Saturday, August 27, 2022

Band of Brothers (HBO): Ratings Recap

'Band of Brothers' was an HBO miniseries that premiered Sept. 9, 2001 with a really strong 9.9 million viewers - one of HBO's highest-rated premieres ever. Viewership dipped in the following weeks to 7.27 million and 6.29 million and it's hard to know if this was just normal loss of interest or whether it had partially to do with the events of 9/11 which happened two days after the first episode. 'Band of Brothers' was one of few programs that continued airing as scheduled after 9/11 as most everything on the broadcast networks were delayed a week. Either way, the show concluded with the lowest numbers of its run (3.2 HH rating & 5.05 million viewers) though even these numbers would've gotten any regular HBO series easily renewed.  

Band of Brothers Ratings (2001)
Episode DateViewers (millions)HH rating
Sept. 9, 20019.90-
Sept. 9, 20019.90-
Sept. 16, 20017.2714.3
Sept. 23, 20016.2943.8
Sept. 30, 20016.1323.8
Oct. 7, 20016.4153.8
Oct. 14, 20016.4333.9
Oct. 21, 20015.9503.5
Oct. 28, 20016.0803.5
Nov. 4, 20015.0453.2

Source: Nielsen Media Research

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