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Broadcast & Cable Nielsens: Week Ending January 12, 2014

Broadcast & cable Nielsen finals for the week ending January 12, 2014:

CBS's coverage of the 'AFC Divisional Game' averaged a 10.2 A18-49 rating with 31.7 million viewers. The over-run of the game actually topped all Nielsen ratings for the week with a 12.0 rating and 36.9 million viewers. The game topped all major sub demos in the week: men 18-34 (10.5/37), men 18-49 (13.1/38), men 25-54 (15.2/38), adults 18-34 (8.3/29), and adults 25-54 (12.0/30). Top scripted broadcast offerings for the week include 'The Big Bang Theory' (5.7, 20.3 million viewers), and 'Modern Family' (3.5, 9.5 million). NBC aired 'The Golden Globe Awards' (6.5, 20.9 million) which ranked just behind the football game, and they estimate that the show had 44.2 million unique viewers. Also of note this week was the series premiere of 'Intelligence' (2.4/6, 16.5 million) which had the best start of all new series this season. The network averages for the week were: CBS (3.8/10, 15.19 million), NBC (2.0/8, 7.18 million), ABC (1.4/4, 5.16 million), FOX (1.3/4, 3.67 million), and CW (0.3/1, 820,000). 

On the cable side, MTV's 'Teen Wolf' saw success with the return for the second half of its third season. The show brought in a 2.3 rating in people 12-34, a 4.3 in teens 12-17, and a 6.3 in females 12-17, with 2.43 million total viewers. On ABC Family, 'Pretty Little Liars' notched a 3.9 rating in F12-34 (2.3 in P12-34), a 2.7 in W18-34, and 3.17 million viewers; 'Ravenswood' averaged 2.1/1.1/1.5 in those demos respectively with 1.69 million total viewers. Elsewhere, The premiere of Syfy's 'Helix' brought in 1.82 million total viewers, including 893,000 A25-54, and 734,000 A18-49. Other scripted series of note include: TNT's 'Major Crimes' (4.95 million), USA's 'Psych' (2.3 million), FX's 'Justified' (2.8 million), HBO's 'True Detective' (2.3 million) & 'Girls' (1.1 million & 881,000), Showtime's 'Shameless' (1.7 million), 'House of Lies' (842,000), & 'Episodes' (543,000), TV Land's 'Kirstie' (875,000), & 'The Exes' (818,000), Hallmark's 'When Calls the Heart' (1.7 million), Cinemax's 'Banshee' (491,000), and BBC America's 'Atlantis' (219,000).

Broadcast finals:
AFC Divisional Game Overrun (7:55) CBS11.9736.910
AFC Divisional Game: Indianapolis/New England CBS10.2131.694
The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards NBC6.5220.874
The Big Bang Theory (8:00) CBS5.6820.345
60 Minutes (8:04) CBS4.0317.060
Modern Family (9:00) ABC3.469.513
The Millers (8:30) CBS3.2613.386
NCIS (8:00) CBS2.9820.838
The Bachelor (8:00, 120 Minutes) ABC2.738.648
Family Guy (9:00) FOX2.695.222
The Crazy Ones (9:00) CBS2.419.522
The 40th Annual People's Choice Awards CBS2.4010.356
Two and a Half Men (9:30) CBS2.409.579
Intelligence (9:00) CBS2.3916.485
American Dad (9:30) FOX2.294.473
The Simpsons (8:00) FOX2.244.828
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD (8:00) ABC2.236.631
The Middle (8:00) ABC2.228.821
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (9:00) NBC2.138.815
Shark Tank (9:00) ABC2.107.360
Bob's Burgers (8:30) FOX2.024.202
Elementary (10:00) CBS2.019.974
Chicago PD (10:00) NBC2.008.589
Chicago Fire (10:00) NBC1.956.872
Person of Interest (10:00) CBS1.9512.102
The Good Wife (9:04) CBS1.839.847
Almost Human (8:00) FOX1.786.353
The Mentalist (10:04) CBS1.779.581
Castle (10:00) ABC1.728.832
The Goldbergs (9:00) ABC1.715.284
20/20 (10:00) ABC1.706.732
Super Fun Night (9:30) ABC1.694.683
The Biggest Loser (8:00, 120 Minutes) NBC1.665.458
New Girl (9:00) FOX1.643.196
Revenge (9:00) ABC1.595.708
2014 Golden Globe Arrivals Special NBC1.576.685
Hawaii Five-0 (9:00) CBS1.5510.739
Revolution (8:00) NBC1.535.929
Last Man Standing (8:00) ABC1.527.181
Blue Bloods (10:00) CBS1.5112.679
Super Fun Night (8:30) ABC1.514.871
Bones (8:00) FOX1.506.880
Brooklyn Nine Nine (8:30) FOX1.503.443
Dads (8:00) FOX1.483.636
Parks & Recreation (8:30) NBC1.473.425
Community (8:00) NBC1.373.579
Grimm (9:00) NBC1.305.335
The Mindy Project (9:30) FOX1.302.616
Parenthood (10:00) NBC1.284.256
The Taste (8:00) ABC1.284.472
Trophy Wife (9:30) ABC1.143.832
The Neighbors (8:30) ABC1.124.808
Hostages (9:00) CBS1.115.069
America's Funniest Home Videos (7:00) ABC1.035.076
Hostages (10:00) CBS0.994.691
Sean Saves the World (9:00) NBC0.993.121
The Bachelor: Behind the Scenes (8:00) ABC0.973.343
The Michael J. Fox Show (9:30) NBC0.963.111
Killer Women (10:00) ABC0.863.956
Raising Hope (9:00) FOX0.782.695
Going for Gold (8:00) NBC0.763.546
Betrayal (10:00) ABC0.762.738
Enlisted (9:30) FOX0.742.413
U.S. Figure Skating Championships (8:00) NBC0.744.183
Dracula (10:00) NBC0.712.468
The Assets (10:00) ABC0.602.920
WWE Main Event (8:00) ION0.341.520
The Carrie Diaries (8:00) CW0.30.812

