Wednesday, February 14, 2018

U.S. Social Content Ratings: 1/8 - 1/14/2018

CNN's Thursday 'Anderson Cooper 360' led a slow week on the social ratings, averaging 689,000 interactions, including 399,000 from Facebook and 290,000 from Twitter. Another CNN entry, Thursday's 'CNN Tonight' took the fifth spot on the week with 505,000 interactions.

The 'Critics Choice Awards' took the second spot on the week with 596,000 interactions, and USA's 'WWE Monday Night RAW' (580,000) was in third, and 'WWE Smackdown' (230,000) took seventh. Other notables this week include: NBC's 'This Is Us' (559,000), ABC's 'The Bachelor' (484,000), 'Saturday Night Live' (221,000), 'Love & Hip Hop Miami' (197,000), and 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' (144,000). 
Top Shows by Total Interactions (Facebook/Twitter):

Anderson Cooper 360 (Thurs.): 689,000 (399K/290K)
Critics Choice Awards: 596,000 (311K/285K)
WWE Monday Night RAW: 580,000 (374K/206K)
This Is Us: 559,000 (443K/115K)
CNN Tonight w/ Don Lemon (Thurs.): 505,000 (90K/416K)
The Bachelor: 484,000 (176K/308K)
WWE Smackdown: 230,000 (131K/99K)
Saturday Night Live: 221,000 (90K/131K)
Love & Hip Hop Miami: 197,000 (127K/71K)
Real Housewives of Atlanta: 144,000 (42K/102K)
The X Files: 142,000 (51K/91K)
Live PD (Sat.): 136,000 (42K/94K)
The Four: 126,000 (54K/72K)
Live PD (Fri.): 125,000 (36K/90K)
Love & Hip Hop: 124,000 (77K/47K)
Rachel Maddow Show (Fri.): 96,000 (33K/64K)
Keeping Up with the Kardashians: 95,000 (21K/75K)
Ghost Adventures: 94,000 (36K/58K)
The Haves and Have Nots: 93,000 (67K/26K)
Catfish: 93,000 (46K/48K)
The Daily Show (Thurs.): 93,000 (69K/24K)
grown-ish: 88,000 (17K/71K)
America's Next Top Model: 86,000 (42K/44K)
Anderson Cooper 360 (Fri.): 83,000 (75K/8K)
Ellen's Game of Games: 81,000 (69K/12K)
Cuomo Primetime (Wed.): 75,000 (7K/68K)
Family Guy: 75,000 (69K/7K)
Law & Order SVU: 58,000 (31K/27K)
The Good Doctor: 57,000 (39K/18K)
Justice with Judge Jeanine: 56,000 (40K/16K)
Agents of SHIELD: 47,000 (8K/39K)
Dragon Ball Super: 41,000 (31K/10K)
CNN Tonight w/ Don Lemon (Fri.): 32,000 (19K/13K)
Shameless: 28,000 (15K/13K)
Madam Secretary: 27,000 (17K/10K)

Source: Nielsen Media Research

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