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Nielsen Ratings: Week Ending September 17, 1989

Below are the Nielsen ratings for the 52nd and final week of the 1988-89 television broadcast season. The chart below includes viewership and both household (HH) ratings & shares for every broadcast program that aired during the week with reruns included.

Broadcast ratings:
Monday, September 11, 1989
ALF NBC18.512.221
20th Anniversary Special ABC15.411.119
Kate & Allie CBS13.810.518
Monday Night Football ABC24.417.832
Hogan Family NBC18.912.821
Designing Women CBS13.710.217
Scandalous Scoundrel NBC18.514.023
Murphy Brown CBS18.213.321
Newhart CBS15.811.518
Designing Women CBS15.511.519
Newhart CBS13.410.319
Tuesday, September 12, 1989 
Who's the Boss? ABC22.014.825
Matlock NBC15.911.319
Rescue 911 CBS15.810.918
The Wonder Years ABC23.415.825
Roseanne ABC39.425.940
The F.B.I. Murders NBC20.213.823
Man in the Brown Suit CBS8.86.911
Chicken Soup ABC31.021.834
Life Goes On ABC23.617.229
Wednesday, September 13, 1989 
Growing Pains ABC22.114.926
Unsolved Mysteries NBC19.613.723
60 Minutes CBS11.48.715
Wolf CBS18.714.024
Just the Ten of Us ABC19.313.121
Night Court NBC15.411.218
Sneak Peek ABC17.112.120
Quantum Leap NBC11.98.615
Koppel Report ABC11.98.816
Thursday, September 14, 1989 
The Cosby Show NBC25.117.431
48 Hours CBS18.613.424
Impossible ABC12.28.615
A Different World NBC23.516.428
Cheers NBC24.317.329
Growing Up ABC8.76.611
FM NBC20.814.925
L.A. Law NBC17.313.125
PrimeTime Live ABC10.37.815
Friday, September 15, 1989 
Full House ABC20.913.828
Great Adventures CBS9.36.714
Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow NBC8.46.112
The Who Fox5.23.97
Life Goes On ABC20.412.824
Unholy Matrimony CBS13.810.220
Darkness and Dawn NBC10.57.815
20/20 ABC16.311.522
Saturday, September 16, 1989 
The Golden Girls NBC17.112.425
Paradise CBS14.99.318
Mr. Belvedere ABC10.66.814
Cops Fox7.95.711
Empty Nest NBC19.313.626
Homeroom ABC9.96.412
The Reporters Fox6.04.28
The Golden Girls NBC29.019.536
Columbo ABC11.47.614
Hot Paint CBS9.05.911
Sister Kate NBC27.919.136
Beyond Tomorrow Fox4.83.26
Miss America Pageant NBC29.620.041
Sunday, September 17, 1989 
NFL Football CBS18.713.527
World of Disney NBC11.88.215
Incredible Sunday ABC10.36.712
Live at the Emmys Fox6.74.79
60 Minutes CBS27.318.833
41st Emmy Awards Fox17.211.419
Family Ties NBC15.210.818
Prizzi's Honor ABC13.59.716
Premiere Preview CBS23.515.525
Bionic Showdown NBC15.610.417
Roxanne CBS17.611.721
Fall Preview Special ABC9.16.613

Source: USA Today

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