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Australian Ratings: 10/2 - 10/8/2017

Ratings highlights for the week of October 2, 2017 - October 8, 2017 in Australia.

Nine's 'The Block' led Monday, averaging 1.404 million viewers across Australia (643K in 18-49 demo), with 463,000 of those coming from Melbourne (385K from Sydney). Also on Nine was 'Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders' which had 687,000 viewers and 'Hot Seat' which did 460,000. On Seven Network, 'Home and Away' notched 685,000 viewers (almost even between Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane), 'The Chase' had 619,000 & 392,000, and 'Criminal Minds; Beyond Borders' had 254,000 viewers. On TEN, 'Have You Been Paying Attention?' brought in 721,000 viewers (409K in demo), 'Australian Survivor' had 617,000 (333K in demo), 'The Project' was at 542,000/348,000, and 'Man with a Plan' had 330,000. 

'The Block' (Nine) again led the day across Australia, with over 1.34 million viewers (612K in demo), followed closely by 'The Big Bang Theory' which notched 1.02 million viewers  - 319K from Melbourne, 296K from Sydney, and 211K from Brisbane (with 495K in demo). Also on Nine was 2 episodes of 'Kath & Kim' which were at 563,000 & 508,000, and 'Hot Seat' which did 466,000 and 267,000. On Seven, 'Home and Away' had 712,000 viewers, '800 Words' had 624,000, 'First Dates' had 526,000, and 2 episodes of 'The Chase' found 555,000 & 354,000. On TEN, 'Australian Survivor' had 595,000 total viewers (227K in demo), 'The Project' had 553,000 & 324,000 for its 2 episodes, 'NCIS' had 340,000, and 'NCIS: Los Angeles' found about 300,000. On ABC, 'David Attenborough's Micro Monsters' had 311,000 (that show did 71,000 for its U.S. premiere on Smithsonian Channel last Spring).

'The Block' again led the day, with 1.35 million viewers (607K in demo) - 450K from Melbourne, and 369K from Sydney. 'Doctor Doctor' had 790,000 viewers (317K in demo), and 'Hot Seat' found 463,000. Seven's 'Home and Away' notched 649,000, 2 episodes of 'The Chase' were at 502,000 & 314,000, 'The Force' did 488,000, 'Border Security' had 473,000, and 2 episodes of 'Criminal Minds' were low at 392,000 & 325,000. On TEN, 'The Bachelorette Australia' scored 812,000 viewers, with 497,000 in the 18-49 demo and 361,000 in the 16-39 demo. Also on TEN was 2 episodes of 'The Project' (541,000 & 332,000), and 'The Wrong Girl' (371,000). 'Riviera', on SBS, had 176,000.

Unsurprisingly, Nine's 'The Block' led the day, with about 1.17 million viewers (519K in the demo) - 396K from Melbourne, and 317K from Sydney. 'Hot Seat' notched 440,000 and 270,000 for its 2 episodes on the network. On Seven, 'Home and Away' had 583,000 viewers (153K in Melbourne vs. 152K in Sydney), and 'The Chase' aired 2 episodes which were at 533,000 and 353,000. TEN's 'Gogglebox' had 824,000 viewers, its highest numbers since 2015, and 429K of them were in the 18-49 demo. Behind it was 'The Bachelorette Australia' with 793,000 (462K in the demo), 2 episodes of 'The Project' (499,000 & 284,000), and 'Law & Order: SVU' (381,000). On ELEVEN, 'Neighbors' found 141,000 viewers, and on SBS, 'Bosch' did 115,000. 

On Nine, 'Hot Seat' had 405,000 viewers, and 'Vet on the Hill' had 376,000; they did 135K & 126K respectively in Melbourne. On Seven, 'Better Homes and Gardens' brought in 663,000, and 'The Chase' did 498,000 & 351,000 for 2 episodes. On TEN, 'The Graham Norton Show' had 545,000 viewers (227K in the demo), and 'The Project' was at 416,000 & 304,000 for its 2 episodes.  

An airing of 'Oddball' on Nine had 563,000 viewers. 9GO! aired the movies 'Pitch Perfect 2' (196,000) and 'Mean Girls' (147,000). In the 16-39 demo, 'Pitch' had 84,000 and 'Girls' had 72,000. 

'The Block' (Nine) won the night Sunday with over 1.57 million viewers (725K in the demo), followed by '60 Minutes' which had 1.09 million viewers (523K in the demo), 'P!NK Live in Australia' pulled a modest 444,000. Seven aired 'Little Big Shots' which had 881,000. The main story of Sunday was the 'Supercars Championship Bathhurst' which brought in 849,000 for the race and 1.16 million viewers for the podium (the 'Wrap Up' had 1.25M). In 16-39s, the 'Podium' notched 228,000, in 18-49s, it had 442,000, and in 25-54s, it had 544,000. The race itself pulled its highest figures in Sydney (268,000), followed by Melbourne (245,000). Also on TEN was 'Australian Survivor' which had 644,000 (237K in 16-39 demo), and 2 episodes of 'The Sunday Project' which did 654,000 & 413,000. 

On Monday, Showcase's 'Outlander' had 96,000 viewers and Fox8's 'Bob's Burgers' had 32,000. On Tuesday, 'Victoria' (BBC First) had 48,000, and 'Selling Houses Australia' (Lifestyle Channel) had 40,000. On Wednesday, 'Love it or List it Australia' (Lifestyle Channel) had 138,000. On Friday, 'Paw Patrol' (Nick Jr.) had 50,000. On Sunday, 'A Place to Call Home,' on Showcase, did 75,000. 

Ratings information courtesy of OzTam. Information from news shows is not included.

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