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U.S. Primetime Broadcast TV Ratings: 9/25 - 10/1/2017

Ratings highlights for the week of September 25, 2017 - October 1, 2017 in the US.

It was premiere week for most of the broadcast networks this week. On Monday, CBS led in the advertiser-friendly 18-49 demographic and in total viewers, averaging a 2.3/8 and 10.68 million viewers. It was aided by the season premiere of 'The Big Bang Theory' (4.1/16, 17.65m) and the series premiere of 'Young Sheldon' (3.8/14, 17.21m) - the second largest premiere for a comedy since 2001's 'Inside Schwartz' (11.1/29 in 18-49s, 14.1/22 in households, 22.515 million) & 2011's '2 Broke Girls' (7.1/16, 19.37m). NBC was in close second with a 2.2/8 and 9.06 million viewers, aided by 'The Voice' (2.6/9, 10.57m) and the premiere of 'The Brave' (1.3/5, 5.96m). The biggest surprise of the night was ABC's 'The Good Doctor' which put up a 2.2/8 in the 18-49s and 11.2 million viewers.

On Tuesday, NBC dominated the night, putting up a 2.8/11 in the 18-49 demo and 10 million viewers. The season premiere of the hit drama 'This Is Us' hit series-highs in the 18-49 demo (3.9/14) and in total viewers (12.94m). With a 3 day timeshift  'This Is Us' rose to a 5.7 18-49 rating and 17.79m viewers. 'The Voice' (2.7/11, 10.94m) was no slacker either. With its older-skewing lineup, CBS was second on the night in 18-49s (1.3/5), but led in total viewers with 10.7m. The season premieres of 'NCIS' (1.6/7, 13.29m), 'Bull' (1.3/5, 10.06m), and 'NCIS: New Orleans' (1.0/4, 8.78m) rounded out CBS's night. 

On Wednesday, FOX led all of the broadcast networks in the coveted 18-49 demo (2.1/8), and CBS again won in total viewers (8.4 million). FOX was fueled by the season premieres of 'Empire' (2.4/10, 7.06m) and 'Star' (1.8/7, 5.4 million), while CBS was fueled by the premieres of 'Survivor' (1.8/6, 8.34m), 'Seal Team' (1.5/6, 9.88m), and 'Criminal Minds' (1.3/5, 7 million). 

On Thursday, CBS's 'Thursday Night Football' reigned supreme, bringing in a monster 4.8/20 adults 18-49 rating and 14.61 million total viewers. 28% of all men 18-34 who were watching television at that time were watching the game. The story; however, was the series/season premiere of NBC's revamped 'Will & Grace' which dominated everything else on the night. 'Will & Grace' had an unrounded 2.996/11 adults 18-49 rating/share and 10 million live viewers. The viewership figure increased to 14.79m with 3 day timeshift, which actually eclipsed football's 14.73m. In the overnight households, the show did a 7.9/13 in New York, a 9.3/14 in Los Angeles, and a 7.8/13 in Chicago.

On Friday, CBS won in the 18-49 bracket and in total viewers, averaging a 1.0/5 rating/share, and 8.46 million viewers. It premiered new seasons of 'MacGyver' (0.8/4, 6.69m), 'Hawaii Five-0' (1.0/5, 8.64m), and 'Blue Bloods' (1.1/5, 10.04m). ABC saw the series premiere of 'Marvel's Inhumans' (0.9/4, 3.75m), and FOX saw the premiere of 'Exorcist' (0.5/2, 1.58m), both of which flopped. 

On Saturday, 'Saturday Night Live' premiered its new season to the tune of 7.02 million viewers with 1.91 million in the 18-49 bracket. The viewership was down from last year's premiere (8.3 million), but still a high mark for the show. 

On Sunday, NBC easily won the night with help from 'Sunday Night Football' (5.8/21, 16.73m). Of all males 18-34 watching television, 29% were watching the game, and 27% of males 18-49 were watching. FOX saw the premieres of 'Bob's Burgers' (1.3/5, 2.93m), 'The Simpsons' (1.4/5, 3.26m), 'Ghosted' (1.4/5, 3.58m), 'Family Guy' (1.3/4, 2.8m), and 'The Last Man on Earth' (0.9/3, 2.28m). Other premieres of the night included ABC's 'Ten Days in the Valley' (0.5/2, 3.44m), and CBS's 'Wisdom of the Crowd' (1.3/5, 8.83m).

