Friday, April 13, 2018

Live +3 and Live +7 Ratings: 3/26 - 4/1/2018

Below are the DVR ratings for both Broadcast and Cable programs that aired in the week ending April 1, 2018. Broadcast shows have ratings for Live +7 days, while Cable shows have ratings for Live +3 days. The premiere of ABC's 'Roseanne' easy led the week in seven-day DVR viewing, rising a massive 2.9 to 8.1 in the 18-49 demo and nearly 9 million viewers to 27.3 million. On the cable side, 'The Walking Dead,' again, led all competition, rising 1.45 in the demo (to 4.08) and 3 million viewers (9.29 million). 

Live+7 Broadcast:
A.P. Bio (NBC, Thu. 3/29)0.40.9060.92.958
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC, Fri. 3/30)0.61.6151.13.493
Alex, Inc. (ABC, Wed. 3/28)0.41.2011.55.801
American Idol (ABC, Mon. 3/26)0.51.9052.29.711
American Idol (ABC, Sun. 4/01)0.61.8272.29.309
Arrow (CW, Thu. 3/29)0.40.9520.82.069
Black Lightning (CW, Tue. 3/27)0.40.9180.92.468
black-ish (ABC, Tue. 3/27)0.61.4953.210.083
Blindspot (NBC, Fri. 3/30)0.51.9331.14.861
Blue Bloods (CBS, Fri. 3/30)0.84.2291.712.664
Bob’s Burgers (FOX, Sun. 4/01)0.40.6901.12.228
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX, Sun. 4/01)0.61.0471.42.825
Bull (CBS, Tue. 3/27)0.73.8071.814.459
Champions, Thu. 3/29)0.20.5560.72.500
Chicago Fire (NBC, Thu. 3/29)1.14.1162.19.539
Chicago Med (NBC, Tue. 3/27)0.93.9351.99.743
Criminal Minds (CBS, Wed. 3/28)0.93.5422.010.126
Deception (ABC, Sun. 4/01)0.42.1351.26.140
Designated Survivor (ABC, Wed. 3/28)0.73.9951.47.792
Dynasty (CW, Fri. 3/30)0.10.2560.30.989
Empire (FOX, Wed. 3/28)0.92.4442.98.664
Family Guy (FOX, Sun. 4/01)0.71.2891.63.339
For the People (ABC, Tue. 3/27)0.52.1621.55.666
Good Girls (NBC, Mon. 3/26)0.51.5781.45.618
Gotham (FOX, Thu. 3/29)0.61.4711.33.866
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC, Thu. 3/29)1.43.5093.210.664
Hawaii Five-0 (CBS, Fri. 3/30)0.63.0771.610.878
Instinct (CBS, Sun. 4/01)0.32.2100.98.819
iZombie (CW, Mon. 3/26)0.20.5090.41.224
Kevin Can Wait (CBS, Mon. 3/26)0.31.1571.26.724
LA to Vegas (FOX, Tue. 3/27)0.51.0081.12.987
Legends of Tomorrow (CW, Mon. 3/26)0.30.7670.72.043
Life in Pieces (CBS, Thu. 3/29)0.61.9241.68.052
Life Sentence (CW, Wed. 3/28)0.10.2600.20.664
Living Biblically (CBS, Mon. 3/26)0.20.7490.94.667
Lucifer (FOX, Mon. 3/26)0.41.4611.24.652
MacGyver (CBS, Fri. 3/30)0.51.8271.28.256
Madam Secretary (CBS, Sun. 4/01)0.42.8740.98.626
Man With a Plan (CBS, Mon. 3/26)0.31.0531.16.454
Modern Family (ABC, Wed. 3/28)1.22.9452.68.377
Mom (CBS, Thu. 3/29)0.62.3832.010.944
NCIS (CBS, Tue. 3/27)0.84.3522.116.296
NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS, Sun. 4/01)0.52.9611.310.086
NCIS: New Orleans (CBS, Tue. 3/27)0.84.1891.712.719
Once Upon a Time (ABC, Fri. 3/30)0.30.9130.82.946
Rise (NBC, Tue. 3/27)0.41.6841.26.027
Riverdale (CW, Wed. 3/28)0.40.9080.71.870
Roseanne (ABC, Tue. 3/27)2.98.8208.127.271
S.W.A.T. (CBS, Thu. 3/29)0.93.7841.79.050
Scandal (ABC, Thu. 3/29)0.92.6511.76.366
Scorpion (CBS, Mon. 3/26)0.73.0351.57.942
SEAL Team (CBS, Wed. 3/28)0.83.2161.79.693
Splitting Up Together (ABC, Tue. 3/27)0.82.1712.99.131
Star (FOX, Wed. 3/28)0.51.5182.06.173
Station 19 (ABC, Thu. 3/29)0.82.7032.08.562
Superior Donuts (CBS, Mon. 3/26)0.20.8241.05.452
Supernatural (CW, Thu. 3/29)0.61.3281.33.362
Superstore (NBC, Thu. 3/29)0.51.2611.34.219
Survivor: Ghost Island (CBS, Wed. 3/28)0.82.3502.510.504
Taken (NBC, Fri. 3/30)0.31.5980.63.748
The Big Bang Theory (CBS, Thu. 3/29)1.74.9014.218.169
The Goldbergs (ABC, Wed. 3/28)0.61.5542.07.044
The Good Doctor (ABC, Mon. 3/26)1.66.3273.315.849
The Last Man on Earth (FOX, Sun. 4/01)0.40.9901.02.360
The Mick (FOX, Tue. 3/27)0.40.9811.12.747
The Resident (FOX, Mon. 3/26)0.72.8961.67.105
The Simpsons (FOX, Sun. 4/01)0.30.5951.22.656
The Voice (NBC, Mon. 3/26)0.61.8762.612.384
The Voice (NBC, Tue. 3/27)0.51.9392.210.958
Will & Grace (NBC, Thu. 3/29)1.02.7331.96.459
Young Sheldon (CBS, Thu. 3/29)1.24.0623.215.978