Cable finals:
Vizio BCS National Championship ESPNMON8.7425.572
Real Housewives of Atlanta (8:00) BravoSUN1.904.187
American Horror Story: Coven (10:00) FXWED1.793.486
Love & Hip Hop (8:00) VH1MON1.622.889
WWE Raw (8:00) USAMON1.614.723
WWE Raw (10:00) USAMON1.604.463
WWE Raw (9:00) USAMON1.564.427
Being Mary Jane (10:00) BETTUE1.543.320
Gold Rush (9:00) DiscoveryFRI1.463.900
Single Ladies (9:00) VH1MON1.412.590
Pawn Stars (9:30) HistoryTHU1.374.855
Pawn Stars (9:00) HistoryTHU1.304.581
Moonshiners (9:00) DiscoveryTUE1.243.022
Pretty Little Liars (8:00) ABC FamilyTUE1.213.171
NBA Regular Season: Heat at Knicks TNTTHU1.203.144
Justified (10:00) FXTUE1.122.839
American Pickers (9:00) HistoryWED1.054.160
NBA Regular Season: Heat at Nets ESPNFRI1.022.485
Moonshiners: Jim Tom Special (10:00) DiscoveryTUE0.992.266
True Detective (9:00) HBOSUN0.972.328
Teen Wolf (10:00) MTVMON0.932.429
The Haves and the Have Nots (9:00) OWNTUE0.932.776
Ax Men (9:00) HistorySUN0.922.682
Bering Sea Gold (10:00) DiscoveryFRI0.912.511
Street Outlaws (10:00) DiscoveryMON0.881.810
Cougar Town (10:00) TBSTUE0.871.942
Street Outlaws (9:00) DiscoveryMON0.861.827
Blood, Sweat & Heels (9:00) BravoSUN0.861.866
Shameless (9:00) ShowtimeSUN0.861.694
Counting Cars (9:30) HistoryTUE0.852.668
My Strange Addiction (10:00) TLCWED0.851.906
Appalachian Outlaws (10:00) HistoryTHU0.852.792
Alaska: The Last Frontier (9:00) DiscoverySUN0.832.597
Psych (9:00) USAWED0.812.282
Major Crimes (9:00) TNTMON0.804.950
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (8:00) BravoMON0.801.826
Counting Cars (9:00) HistoryTUE0.792.502
Live from the Red Carpet E!SUN0.792.058
The Curse of Oak Island (10:00) HistorySUN0.792.350
Sister Wives (9:00, 60 Minutes) TLCSUN0.772.000
White Collar (9:00) USATHU0.762.819
Dance Moms (9:00) LifetimeTUE0.742.171
Ground Floor (10:00) TBSTHU0.741.591
Impractical Jokers (10:00) truTVTHU0.731.557
WWE Smackdown SyfyFRI0.722.816
Vanderpump Rules (9:00) BravoMON0.711.497
American Restoration (10:00) HistoryTUE0.692.131
Mob Wives (10:00) VH1THU0.691.471
NBA Regular Season: Thunder at Nuggets TNTTHU0.691.709
Shipping Wars (10:30) A&ETUE0.681.530
Ridiculousness (10:00) MTVTHU0.681.394
Ridiculousness (10:30) MTVTHU0.681.331
Ravenswood (9:00) ABC FamilyTUE0.661.691
Cutthroat Kitchen (10:00) FoodSUN0.641.670
Shipping Wars (10:00) A&ETUE0.631.533
Top Chef (10:00) BravoWED0.631.402
Treehouse Masters (10:00) Animal PlanetFRI0.631.554
Braxton Family Values (9:00) WEtvTHU0.621.246
Girls (10:00) HBOSUN0.61.107
90 Day Fiance (10:00) TLCSUN0.591.566
Chopped (9:00) FoodSUN0.591.569
Shahs of Sunset (9:00) BravoTUE0.581.189
Helix SyfyFRI0.581.824
Survivorman (9:00) DiscoveryWED0.561.365
Project Runway All Stars (9:00) LifetimeTHU0.561.976
The Millionaire Matchmaker (9:00) BravoTHU0.561.391
American Restoration (10:30) HistoryTUE0.551.950
Gypsy Sisters (9:00, 120 Minutes) TLCTHU0.551.202
