Sunday, October 22, 2023

Weekly Nielsen Ratings: 1963-64 TV Season

Below is a collection of scans of the Nielsen pocketpieces covering the the 1963-64 TV season. It features the complete primetime broadcast Nielsen ratings for all programs airing from September 2, 1963 through April 19, 1963. The week of Dec. 23-29, 1963 was a black week and not measured by Nielsen. I do not currently have any scans for the summer portion of the season. The grids report both the "Total Audience" and the "Average Audience" but Average Audience is the standard Nielsen metric that should be used. No ratings data is available for Primetime portions of Nov. 22-25, 1963 due to coverage of the Kennedy assassination.

Due to the tight binding of the scans, "average audience" ratings for NBC are cut-off for the majority of the scans and the ratings are handwritten in. Impressions can be calculated by multiplying the rating by 51.6 million and dividing by 100. Shares can be calculated by dividing the HH rating by the "TV Homes Using TV" figure for the telecast's window and multiplying by 100.

Source: Nielsen Media Research

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