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U.S. Primetime Broadcast TV Ratings: 9/25 - 10/1/2017

Below are the broadcast TV ratings for the week ending October 1, 2017. The first chart includes ratings based on households (HH), adults 18-34, adults 18-49 (to two-decimal places), adults 25-54, and total viewers (presented in millions) while the second chart presents sub-demographic ratings (divided by gender) for adults 18-34 and adults 18-49. A third chart is also provided which includes persons-using-television (PUT) 18-49 data for each day of the week (except Saturdays). Note: most reruns are excluded from the chart below.

It was premiere week for most of the broadcast networks this week. On Monday, CBS led in the advertiser-friendly 18-49 demographic and in total viewers, averaging a 2.3/8 and 10.68 million viewers. It was aided by the season premiere of 'The Big Bang Theory' (4.1/16, 17.65m) and the series premiere of 'Young Sheldon' (3.8/14, 17.21m) - the second largest premiere for a comedy since 2001's 'Inside Schwartz' (11.1/29 in 18-49s, 14.1/22 in households, 22.515 million) & 2011's '2 Broke Girls' (7.1/16, 19.37m). NBC was in close second with a 2.2/8 and 9.06 million viewers, aided by 'The Voice' (2.6/9, 10.57m) and the premiere of 'The Brave' (1.3/5, 5.96m). The biggest surprise of the night was ABC's 'The Good Doctor' which put up a 2.2/8 in the 18-49s and 11.2 million viewers.

On Tuesday, NBC dominated the night, putting up a 2.8/11 in the 18-49 demo and 10 million viewers. The season premiere of the hit drama 'This Is Us' hit series-highs in the 18-49 demo (3.9/14) and in total viewers (12.94m). With a 3 day timeshift  'This Is Us' rose to a 5.7 18-49 rating and 17.79m viewers. 'The Voice' (2.7/11, 10.94m) was no slacker either. With its older-skewing lineup, CBS was second on the night in 18-49s (1.3/5), but led in total viewers with 10.7m. The season premieres of 'NCIS' (1.6/7, 13.29m), 'Bull' (1.3/5, 10.06m), and 'NCIS: New Orleans' (1.0/4, 8.78m) rounded out CBS's night. 

On Wednesday, FOX led all of the broadcast networks in the coveted 18-49 demo (2.1/8), and CBS again won in total viewers (8.4 million). FOX was fueled by the season premieres of 'Empire' (2.4/10, 7.06m) and 'Star' (1.8/7, 5.4 million), while CBS was fueled by the premieres of 'Survivor' (1.8/6, 8.34m), 'Seal Team' (1.5/6, 9.88m), and 'Criminal Minds' (1.3/5, 7 million). 

On Thursday, CBS's 'Thursday Night Football' reigned supreme, bringing in a monster 4.8/20 adults 18-49 rating and 14.61 million total viewers. 28% of all men 18-34 who were watching television at that time were watching the game. The story; however, was the series/season premiere of NBC's revamped 'Will & Grace' which dominated everything else on the night. 'Will & Grace' had an unrounded 2.996/11 adults 18-49 rating/share and 10 million live viewers. The viewership figure increased to 14.79m with 3 day timeshift, which actually eclipsed football's 14.73m. In the overnight households, the show did a 7.9/13 in New York, a 9.3/14 in Los Angeles, and a 7.8/13 in Chicago.

On Friday, CBS won in the 18-49 bracket and in total viewers, averaging a 1.0/5 rating/share, and 8.46 million viewers. It premiered new seasons of 'MacGyver' (0.8/4, 6.69m), 'Hawaii Five-0' (1.0/5, 8.64m), and 'Blue Bloods' (1.1/5, 10.04m). ABC saw the series premiere of 'Marvel's Inhumans' (0.9/4, 3.75m), and FOX saw the premiere of 'Exorcist' (0.5/2, 1.58m), both of which flopped. 

On Saturday, 'Saturday Night Live' premiered its new season to the tune of 7.02 million viewers with 1.91 million in the 18-49 bracket. The viewership was down from last year's premiere (8.3 million), but still a high mark for the show. 

On Sunday, NBC easily won the night with help from 'Sunday Night Football' (5.8/21, 16.73m). Of all males 18-34 watching television, 29% were watching the game, and 27% of males 18-49 were watching. FOX saw the premieres of 'Bob's Burgers' (1.3/5, 2.93m), 'The Simpsons' (1.4/5, 3.26m), 'Ghosted' (1.4/5, 3.58m), 'Family Guy' (1.3/4, 2.8m), and 'The Last Man on Earth' (0.9/3, 2.28m). Other premieres of the night included ABC's 'Ten Days in the Valley' (0.5/2, 3.44m), and CBS's 'Wisdom of the Crowd' (1.3/5, 8.83m).