Sex Sent Me to the ER (10:00) TLCSAT0.551.835
Dude, You're Screwed (10:00) DiscoverySUN0.551.259
South Beach Tow (10:00) truTVWED0.541.435
The Real World (10:00) MTVWED0.540.949
Diners, Drive Ins & Dives (8:00, 60 Minutes) FoodMON0.531.286
MythBusters (8:00) DiscoverySAT0.531.242
My 600 lb Life (9:00) TLCTUE0.521.267
Storage Wars: Texas (9:30) A&ETUE0.521.624
Storage Wars: Texas (9:00) A&ETUE0.511.620
Buying and Selling (9:00) HGTVWED0.512.134
Sam & Cat (8:00) NickelodeonSAT0.513.379
NBA Regular Season: Mavericks at Spurs ESPNWED0.51.201
Paw PatrolNickelodeonWED0.52.047
Rachael vs. Guy: Celebrity Cook Off (9:00) FoodMON0.491.479
Snooki & JWOWW (10:30) MTVTUE0.490.900
Dreamworks Dragons (8:00) CartoonWED0.491.818
NBA Regular Season: Lakers at Rockets ESPNWED0.491.106
Girls (10:30) HBOSUN0.490.881
Bad Girls All Star Battle (8:00) OxygenTUE0.481.040
Impact Wrestling (9:00) SpikeTVTHU0.481.393
Guy's Grocery Games (8:00) FoodSUN0.471.435
Hardcore Pawn (9:00) truTVTUE0.461.625
House Hunters (10:00) HGTVWED0.461.861
Chopped Canada (9:00) FoodTHU0.451.325
Full Throttle Saloon (10:00) truTVMON0.441.036
Kim of Queens (10:00) LifetimeTUE0.441.285
After the First 48 (10:00) A&EFRI0.441.162
Lizard Lick Towing (9:30) truTVMON0.431.311
House Hunters International (10:30) HGTVWED0.431.604
My Dirty Little Secret (9:00) IDWED0.421.293
House Hunters (10:00) HGTVTHU0.421.749
Rodeo Girls (10:00) A&ETHU0.421.183
Operation Repo (10:30) truTVWED0.411.140
Dangerous Toys (9:00) DiscoverySAT0.411.039
Property Virgins (9:30) HGTVTUE0.401.304
Every Witch Way (7:30)NickelodeonTUE0.42.410
Couples Therapy (9:00) VH1THU0.400.804
House Hunters (10:00) HGTVFRI0.41.421
Something Borrowed, Something New (10:30) TLCFRI0.41.465
House of Lies (10:00) ShowtimeSUN0.40.842
Mystery Diners (10:00) FoodMON0.391.195
Property Virgins (9:00) HGTVTUE0.391.350
Snooki & JWOWW (10:00) MTVTUE0.390.763
College Basketball (9:00) ESPNTHU0.391.352
House Hunters International (10:30) HGTVTHU0.391.491
Jessie (8:00) DisneyFRI0.392.700
The Dead Files (10:00) TravelFRI0.391.048
House Hunters (10:00) HGTVMON0.381.596
House Hunters (10:00) HGTVTUE0.381.508
House Hunters International (10:30) HGTVTUE0.381.477
College Basketball (7:00) ESPNTHU0.381.184
House Hunters International (10:30) HGTVFRI0.381.305
Island Hunters (10:30) HGTVSUN0.381.345
Restaurant Stakeout (9:00) FoodWED0.371.107
Courtney Loves Dallas (10:00) BravoTHU0.370.765
Something Borrowed, Something New (10:00) TLCFRI0.371.428
Ice Cold Killers (8:00) IDTUE0.361.311
Scorned: Love Kills (10:00) IDSAT0.361.035
The Haunted Hathaways (8:30) NickelodeonSAT0.362.730
Love It or List It (9:00) HGTVMON0.351.441
100 Days of Summer (10:00) BravoTUE0.350.724
Escaping the Prophet (10:00) TLCTUE0.350.826
Web of Lies (10:00) IDWED0.351.303
Panic Button (10:30) truTVTHU0.350.803
Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta (9:00) TLCFRI0.351.449
Redrum (9:30) IDTUE0.341.149
