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French Ratings: 9/25 - 10/1/2017

Ratings highlights for the week of September 25, 2017 - October 1, 2017 in France

On France 2, 'Rizzoli & Isles' aired 2 episodes which were at 3.69 million viewers and 3.4M across France. On TF1, 2 episodes of 'Camping Paradis' found 4.44 million and 3.96M. The season 12 premiere of 'L’amour est dans le pré' notched 4.59 million viewers on M6, and was followed by 'Karine le Marchand' which did 4.15M. On France 3, 'Faut pas rêver' had 1.709 million. Other shows of note include: 'American Pickers' (CSTAR) which had 151,000 viewers, and an airing of 'Kick Ass 2' on TWC which did 616,000. 


On TF1, 3 episodes of 'Conviction' aired and found 2.77 million, 2.44 million, and 1.9 million viewers respectively. On France 2, 'Cash investigation' pulled in 3.812 million viewers, and on M6, 2 episodes of 'Quadras' did 2.2M and 1.89M. On France 3, 'Plus belle la vie'  did 3.791 million viewers, and the documentary 'Les secrets du Sphinx' had 790,000 on France 5. Other notable shows include C8's 'Shooter' (420,000), CSTAR's 'DC: Legends of Tomorrow' (139,000), HD1's 'R.I.S. Police scientifique' (439,000), and 6ter's 'Hawaii Five-0' (445,000). 


A brand new episode of 'Criminal Minds' on TF1 dominated the ratings on Wednesday, bringing in 4.795 million viewers, an almost 20% audience share across France. On France 2, 'Alex Hugo' aired 2 episodes which did 3.403 million and 3.18M, both just about 15% of audience share. 'Des racines et des ailes' on France 3 found 2.42 million viewers, and a re-broadcast of 'Cauchemar en cuisine' on M6 did just 2.02M. Other shows of note include TMC's '90’ enquêtes' (762,000), NT1's ' The Tomorrow People' (304,000), and 23's 'Call the Midwife' (122,000). 


On TF1, 'Profilage' owned the night with a big 5.08 million viewers (22% audience share), and the second part of 'Intime conviction' found 4.31 million (21% share). On France 2, 'L’émission politique' notched 3.163 million (1.76M at 11pm), On France 3, 'Elles… les filles du Plessis' did 1.72M, and on M6, 'Scorpion' had 2.53M. A Europa League Football match on W9, featuring Lyon vs. Atalanta had 1.361 million viewers, a 6.1% audience share. Other shows of note include France 4's 'Cold Case' (785,000), Arte's 'Fatale-station' (724,000), and NT1's 'Secret Story' (515,000). 


On TF1, a new episode of 'Koh-Lanta' delivered 4.613 million French viewers (22% share), and on France 2, a re-airing of 'Les petits meurtres d’Agatha Christie' found 3.58 million. A new episode of 'NCIS' on M6, did a 14% share with 3.238 million viewers. Other shows of note include: TMC's 'Mentalist' (554,000), NT1's 'Super Nanny' (477,000), W9's 'Enquête d’action' (804,000), and C8's 'Laurent Gerra au Châtelet' (690,000). 


The top show of the night on Saturday belonged to France 3's 'Meurtres en Auvergne' which scored 4.98 million total viewers - a 23% audience share. TF1's 'The Voice Kids' also performed very well, bringing in 4.43 million, and had a 40% share in 15-24 year olds. On France 2, 'Les années bonheur' did 2.25 million, on France 5, 'Echappées Belles' did 996,000, and on M6, 'Cauchemar en cuisine' held 1.73M. Other shows of note include TMC's 'Columbo' (651,000), W9's 'The Simpsons' (548,000), and HD1's 'Dr. House' (221,000). 'Identity Game' did 475,000.


Many films aired Sunday night in France. TF1's airing of 'The Town' led prime-time with 3.85 million viewers. 'La French' which aired on France 2 did slightly lower at 3.48 million. Two new episodes of 'Les enquêtes de Murdoch' were at 3.297 million and 3.22 million, while two documentaries that aired on France 5 were at 1.3 million and 1.03M. On M6, 'Dossier taboo' clocked in at 2.46M viewers, and on 6ter, an airing of 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' did 853,000. On CSTAR, 'Lucifer' found 381,000 viewers.

For the week, TF1 led with 19.5% audience share, followed by France 2 (13.4%), M6 (9.9%) France 3 (9.1%), and France 5 (3.6%). Other networks of note for the week include TMC (3.2%), C8 (3.1%), W9 (2.6%), France 4 (1.8%), and Canal+ (1.8%).

Ratings information courtesy of MediaMetrie. Ratings are overnight numbers.

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