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Nielsen Ratings: Week Ending August 13, 1989

Below are the Nielsen ratings for the 47th week of the 1988-89 television broadcast season. The chart below includes viewership and both household (HH) ratings & shares for every broadcast program that aired during the week with reruns included.

Broadcast ratings:
Monday, August 7, 1989 
ALF NBC18.011.922
MacGyver ABC16.110.619
Kate & Allie CBS10.68.015
Hogan Family NBC18.512.422
Ed Begley Jr. Show CBS9.36.812
Infidelity ABC16.612.020
Murphy Brown CBS16.711.820
Six Against the Rock NBC17.011.419
Designing Women CBS18.012.721
Newhart CBS17.712.521
Married to the Mob CBS14.29.918
Tuesday, August 8, 1989 
Who's the Boss? ABC19.914.028
Matlock NBC16.111.622
The Heat CBS8.76.613
The Wonder Years ABC23.015.629
Roseanne ABC28.218.733
In the Heat of the Night NBC15.911.320
The Hostage CBS13.89.417
Coach ABC21.514.525
Midnight Caller NBC15.411.421
thirtysomething ABC12.29.117
Wednesday, August 9, 1989 
Unsolved Mysteries NBC17.412.123
Growing Pains ABC15.611.222
Smothers Brothers CBS11.47.915
Head of the Class ABC15.110.921
Night Court NBC19.313.024
Jake and the Fatman CBS16.011.721
Hooperman ABC10.57.714
Knight & Daye NBC13.29.417
Robert Guillaume Show ABC11.08.215
Fatal Addictions NBC17.913.025
China Beach ABC10.78.115
Wiseguy CBS10.37.614
Thursday, August 10, 1989 
The Cosby Show NBC20.414.430
48 Hours CBS13.39.719
A Man Called Hawk ABC6.95.210
A Different World NBC21.215.330
Cheers NBC24.617.833
Equalizer CBS11.28.315
Impossible ABC10.27.714
Dear John NBC21.515.528
L.A. Law NBC17.212.925
PrimeTime Live ABC12.19.518
Knots Landing CBS10.27.514
Friday, August 11, 1989 
Full House ABC18.312.627
On Wings of Eagles, Pt.1 NBC10.48.016
Beauty and the Beast CBS7.45.512
Mr. Belvedere ABC18.913.127
Perfect Strangers ABC18.412.525
The Sunset Strip CBS9.77.314
Just the Ten of Us ABC19.412.925
20/20 ABC19.613.827
Saturday, August 12, 1989 
Amen NBC10.57.517
Paradise CBS9.06.214
Cops Fox7.65.513
Devil and Max Devlin ABC7.15.010
13 East NBC12.69.019
The Reporters Fox5.33.98
The Golden Girls NBC20.814.530
Tour of Duty CBS8.86.012
Empty Nest NBC19.913.928
Beyond Tomorrow Fox3.42.65
West 57th CBS10.07.215
San Berdoo ABC8.96.313
Oh, Henry NBC14.510.422
Sunday, August 13, 1989 
60 Minutes CBS17.813.429
World of Disney NBC11.07.215
PGA Golf ABC9.36.715
21 Jump Street Fox7.85.411
Incredible Sunday ABC6.34.49
If Tomorrow Comes, Pt.1 CBS17.412.622
Motion Picture ABC16.09.918
America's Most Wanted Fox13.79.017
Family Ties NBC10.67.815
Totally Hidden Video Fox15.710.018
My Two Dads NBC11.78.215
Married...With Children Fox16.110.618
Wings of Eagles, Pt.2 NBC13.18.715
Tracey Ullman Show Fox9.16.411
Garry Shandling's Show Fox5.94.68
Duet Fox4.63.67

Source: USA Today

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