Sunday, September 25, 2022

New Calculators Added to the Site

Several months ago I added 2 calculators here on the site which enabled the conversion between ratings and impressions (viewers) within the 18-49 demographic. The key driver behind adding this was the fact that most of the weekly ratings posts between 2001-2006 include a cable A18-49 top 10 presented in impressions (000s) and I wanted to make it easy to convert those figures into ratings points.

Today, I have added 2 more converters that enable conversion between ratings and impressions for households (HH). All weekly ratings prior to the 1987-88 season only include the HH rating, but no impression information, so this allows the seamless extraction of impression info. Similar to the 18-49 calculators, when converting from ratings to impressions the calculator will return a range of values that fit within that rating. 

The 18-49 calculators are programmed back to the 2000-01 TV season, but the HH calculators are able to go back to the 1977-78 season, and may be pushed back even further over time. Both calculators are compatible with 1, 2, or 3 decimal place ratings. Click the links below or see the sidebar for access to the new calculators.

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