Monday, December 13, 2021

Audience Breakdown: USA Network Programs w/e Dec. 5, 2021

I've seen some discourse the past week about USA Network's programming performance; in particular the age breakdown of certain shows, so I wanted to dig into it a bit for the week of data I just received. Below are the top 50 programs (by adults 18-49) that aired on USA in the week of Nov. 29 - Dec. 5 and an age breakdown of their viewership. Included below: the percentage of the total audience that was 18-49 and the percentage of the audience that was over 55. In the 18-49 column, the larger percentages correlate to darker green and in the 55+ column, smaller percentages correlate to darker green. I did also include the figures for 3 lower-rated USA originals this week that did not make the top 50.

Some things that immediately popped out:
  • "Chucky" is doing quite well! Nearly half (155K) of its total audience (313K) was adults 18-49, and only 119K were adults over 55. And this trend can also be seen in its reruns throughout the week. The Monday 11:59pm rerun was at 55.22% 18-49, and both the 1:00am & 2:00am reruns that followed were at 50.00%. It is easily USA's youngest-skewing program.
  • "WWE NXT" is skewing a bit older than Monday's "WWE Raw". "NXT" logged 191K adults 18-49 this week and 369K adults 55+. "Raw" did 593K adults 18-49 over its 3 hours and 839K adults 55+.
  • "The Sinner" skews so old! This week the show managed only 82K adults 18-49, but had 320K adults 55+. Absolutely abysmal numbers, though actually not the worst on USA. That honor belongs to "Joel Osteen" (Sunday, 8:30am) which was at 8.97% in adults 18-49 and 80% in P55+.

1WWE ENTERTAINMENTMon9:00 PM 0.491,76336.02%49.35%
2WWE ENTERTAINMENTMon10:00 PM 0.451,59436.64%48.31%
3WWE ENTERTAINMENTMon8:00 PM 0.431,67933.29%52.29%
4WWE NXTTue8:00 PM 0.1563729.98%57.93%
5PREMIER LEAGUE LSat10:00 AM 0.1439047.69%34.62%
6CHRISLEY KNOWS BESTThu8:30 PM 0.1465228.37%61.35%
7CHICAGO PDMon7:00 PMR0.1462728.87%61.08%
8LAW & ORDER: SVUWed9:00 PMR0.1357430.66%59.06%
9LAW & ORDER: SVUSun9:00 PMR0.1353631.72%56.90%
10LAW & ORDER: SVUWed7:00 PMR0.1251731.53%56.29%
11LAW & ORDER: SVUSun10:00 PMR0.1257528.35%62.26%
12CHUCKYTue10:00 PM 0.1231349.52%38.02%
13LAW & ORDER: SVUThu6:00 PMR0.1244234.84%55.43%
14LAW & ORDER: SVUWed8:00 PMR0.1155227.17%59.96%
15LAW & ORDER: SVUSun11:00 PMR0.1149030.20%57.96%
16LAW & ORDER: SVUWed6:00 PMR0.1142634.04%57.98%
17LAW & ORDER: SVUThu5:00 PMR0.1147730.40%59.33%
18MOVIE, USASat6:15 PMR0.1141834.21%50.24%
19LAW & ORDER: SVUThu7:00 PMR0.1148729.36%60.16%
20CHICAGO PDMon6:00 PMR0.1154825.36%63.87%
21LAW & ORDER: SVUSun12:00 AMR0.1141533.01%48.67%
22LAW & ORDER: SVUSun5:00 PMR0.1052625.86%66.92%
23LAW & ORDER: SVUThu4:00 PMR0.1044630.27%56.05%
24CHICAGO PDMon5:00 PMR0.1050726.43%60.36%
25LAW & ORDER: SVUSun2:00 AMR0.1034438.37%42.73%
26LAW & ORDER: SVUSun4:00 PMR0.1048326.09%63.77%
27CHICAGO PDSat2:00 PMR0.1054422.98%63.60%
28LAW & ORDER: SVUThu3:00 PMR0.0939631.06%57.32%
29CHICAGO PDSat1:00 PMR0.0948524.33%60.62%
30LAW & ORDER: SVUSun8:00 PMR0.0945525.93%62.20%
31CHICAGO PDFri1:00 PMR0.0943227.31%67.36%
32MOVIE, USASat4:00 PMR0.0935732.77%52.66%
33CHUCKYMon11:01 PMR0.0926343.73%39.54%
34LAW & ORDER: SVUSun3:00 PMR0.0942626.76%60.80%
35LAW & ORDER: SVUSun1:00 AMR0.0936631.15%48.91%
36LAW & ORDER: SVUSun2:00 PMR0.0937330.03%60.86%
37LAW & ORDER: SVUSun1:00 PMR0.0941626.92%63.22%
38MOVIE, USAFri9:00 PMR0.0929038.62%46.90%
39CHICAGO PDFri12:00 PMR0.0941926.73%67.06%
40CHICAGO PDFri8:00 PMR0.0848422.52%70.87%
41LAW & ORDER: SVUSun7:00 PMR0.0840227.11%61.69%
42LAW & ORDER: SVUSun6:00 PMR0.0842425.71%65.33%
43LAW & ORDER: SVUThu1:00 PMR0.0832433.02%56.48%
44LAW & ORDER: SVUSun11:00 AMR0.0841325.91%60.29%
45CHICAGO PDFri7:00 PMR0.0852920.23%71.64%
46CHICAGO PDFri5:00 PMR0.0842525.18%68.00%
47CHICAGO PDFri2:00 PMR0.0842324.82%67.38%
48CHICAGO PDMon1:00 PMR0.0848221.58%64.73%
49LAW & ORDER: SVUThu2:00 PMR0.0832831.40%58.23%
50LAW & ORDER: SVUSun12:00 PMR0.0842224.41%60.43%
69THE SINNERWed10:00 PM 0.0645218.14%70.80%
76USA ORIGINAL MOVIESat8:30 PM 0.0621834.40%49.08%
114AMERICAS BIG DEALThu9:00 PM 0.0420525.85%67.32%

Source: Nielsen Media Research

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