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U.S. Primetime Broadcast TV Ratings: 10/2 - 10/8/2017

Ratings highlights for the week of October 2, 2017 - October 8, 2017 in the US.

On Monday, NBC won the evening in the 18-49 demo (2.1/7), and ABC won in total viewers (9.68 million). NBC was bumped up by 'The Voice' (2.6/9, 11.04M), while ABC was enjoyed success from its new hit drama 'The Good Doctor' (2.2/8, 10.93M). On CBS, everything that aired after 'The Big Bang Theory' (3.2/12, 14.06M) fell completely flat. The new comedy series '9JKL' lost more than 50% of 'Big Bang's' 18-49 demo (3.15 vs. 1.56), and lost almost 6 million viewers - notching 8.21 million for its premiere. Fox saw the season premieres of both 'Lucifer' and 'The Gifted'. 'The Gifted' (1.5/5, 4.9M) surprisingly gained almost 35% of it's 'Lucifer' (1.1/4, 3.92M) lead-in. 

On Tuesday, NBC won in the 18-49s (2.2/8), and CBS won in total viewers (11.18M). 'This Is Us' (3.1/11, 11.06M) dominated the night in the demo, and in females 18-49, it had a huge 4.3/15 (2.9/13 in females 18-34). 'The Voice', which preceded it, was second on the night in the demo (2.3/9, 10.42M). CBS's older skewing lineup may not have had big 18-49 figures, but together, they propelled the network to #1 in households (7.0/13) and total viewers. 'NCIS' (1.4/6, 13.5M) led off the night, followed by 'Bull' (1.2/4, 10.79M), and 'NCIS: New Orleans' (1.0/4, 9.23M). ABC's Tuesday comedy lineup all premiered well, led by the season 9 bow of 'The Middle' (1.6/7, 6.21M), the season 4 bows of 'blackish' (1.5/5, 4.71M) and 'Fresh Off the Boat' (1.4/5, 4.51M). The series premieres of both 'The Mayor' (1.2/4, 4.08M) and 'Kevin (Probably) Saves the World' were flat (1.0/4, 4.17M). 

On Wednesday, FOX won in the 18-49s, and CBS won in total viewers. Both 'Empire' (1.9/8, 5.89M) and 'Star' (1.4/5, 4.56M) propelled FOX to the top in the demo, while 'Survivor' (1.6/7, 8.15M), 'Seal Team' (1.2/5, 8.39M), and 'Criminal Minds' (1.1/5, 6.17M) pushed CBS to a daily win in viewership. ABC's Wednesday comedy lineup faired well in its second week. To lead off was 'The Goldbergs' (1.6/7, 5.79M), followed by 'Speechless' (1.3/5, 4.55M), 'Modern Family' (1.9/7, 6.36M), and 'American Housewife' (1.4/5, 4.96M). 'Designated Survivor' lost a 0.5 of its 'Housewife' lead-in, down to 0.9/4, with 4.8 million viewers. On NBC, 'The Blacklist' was at 1.0/4 & 5.87M in week 2. 

On Thursday, CBS's 'Thursday Night Football' propelled the network to a nightly win in both the 18-49s (4.6/18) and total viewers (14.29 million). The game itself drew a huge 5.0/20 rating in the 18-49 demo, and in males 18-49, that number was even higher at 6.6/26 (it did an 8.6/16 in households). It averaged 15.43 million viewers over its 3 hours, and 15% of all adults aged 50+ whom were watching TV, had the game on. Among the networks airing scripted programming, ABC's Shondaland lineup edged out NBC's comedy lineup in both 18-49s (1.5/6) and viewers (5.82M). It was powered by 'Grey's Anatomy' (2.1/8, 8.06M), the final season premiere of 'Scandal' (1.4/5, 5.52M), and 'How to Get Away with Murder' (0.9/3, 3.88M). On NBC, 'Will & Grace' (2.0/7, 7.14M) led the night, and both 'Superstore' (1.2/5, 4.45M) and 'The Good Place' (1.2/5, 4.17M) held up well. 'Great News' (1.0/4, 3.85M) is approaching marginal status. 