Broadcast finals:
60 MinutesSun7.6/131.3/72.09/82.9/912.459
American HousewifeWed3.5/60.9/41.60/62.2/75.658
Blue BloodsFri6.2/120.5/31.15/51.8/710.039
Bob's BurgersSun1.7/31.1/61.27/51.4/42.930
Brooklyn Nine-NineTue1.2/20.6/30.74/30.9/31.996
Celebrity Family FeudTue3.9/70.8/41.31/51.8/66.072
Chicago FireThu4.6/90.8/41.47/61.9/67.189
Chicago PDWed3.9/80.8/41.296/51.6/56.114
Criminal MindsWed4.4/90.7/41.32/51.9/67.002
Dancing with the StarsMon5.6/91.0/31.36/61.8/58.668
Dancing with the StarsTue4.8/90.8/41.18/41.6/57.215
Designated SurvivorWed3.5/70.6/41.13/51.5/55.498
Family GuySun1.7/31.1/51.27/41.5/42.796
Great NewsThu3.3/60.6/31.33/51.7/55.153
Grey's Anatomy (2 hours)Thu5.2/91.9/102.34/92.8/98.071
Hawaii Five-0Fri5.3/100.5/31.04/51.7/68.641
Hell's KitchenFri1.8/40.5/40.88/41.2/53.017
How to Get Away w/ MurderThu2.7/50.8/41.05/41.3/43.964
Kevin Can WaitMon6.1/101.2/52.34/83.4/910.259
Law & Order True CrimeTue3.9/71.0/51.64/72.1/76.061
Law & Order: SVUWed3.6/60.9/41.42/51.9/65.640
Lethal WeaponTue2.7/50.7/41.18/51.5/54.369
Marvel's InhumansFri2.4/50.4/20.85/41.2/53.752
Me, Myself, and IMon4.5/80.8/41.63/52.4/77.455
Modern FamilyWed4.2/71.2/62.12/82.8/97.007
NCIS: Los AngelesSun5.6/100.7/31.26/41.9/58.946
NCIS: New OrleansTue5.6/110.6/31.01/41.6/58.779
NFL Football-CBS 4pmSun9.1/194.0/224.9/225.8/2115.591
Penn & Teller: Fool UsMon0.6/10.2/10.25/10.3/10.924
Penn & Teller: Fool UsThu1.0/20.3/10.40/20.5/21.659
Seal TeamWed6.0/100.7/41.52/62.2/79.875
Shark TankSun3.0/50.8/41.28/41.7/55.115
So You Think You Can DanceMon1.2/20.4/20.54/20.7/21.910
Sunday Night FootballSun9.6/174.7/225.80/216.6/2016.731
Ten Days in the ValleySun2.3/50.3/20.54/20.8/33.443
The Big Bang TheoryMon10.5/182.1/114.09/165.8/1817.653
The BlacklistWed4.0/70.6/31.13/51.6/56.388
The BraveMon3.8/70.7/31.33/51.7/55.598
The ExorcistFri0.9/20.3/20.48/20.6/21.581
The GoldbergsWed3.7/70.9/51.82/82.4/86.197
The Good Doctor Mon7.2/131.6/82.19/82.7/811.216
The Good PlaceThu2.9/50.9/41.35/51.7/54.669
The Last Man on EarthSun1.4/20.6/30.88/31.1/32.281
The MickTue1.6/30.7/30.89/31.1/32.666
The OrvilleThu2.3/40.7/31.05/41.3/43.698
The SimpsonsSun1.9/31.2/61.37/51.6/53.261
The Toy BoxSun1.4/30.3/10.41/20.5/22.179
The VoiceMon6.4/111.8/82.63/93.3/1010.570
The VoiceTue6.6/121.8/102.69/113.5/1110.934
This is UsTue7.9/142.6/133.91/144.9/1412.936
Thursday Night FootballThu8.9/174.0/214.80/205.6/1914.610
Whose Line Is It Anyway?Thu0.6/10.2/10.25/10.4/10.993
Will & GraceThu6.4/111.5/73.00/113.9/1210.013
Wisdom of the CrowdSun5.5/90.8/41.34/51.9/58.828
Young SheldonMon10.0/171.9/93.82/145.5/1617.209

