Tuesday, October 17, 2017

U.S. Social Content Ratings: 9/25 - 10/1/2017

Facebook and Twitter were abuzz on premiere week. On Monday, the premiere of 'The Voice' (NBC) led the social content ratings with 361,000 unique post authors on Facebook, 38,000 unique tweet authors, and a total of 552,000 interactions. The series premiere of 'The Good Doctor' (ABC) saw 122,000 uniques on Facebook and 38,000 on Twitter, with over 285,000 interactions. Also on Monday was 'The Big Bang Theory' (CBS) which had 98,000 cumulative uniques and 131,000 interactions. 

Tuesday's 'This Is Us' (NBC) was #1 on the week in the social ratings with over 1.01 million uniques (938K Facebook/73K on Twitter), and 1.58 million interactions (1.33m/244K). Thursday's premiere of 'Will & Grace' (NBC) was second on the week with 898,000 uniques (835K Facebook/63K Twitter) and 1.34 million interactions. Third on the week was Wednesday's 'Empire' which had 706,000 uniques (667K Facebook/39K Twitter) and 1.19 million interactions. 

FX's 'American Horror Story: Cult' had 66,000 uniques (37K/29K), and 166,000 interactions (50K/115K). ABC's 'Grey's Anatomy' was 4th on the week with 491,000 total uniques (397K/94K) & 880,000 interactions (531K/349K), and 'How to Get Away with Murder' had 116,000 uniques (79K/37K) and 257,000 interactions. Finally, the season premiere of 'Saturday Night Live' did 110,000 uniques on Facebook & 86,000 on Twitter, with about 381,000 total interactions. 

Source: Nielsen Media Research

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