On Friday, CBS led in both the demo (1.0/4) and viewership (8.92). 'Hawaii Five-0' (1.1/4, 8.53M) led all shows in 18-49s, and 'Blue Bloods' (1.0/4, 9.49M) led the night in the total viewers. 'MacGyver' was at 0.8/4 and 6.38M. On FOX, 'Hells Kitchen' (0.9/4, 2.8M) narrowly beat out the time period debut of ABC's 'Once Upon a Time' (0.7/3, 3.26M). At 9pm, ABC's 'Marvel's Inhumans' (0.7/3,  2.78M) had a healthy lead over FOX's 'The Exorcist' (0.4/2, 1.36M). NBC's 'Dateline' (1.0/4, 5.67M) edged out ABC's '20/20' (0.7/3, 3.13M).

On Saturday,  NBC's 'Saturday Night Live' was the only notable airing of the night. It notched a 1.76 18-49 rating and was seen by 6.802 million viewers. 

On Sunday, NBC's 'Sunday Night Football' paved the way for a nightly win in both the 18-49s (5.0/17) and total viewers (12.32M). The game had a 5.8/20 in the 18-49 demo, a 27% share in males 18-49, a 9.5 household rating, and 16.53 million total viewers. 'NFL Overrun' on FOX (7pm - 7:39pm) actually averaged the highest ratings (7.4/28) and highest viewership (23.69M) in primetime. On CBS, the season premiere of 'Madam Secretary' averaged a 0.8/3 in the demo and 7.21M viewers. ABC's lineup was practically invisible with 'The Toy Box' (0.4/2, 1.87M) and 'Ten Days in the Valley' (0.4/2, 2.59M); the only redeeming factor for ABC's night was 'Shark Tank' (1.1/4, 4.73M). In afternoon NFL games, FOX's 4:30pm coverage had a 13.64 household rating & 23.86 million viewers, CBS's 1:00pm coverage had a 7.83 rating & 13.18 million viewers, and FOX's 1:00pm coverage had a 7.47 rating & 12.33 million viewers.