60 MinutesSun1.6/81.0/52.4/91.7/7
American HousewifeWed0.7/41.1/51.2/52.0/7
Blue BloodsFri0.5/30.6/41.0/51.3/5
Bob's BurgersSun1.3/70.9/51.5/61.0/4
Brooklyn Nine-NineTue0.6/30.6/20.7/30.7/2
Celebrity Family FeudTue0.6/41.0/51.1/41.5/6
Chicago FireThu0.6/31.1/51.1/41.8/7
Chicago PDWed0.7/40.9/51.1/51.5/6
Criminal MindsWed0.6/30.9/51.1/51.5/6
Dancing with the StarsMon0.6/31.3/60.8/31.9/6
Dancing with the StarsTue0.5/31.1/50.8/31.6/5
Designated SurvivorWed0.6/40.7/31.0/41/3/05
Family GuySun1.2/60.9/41.6/50.9/3
Great NewsThu0.5/20.8/31.0/41.7/6
Grey's Anatomy (2 hours)Thu1.0/52.9/141.2/53.5/13
Hawaii Five-0Fri0.5/30.6/40.9/41.1/5
Hell's KitchenFri0.5/30.6/40.7/41.0/5
How to Get Away w/ MurderThu0.5/31.1/50.7/31.4/5
Kevin Can WaitMon1.1/51.3/62.1/72.5/8
Law & Order True CrimeTue0.7/41.3/61.1/52.1/8
Law & Order: SVUWed0.6/41.1/51.2/51.7/6
Lethal WeaponTue0.6/40.7/41.1/51.3/5
Marvel's InhumansFri0.4/30.4/20.8/40.9/4
Me, Myself, and IMon0.8/40.9/41.5/51.8/6
Modern FamilyWed1.0/61.4/61.7/72.5/9
NCIS: Los AngelesSun0.8/40.7/31.3/41.3/4
NCIS: New OrleansTue0.5/30.7/30.9/41.1/4
Penn & Teller: Fool UsMon0.1/10.2/10.3/10.2/1
Penn & Teller: Fool UsThu0.2/10.3/10.4/20.4/1
Seal TeamWed0.6/30.8/41.5/61.6/5
Shark TankSun0.9/40.8/31.3/41.3/4
So You Think You Can DanceMon0.2/10.5/20.4/10.7/2
Sunday Night FootballSun6.1/293.2/157.6/274.0/15
Ten Days in the ValleySun0.3/20.3/20.5/20.6/2
The Big Bang TheoryMon1.9/112.4/113.7/144.5/17
The BlacklistWed0.5/30.6/31.1/51.2/5
The BraveMon0.5/30.8/41.1/41.5/5
The ExorcistFri0.3/20.4/20.4/20.6/2
The GoldbergsWed0.8/51.1/61.6/72.0/8
The Good Doctor Mon1.2/62.1/101.5/62.8/10
The Good PlaceThu0.7/41.1/51.1/41.6/6
The Last Man on EarthSun0.7/30.6/21.1/40.7/2
The MickTue0.6/30.8/30.8/30.9/3
The OrvilleThu0.8/40.5/21.3/50.8/3
The SimpsonsSun1.4/70.9/41.7/61.0/4
The Toy BoxSun0.2/10.3/10.4/20.4/2
The VoiceMon1.3/72.3/102.0/73.3/11
The VoiceTue1.3/82.3/111.9/83.5/13
This is UsTue1.7/93.5/152.4/105.3/18
Thursday Night FootballThu5.1/282.9/156.2/263.4/14
Whose Line Is It Anyway?Thu0.1/10.2/10.2/10.3/1
Will & GraceThu1.3/61.7/72.3/83.7/13
Wisdom of the CrowdSun0.9/40.7/31.4/51.3/4
Young SheldonMon1.7/92.1/93.5/134.1/14


Outside of primetime:
Good Morning AmericaABCMTWRF4.194
Today ShowNBCMTWRF4.146
CBS This MorningCBSMTWRF3.546
The Tonight ShowNBCMTWRF2.54
Late ShowCBSMTWRF3.02
Jimmy Kimmel LiveABCMTWRF2.30
Late NightNBCMTWRF1.36
Late Late ShowCBSMTWRF1.32
Last CallNBCMTWRF0.76
NFL Football LondonFOXSun6.403
NFL 1 p.m. FootballCBSSun11.700
NFL 1 p.m. FootballFOXSun20.056
NFL 4 p.m. FootballCBSSun15.591

Source: Nielsen Media Research

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