The Legend of Mick Dodge (10:00) NGCTUE0.340.808
Love Thy Neighbor (9:30) OWNWED0.340.950
Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta (9:30) TLCFRI0.341.498
Hawaii Life (9:00) HGTVSUN0.341.347
Island Hunters (10:00) HGTVSUN0.341.259
Cake Boss (9:00) TLCMON0.331.252
The Legend of Mick Dodge (10:30) NGCTUE0.330.784
Lone Target (10:00) DiscoveryWED0.330.850
Love Thy Neighbor (9:00) OWNWED0.330.893
Toned Up (10:30) BravoTHU0.330.585
Dog with a Blog (8:30) DisneyFRI0.332.377
On the Case with Paula Zahn (10:00) IDSUN0.331.203
Wander Over Yonder (9:00, 15 Minutes) DisneyFRI0.322.037
Guinness World Records Unleashed (8:00) truTVTHU0.310.976
Deadly Sins (9:00) IDSAT0.310.969
Tiger Eyes LifetimeSAT0.311.587
Beachfront Bargain Hunt (8:00) HGTVSUN0.311.256
Cake Boss (9:30) TLCMON0.301.102
Fish Hooks (9:30) DisneyFRI0.291.734
The Thundermans (9:00) NickelodeonSAT0.292.598
Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry? (8:30) IDSAT0.290.846
Phineas & Ferb (9:15, 15 Minutes) DisneyFRI0.281.750
Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry? (8:00) IDSAT0.280.825
10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty (10:00) Spike TVFRI0.250.643
Pit Bulls & Parolees (10:00) AnimalPlanetSAT0.230.603
When Calls the Heart (9:00) HallmarkSAT0.231.685
Kirstie (10:30)TV LandWED0.20.875
Banshee (10:00)CinemaxFRI0.20.491
Episodes (10:30)ShowtimeSUN0.20.543
Best Week EverVH1FRI0.110.224
The Exes (10:00)TV LandWED0.10.818
Atlantis (9:00)BBC AmericaSAT0.040.219
Lab Rats (9:00)Disney XDMON-0.680
Every Witch Way (7:30)NickelodeonMON-1.946
Every Witch Way (7:30)NickelodeonWED-1.919
Every Witch Way (7:30)NickelodeonTHU-1.782
Every Witch Way (7:30)NickelodeonFRI-2.459
Paw Patrol (1:30)NickelodeonFRI-1.810
Peppa Pig (12:00)NickelodeonFRI-1.204
Instant Mom (8:30)NickelodeonSUN-1.145
See Dad Run (8:00)NickelodeonSUN-1.201
Space Voyages (8:00)SmithsonianMON--
Music Mavericks (8:00)OvationMON--
Boston's Finest (9:00)TNTTUE--
Tequila Sisters (8:00)TVGNTUE--
The Spoils of Babylon (10:00)IFCTHU--
Hollywood ScandalsReelzFRI--
Black Sails: Inside Look (9:00)StarzSAT--

Live+7 DVR Ratings:
Almost Human-01/06/2014FOX1.024572.88810
Big Bang Theory, The-01/09/2014CBS2.349368.025281
Blue Bloods-01/10/2014CBS-3411-16090
Chicago Fire-01/07/2014NBC1.034503.010322
Chicago PD-01/08/2014NBC0.928732.911462
Goldbergs, The-01/07/2014ABC0.918842.67168
Good Wife, The-01/12/2014CBS-2521-12368
Hawaii Five-0-01/10/2014CBS0.830162.413755
Law And Order:SVU-01/08/2014NBC1.128433.211691
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD-1/07/2014ABC1.430163.69647
Mentalist, The-01/12/2014CBS0.836282.613209
Modern Family-01/08/2014ABC2.144835.614022
New Girl-01/07/2014FOX1.524293.15625
Person Of Interest-01/07/2014CBS1.045043.016624
Two and a Half Men-01/09/2014CBS0.820413.211620

Source; Nielsen Media Research

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