Table 1: Households, 18-49, and total viewership. Live +SD and 3 day time-shift info
Program TitleChannelDateHH18-49
P2+ (SD)
P2+ (L+3)
Dancing with the StarsABC9/25/175.6/91.36/61.658.66810.092
The Good Doctor ABC9/25/177.2/132.19/83.7211.21616.855
The Big Bang TheoryCBS9/25/1710.5/184.09/165.5017.65322.022
Young SheldonCBS9/25/1710.0/173.82/145.1817.20921.498
Kevin Can WaitCBS9/25/176.1/102.34/82.8710.25912.032
Me, Myself, and ICBS9/25/174.5/81.63/52.027.4558.820
The VoiceNBC9/25/176.4/112.63/93.2610.57012.722
So You Think You Can DanceFOX9/25/171.2/20.54/20.701.9102.475
Penn & Teller: Fool UsCW9/25/170.6/10.25/10.300.9241.115
Celebrity Family FeudABC9/26/173.9/71.31/51.446.0726.601
Dancing with the StarsABC9/26/174.8/91.18/41.487.2158.621
NCIS: New OrleansCBS9/26/175.6/111.01/41.518.77911.724
The VoiceNBC9/26/176.6/122.69/113.1310.93412.616
This is UsNBC9/26/177.9/143.91/145.6812.93617.786
Law & Order True CrimeNBC9/26/173.9/71.64/72.256.0617.875
Lethal WeaponFOX9/26/172.7/51.18/51.724.3696.370
The MickFOX9/26/171.6/30.89/31.342.6663.719
Brooklyn Nine-NineFOX9/26/171.2/20.74/31.201.9962.859
The GoldbergsABC9/27/173.7/71.82/82.336.1977.451
Modern FamilyABC9/27/174.2/72.12/83.167.0079.656
American HousewifeABC9/27/173.5/61.60/62.235.6587.338
Designated SurvivorABC9/27/173.5/71.13/52.085.4989.735
Seal TeamCBS9/27/176.0/101.52/62.189.87513.159
Criminal MindsCBS9/27/174.4/91.32/52.167.00210.251
The BlacklistNBC9/27/174.0/71.13/51.666.3888.705
Law & Order: SVUNBC9/27/173.6/61.42/52.125.6407.909
Chicago PDNBC9/27/173.9/81.296/52.016.1149.207
Grey's Anatomy (2 hours)ABC9/28/175.2/92.34/93.548.07111.152
How to Get Away w/ MurderABC9/28/172.7/51.05/42.003.9646.442
Thursday Night FootballCBS9/28/178.9/174.80/204.8214.61014.726
The Good PlaceNBC9/28/172.9/51.35/51.954.6696.154
Will & GraceNBC9/28/176.4/113.00/114.6010.01314.790
Great NewsNBC9/28/173.3/61.33/51.525.1535.821
Chicago FireNBC9/28/174.6/91.47/62.367.18910.673
The OrvilleFOX9/28/172.3/41.05/41.823.6986.091
Penn & Teller: Fool UsCW9/28/171.0/20.40/20.451.6591.808
Whose Line Is It Anyway?CW9/28/170.6/10.25/10.320.9931.234
Marvel's InhumansABC9/29/172.4/50.85/41.303.7525.133
Hawaii Five-0CBS9/29/175.3/101.04/51.648.64111.346
Blue BloodsCBS9/29/176.2/121.15/51.7410.03913.911
Hell's KitchenFOX9/29/171.8/40.88/41.223.0173.968
The ExorcistFOX9/29/170.9/20.48/20.681.5812.221
The Toy BoxABC10/1/171.4/30.41/20.442.1792.263
Shark TankABC10/1/173.0/51.28/41.595.1155.967
Ten Days in the ValleyABC10/1/172.3/50.54/20.773.4434.294
60 MinutesCBS10/1/177.6/132.09/82.1412.45912.786
Wisdom of the CrowdCBS10/1/175.5/91.34/51.598.82810.154
NCIS: Los AngelesCBS10/1/175.6/101.26/41.698.94611.305
Sunday Night FootballNBC10/1/179.6/175.80/215.8216.73116.791
Bob's BurgersFOX10/1/171.7/31.27/51.592.9303.465
The SimpsonsFOX10/1/171.9/31.37/51.623.2613.768
Family GuyFOX10/1/171.7/31.27/41.692.7963.565
The Last Man on EarthFOX10/1/171.4/20.88/31.202.2813.101
Source: Nielsen Media Research, Programming Insider, Rick Kissell