Table 1: 18-34, 18-49, 18-49 gender breakdowns, 25-54, and total viewers.
Program TitleChannelDate18-34
P2+ (SD)
Dancing with the StarsABC10/2/171.1/51.43/50.8/32.0/71.9/59.058
The Good DoctorABC10/2/171.5/82.21/81.5/63.0/112.7/810.925
The Big Bang TheoryCBS10/2/171.6/83.15/122.8/123.5/134.6/1414.061
Kevin Can WaitCBS10/2/170.6/31.34/51.1/41.6/52.1/66.653
Me, Myself, and ICBS10/2/170.5/21.01/30.8/31.2/41.6/45.153
The VoiceNBC10/2/171.6/82.55/91.9/73.2/113.4/1011.043
The GiftedFOX10/2/171.0/41.48/51.5/51.5/51.9/54.899
The MiddleABC10/3/170.9/51.61/71.2/52.0/82.2/76.212
Fresh Off the BoatABC10/3/170.8/41.35/51.0/41.7/61.8/54.513
The MayorABC10/3/170.7/31.22/41.0/41.5/51.6/54.084
Kevin (Probably) SavesABC10/3/170.6/31.02/40.8/31.2/51.4/54.165
NCIS: New OrleansCBS10/3/170.6/31.00/40.8/31.2/41.7/59.234
The VoiceNBC10/3/171.6/82.29/91.7/72.8/113.0/1010.418
This Is UsNBC10/3/172.1/103.15/112.0/84.3/153.9/1211.061
Law & Order True CrimeNBC10/3/170.7/41.15/40.8/31.5/61.5/54.821
Lethal WeaponFOX10/3/170.6/31.08/41.1/51.1/41.4/44.099
The MickFOX10/3/170.7/30.85/30.9/30.8/31.0/32.409
Brooklyn Nine-NineFOX10/3/170.5/20.65/20.7/30.6/20.8/21.742
The GoldbergsABC10/4/170.9/51.59/71.4/61.7/72.1/75.791
Modern FamilyABC10/4/171.1/61.86/71.5/62.2/82.5/86.357
American HousewifeABC10/4/170.8/41.36/51.1/41.7/61.9/64.955
Designated SurvivorABC10/4/170.5/30.90/40.8/41.0/41.2/44.798
Seal TeamCBS10/4/170.6/31.22/51.1/51.3/51.9/68.389
Criminal MindsCBS10/4/170.6/31.11/50.9/41.3/51.7/66.169
The BlacklistNBC10/4/170.5/30.98/40.9/41.1/41.3/45.871
Law & Order: SVUNBC10/4/170.8/41.29/51.0/41.6/61.6/55.818
Chicago PDNBC10/4/170.8/41.17/50.9/41.4/51.5/56.193
Grey's AnatomyABC10/5/171.7/92.12/80.9/43.2/122.5/88.060
How to Get Away w/ M ABC10/5/170.6/30.90/30.5/21.3/51.2/43.875
Thursday Night FootballCBS10/5/174.1/215.06/206.6/263.5/135.8/1915.434
The Good PlaceNBC10/5/170.8/41.23/51.0/41.5/51.6/54.169
Will & GraceNBC10/5/171.0/52.01/71.4/52.6/92.6/87.137
Great NewsNBC10/5/170.5/21.00/40.7/21.3/41.3/43.853
Chicago FireNBC10/5/170.7/41.15/40.8/31.5/51.5/56.125
The OrvilleFOX10/5/170.5/30.91/31.1/40.8/31.2/33.431
Once Upon a TimeABC10/6/170.5/0.75/3     /2     /51.0/3.257
Marvel's InhumansABC10/6/170.4/0.75/3     /3     /31.0/2.780
20/20ABC10/6/170.4/0.74/3     /3     /41.0/3.131
MacGyverCBS10/6/170.4/0.81/4     /4     /41.2/6.384
Hawaii Five-0CBS10/6/170.6/1.07/4     /4     /51.7/8.529
Blue BloodsCBS10/6/170.5/0.98/4     /3     /51.5/9.487
DatelineNBC10/6/170.4/0.98/4     /3     /51.45.665
Hell's KitchenFOX10/6/170.5/0.86/4     /4     /41.1/2.795
The ExorcistFOX10/6/170.3/0.43/2     /2     /20.6/1.359
The Toy BoxABC10/8/170.2/0.37/2     /1     /20.5/1.872
Funniest Home VideosABC10/8/170.5/0.87/3     /3     /31.3/4.574
Shark TankABC10/8/170.7/1.07/4     /3     /41.5/4.727
Ten Days in the ValleyABC10/8/170.3/0.41/2     /1     /20.6/2.591
60 MinutesCBS10/8/170.8/1.13/4     /4     /41.8/10.243
Wisdom of the CrowdCBS10/8/170.6/0.98/4     /3     /41.4/7.836
NCIS: Los AngelesCBS10/8/170.6/1.02/4     /3     /41.5/8.458
Madam SecretaryCBS10/8/170.5/0.82/3     /3     /41.2/7.207
Sunday Night FootballNFL10/8/174.8/5.82/20     /27     /146.6/16.528
The SimpsonsFOX10/8/171.7/2.15/8     /10     /62.5/5.245
GhostedFOX10/8/171.1/1.41/5     /6     /41.7/3.582
Family GuyFOX10/8/171.2/1.41/5     /6     /31.6/3.049
The Last Man on EarthFOX10/8/170.8/0.96/4     /4     /31.1/2.233
Source: Nielsen Media Research, Programming Insider, Rick Kissell

Table 2: Persons 18-49 using television (%)
Source: Rick Kissell

Table 3: Outside of primetime
Show Channel Day Viewers
Good Morning America ABC MTWRF 4.446
Today Show NBC MTWRF 4.119
CBS This Morning CBS MTWRF 3.710
The Tonight Show NBC MTWRF 2.62
Late Show CBS MTWRF 3.04
Jimmy Kimmel Live ABC MTWRF 2.37
Late Night NBC MTWRF 1.37
Late Late Show CBS MTWRF 1.37
Nightline ABC MTWRF 1.49
Last Call NBC MTWRF 0.77
NFL 1 p.m. Football CBS Sun 13.180
NFL 1 p.m. Football FOX Sun 12.326
NFL 4 p.m. Football FOX Sun 23.859

Source: Nielsen Media Research

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