Thursday, August 3, 2023

Easily Convert Pocketpiece Data to Ratings

UPDATE: the calculator has now been upgraded to return ratings for 26 different demos.

I've been regularly posting scans of the Nielsen Pocketpieces for the last 7 months and we're now just getting into 1982 after starting off with 1978. With 5 years of this data published here, I thought it would at least make some sense to provide some way of making the data more usable to the general populace. 

Unlike how ratings data is commonly presented today, the Nielsen Pocketpieces provides audience composition/demographic information in the form of VPVHs (Viewers Per 1000 Viewing Homes) rather than in viewership/impression form (000s) or in ratings form. This can make it difficult to deduce what the data even means or how to extract ratings from it.

I'm planning on doing an in-depth instruction manual of sorts for how to read these booklets, but for now, I've put together a calculator which I think is a happy medium. The calculator is available by clicking here, through the "Pocketpiece Data Converter" tab in the sidebar, or by hovering over the "Pocketpiece Archive" tab at the top of the site.

It currently is set up to work for 10 TV seasons from 1980-81 through 1989-90, but I'm hoping to expand it back into the 1970s once I get ahold of the Universe Estimates for those years.

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