Table 2: 18-34 and 18-49 gender breakdowns, and adults 25-54 rating and share.
Program TitleChannelDateMen
Dancing with the StarsABC9/25/170.6/31.3/60.8/31.9/61.8/5
The Good Doctor ABC9/25/171.2/62.1/101.5/62.8/102.7/8
The Big Bang TheoryCBS9/25/171.9/112.4/113.7/144.5/175.8/18
Young SheldonCBS9/25/171.7/92.1/93.5/134.1/145.5/16
Kevin Can WaitCBS9/25/171.1/51.3/62.1/72.5/83.4/9
Me, Myself, and ICBS9/25/170.8/40.9/41.5/51.8/62.4/7
The VoiceNBC9/25/171.3/72.3/102.0/73.3/113.3/10
So You Think You Can DanceFOX9/25/170.2/10.5/20.4/10.7/20.7/2
Penn & Teller: Fool UsCW9/25/170.1/10.2/10.3/10.2/10.3/1
Celebrity Family FeudABC9/26/170.6/41.0/51.1/41.5/61.8/6
Dancing with the StarsABC9/26/170.5/31.1/50.8/31.6/51.6/5
NCIS: New OrleansCBS9/26/170.5/30.7/30.9/41.1/41.6/5
The VoiceNBC9/26/171.3/82.3/111.9/83.5/133.5/11
This is UsNBC9/26/171.7/93.5/152.4/105.3/184.9/14
Law & Order True CrimeNBC9/26/170.7/41.3/61.1/52.1/82.1/7
Lethal WeaponFOX9/26/170.6/40.7/41.1/51.3/51.5/5
The MickFOX9/26/170.6/30.8/30.8/30.9/31.1/3
Brooklyn Nine-NineFOX9/26/170.6/30.6/20.7/30.7/20.9/3
The GoldbergsABC9/27/170.8/51.1/61.6/72.0/82.4/8
Modern FamilyABC9/27/171.0/61.4/61.7/72.5/92.8/9
American HousewifeABC9/27/170.7/41.1/51.2/52.0/72.2/7
Designated SurvivorABC9/27/170.6/40.7/31.0/41/3/51.5/5
Seal TeamCBS9/27/170.6/30.8/41.5/61.6/52.2/7
Criminal MindsCBS9/27/170.6/30.9/51.1/51.5/61.9/6
The BlacklistNBC9/27/170.5/30.6/31.1/51.2/51.6/5
Law & Order: SVUNBC9/27/170.6/41.1/51.2/51.7/61.9/6
Chicago PDNBC9/27/170.7/40.9/51.1/51.5/61.6/5
Grey's Anatomy (2 hours)ABC9/28/171.0/52.9/141.2/53.5/132.8/9
How to Get Away w/ MurderABC9/28/170.5/31.1/50.7/31.4/51.3/4
Thursday Night FootballCBS9/28/175.1/282.9/156.2/263.4/145.6/19
The Good PlaceNBC9/28/170.7/41.1/51.1/41.6/61.7/5
Will & GraceNBC9/28/171.3/61.7/72.3/83.7/133.9/12
Great NewsNBC9/28/170.5/20.8/31.0/41.7/61.7/5
Chicago FireNBC9/28/170.6/31.1/51.1/41.8/71.9/6
The OrvilleFOX9/28/170.8/40.5/21.3/50.8/31.3/4
Penn & Teller: Fool UsCW9/28/170.2/10.3/10.4/20.4/10.5/2
Whose Line Is It Anyway?CW9/28/170.1/10.2/10.2/10.3/10.4/1
Marvel's InhumansABC9/29/170.4/30.4/20.8/40.9/41.2/5
Hawaii Five-0CBS9/29/170.5/30.6/40.9/41.1/51.7/6
Blue BloodsCBS9/29/170.5/30.6/41.0/51.3/51.8/7
Hell's KitchenFOX9/29/170.5/30.6/40.7/41.0/51.2/5
The ExorcistFOX9/29/170.3/20.4/20.4/20.6/20.6/2
The Toy BoxABC10/1/170.2/10.3/10.4/20.4/20.5/2
Shark TankABC10/1/170.9/40.8/31.3/41.3/41.7/5
Ten Days in the ValleyABC10/1/170.3/20.3/20.5/20.6/20.8/3
60 MinutesCBS10/1/171.6/81.0/52.4/91.7/72.9/9
Wisdom of the CrowdCBS10/1/170.9/40.7/31.4/51.3/41.9/5
NCIS: Los AngelesCBS10/1/170.8/40.7/31.3/41.3/41.9/5
Sunday Night FootballNBC10/1/176.1/293.2/157.6/274.0/156.6/20
Bob's BurgersFOX10/1/171.3/70.9/51.5/61.0/41.4/4
The SimpsonsFOX10/1/171.4/70.9/41.7/61.0/41.6/5
Family GuyFOX10/1/171.2/60.9/41.6/50.9/31.5/4
The Last Man on EarthFOX10/1/170.7/30.6/21.1/40.7/21.1/3
Source: Nielsen Media Research, Programming Insider

Table 3: Persons 18-49 using television (%)
Source: Rick Kissell

Table 4: Outside of primetime
Show Channel Day Viewers
Good Morning America ABC MTWRF 4.194
Today Show NBC MTWRF 4.146
CBS This Morning CBS MTWRF 3.546
The Tonight Show NBC MTWRF 2.54
Late Show CBS MTWRF 3.02
Jimmy Kimmel Live ABC MTWRF 2.30
Late Night NBC MTWRF 1.36
Late Late Show CBS MTWRF 1.32
Nightline ABC MTWRF 1.46
Last Call NBC MTWRF 0.76
NFL Football London FOX Sun 6.403
NFL 1 p.m. Football CBS Sun 11.700
NFL 1 p.m. Football FOX Sun 20.056
NFL 4 p.m. Football CBS Sun 15.591

Source: Nielsen Media Research

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