Live+3 Cable:
American Dad (TBS, Mon., 3/26)0.140.2830.641.257
Ash vs. Evil Dead (STARZ, Sun., 4/1)0.080.1700.170.366
Atlanta (FX, Thu., 3/29)0.400.6650.721.272
Barry (HBO, Sun., 4/1)0.140.4670.351.108
Baskets [F] (FX, Tue., 3/27)0.080.2170.190.524
Billions (SHO, Sun., 4/1)0.190.7380.431.577
Counterpart [F] (STARZ, Sun., 4/1)0.080.2890.170.672
Final Space (TBS, Mon., 3/26)0.090.1520.360.687
grown-ish [F] (FRFM, Wed., 3/28)0.180.3990.360.794
Hap and Leonard (SUND, Wed., 3/28)0.040.2010.070.389
Here and Now (HBO, Sun., 4/1)0.020.0950.120.459
Homeland (SHO, Sun., 4/1)0.220.8130.522.032
Krypton (SYFY, Wed., 3/28)0.361.1770.662.253
Mary Kills People (LIF, Mon., 3/26)0.040.1650.100.445
Nobodies (PAR, Thu., 3/29)0.000.0180.040.135
Nobodies [P] (PAR, Thu., 3/29)0.010.0240.060.177
Our Cartoon President (SHO1, Sun., 4/1)0.020.0570.080.237
Schitt’s Creek (POP, Wed., 3/28)0.070.1570.140.371
Shadowhunters (FRFM, Tue., 3/27)0.140.3200.300.764
Silicon Valley (HBO, Sun., 4/1)0.260.4970.501.089
Siren (FRFM, Thu., 3/29)0.270.6540.571.523
Siren [P] (FRFM, Thu., 3/29)0.280.6840.581.556
Strike Back (MAX, Fri., 3/30)0.020.0980.050.228
Suits [P] (USA, Wed., 3/28)0.220.8800.512.061
The Alienist [F] (TNT, Mon., 3/26)0.391.3590.763.197
The Americans [P] (FX, Wed., 3/28)0.221.0110.371.653
The Arrangement (E!, Sun., 4/1)0.200.4510.400.863
The Detour [F] (TBS, Tue., 3/27)0.160.3650.501.271
The Magicians (SYFY, Wed., 3/28)0.170.4780.451.210
The Paynes (OWN, Fri., 3/30)0.080.2360.200.677
The Quad (BET, Tue., 3/27)0.080.1980.270.702
The Royals (E!, Sun., 4/1)0.170.4240.340.775
The Terror (AMC, Mon., 3/26)0.250.8640.652.252
The Terror [P] (AMC, Mon., 3/26)0.210.8170.572.042
The Walking Dead (AMC, Sun., 4/1)1.452.9964.089.291
Trust (FX, Sun., 4/1)0.160.6400.351.376
UnReal (LIF, Mon., 3/26)0.140.2890.220.537
Unsolved (USA, Tue., 3/27)0.200.4030.581.356
When Calls the Heart (HALL, Sun., 4/1)0.170.8500.392.778
X Company (OVTN, Mon., 3/26)0.000.0190.000.051

Source: Nielsen Media Research

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