designated SurvivorWed3.0/60.5/30.89/41.2/44.614
Family GuySun-0.91.20/41.32.537
Fresh Off the BoatTue2.5/40.6/31.11/41.5/54.076
Great NewsThu2.7/50.4/20.99/31.4/44.226
Grey's AnatomyThu5.3/91.6/82.13/82.6/88.078
Hawaii Five-0Fri-0.51.01/41.58.514
Hell's KitchenFri-0.50.80/41.02.874
How to Get Away with MurderThu2.7/50.7/30.98/41.2/43.877
Jane the VirginFri-0.30.23/10.30.681
Kevin (Probably) Saves the WorldTue2.4/50.4/20.80/31.1/43.609
Kevin Can WaitMon3.8/60.6/21.26/41.9/56.014
Law & Order True CrimeTue3.2/60.7/41.06/41.4/54.718
Law & Order: SVUWed3.8/70.8/41.247/51.6/55.790
Lethal WeaponTue2.4/40.6/30.97/41.3/43.889
Madam SecretarySun-0.40.72/31.26.361
Marvels InhumansFri-0.30.42/30.82.302
Me, Myself, and IMon2.7/50.4/20.9/31.3/44.325
Modern FamilyWed3.7/61.1/51.82/72.4/76.272
NCIS: Los AngelesSun-0.61.12/41.78.650
NCIS: New OrleansTue6.0/110.5/31.03/41.7/69.521
Once Upon a TimeFri-0.50.54/30.92.740
Seal TeamWed4.9/80.8/41.21/41.7/58.019
Shark TankSun-0.71.06/41.54.639
Sunday Night FootballSun-4.55.6/196.416.158
Ten Days in the ValleySun-0.20.4/20.72.620
The Big Bang TheoryMon7.8/131.4/72.89/114.2/1313.134
The BlacklistWed3.7/70.5/30.97/41.4/45.792
The BraveMon3.2/60.5/31.13/41.5/55.139
The ExorcistFri-0.30.41/20.51.350
The FlashTue1.7/30.8/41.05/41.2/42.844
The GiftedMon2.4/40.9/41.23/41.5/43.794
The GoldbergsWed3.4/60.8/41.49/62.1/75.663
The Good DoctorMon6.9/131.3/61.98/72.6/810.689
The Good PlaceThu2.5/40.7/31.21/41.6/54.045
The Last Man on EarthSun-0.60.81/31.01.956
The MayorTue2.2/40.5/30.96/31.3/43.439
The MickTue1.4/20.5/40.76/30.9/32.243
The MiddleTue3.7/70.8/41.45/62.0/65.928
The OrvilleThu2.1/40.7/30.99/41.3/43.371
The SimpsonsSun-1.11.303/51.42.905
The Toy BoxSun-0.30.4/20.62.278
The VoiceMon6.6/111.4/62.45/83.3/910.913
The VoiceTue6.8/121.5/82.40/93.2/1011.086
This Is UsTue6.9/121.9/92.81/103.6/1111.016
Thursday Night FootballThu8.9/163.8/194.6/185.4/1714.585
Will and GraceThu4.3/70.8/41.77/62.4/76.719
Wisdom of the CrowdSun-0.61.15/41.78.036

Subdemos: not available for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday programs
American Housewife0.9/40.6/31.7/61.1/4
Brooklyn Nine-Nine0.4/20.5/20.6/20.7/3
Chicago Fire0.8/40.5/21.4/50.8/3
Chicago PD0.8/40.7/41.4/50.7/4
Criminal Minds0.8/40.5/31.3/50.9/4
D.C.'s Legends of Tomorrow0.4/20.4/20.5/20.7/2
Dancing with the Stars1.1/50.5/21.8/60.6/3
Designated Survivor0.5/20.5/31.0/40.8/3
Fresh Off the Boat0.6/30.7/41.2/41.0/4
Great News0.5/20.3/21.2/40.8/3
Grey's Anatomy2.5/120.7/43.2/121.0/4
How to Get Away w Murder0.9/40.5/21.3/50.6/2
Kevin (Probably) Saves0.5/20.3/21.0/40.6/3
Kevin Can Wait0.6/30.5/21.4/51.1/4
Law & Order True Crime0.8/40.5/31.4/50.7/3
Law & Order: SVU1.0/50.6/31.5/51.0/4
Lethal Weapon0.6/30.6/31.0/40.9/4
Me, Myself, and I0.4/20.4/21.0/30.8/3
Modern Family1.2/60.9/52.1/71.5/6
NCIS: New Orleans0.6/30.5/31.2/40.9/4
Seal Team0.8/40.7/41.2/51.2/4
The Big Bang Theory1.6/71.3/73.1/112.7/10
The Blacklist0.6/30.4/21.0/40.9/4
The Brave0.6/30.5/21.3/41.0/4
The Flash0.7/31.0/50.9/31.2/5
The Gifted0.8/30.9/41.2/41.3/4
The Goldbergs0.8/40.7/41.7/71.3/6
The Good Doctor1.7/80.9/42.6/91.3/5
The Good Place0.8/40.6/31.4/51.1/4
The Mayor0.6/30.4/21.1/40.8/3
The Mick0.5/20.5/30.7/20.8/3
The Middle0.8/40.9/51.6/61.3/6
The Orville0.6/30.7/40.9/31.1/4
The Voice1.8/71.1/53.0/101.9/7
The Voice1.9/91.1/62.9/111.9/8
This Is Us2.6/111.3/73.8/131.8/7
Thursday Night Football2.5/125.1/263.0/116.2/24
Will and Grace1.0/40.6/32.2/81.3/5


Outside of primetime:
Good Morning AmericaABCMTWRF4.211
Today ShowNBCMTWRF4.130
CBS This MorningCBSMTWRF3.491
The Tonight ShowNBCMTWRF2.49
Late ShowCBSMTWRF3.00
Jimmy Kimmel LiveABCMTWRF2.17
Late NightNBCMTWRF1.36
Late Late ShowCBSMTWRF1.33
Last CallNBCMTWRF0.75
NFL 1 p.m. FootballCBSSun10.943
NFL 1 p.m. FootballFOXSun16.197
NFL 4 p.m. FootballCBSSun20.953

Source: Nielsen Media Research

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