Fall 1980

Below are newspaper articles taken from the Southeast Missourian newspaper from fall 1980. The newspaper published Nielsen Ratings for the top 10 shows in their Friday editions. Above the article, the week that the ratings correspond to is listed. For the 1980-81 TV season, each week went from Monday-Sunday. The articles can be difficult to read so a table with the Nielsen ratings from the article is located directly below the newspaper. Some of the weeks do not list any viewership information in their articles and therefore have no table below them. I am actively searching for alternative sources for the weeks that the Southeast Missourian didn't cover. This page will be updated when I find new information.

Week Ending September 21, 1980:
RankProgramHousehold Viewers
1Shogun pt.III28.7 million
2Shogun pt.IV27.7 million
3Shogun pt.II24.7 million
4Shogun pt.V24.5 million
5Shogun pt.I23.0 million
6Real People19.5 million
7Guinness Book of 
World Records
17.2 million
860 Minutes17.2 million
9Games People Play16.7 million
10Quincy M.E.16.6 million

Week Ending September 28, 1980:
RankProgramHousehold Viewers
160 Minutes19.5 million
2Marilyn: The Untold Story18.2 million
3Dukes of Hazard17.4 million
4Dallas17.0 million
5Little House on the Prairie17.0 million
6Act of Love16.9 million
7Love Boat16.3 million
8Real People16.2 million
9Centennial Part III15.9 million
10Three's Company15.8 million

 Week Ending October 5, 1980:
RankProgramHousehold Viewers
1Playing for Time20.4 million
2Little House on the Prairie20.3 million
3Johnny Carson 
Anniversary Special
19.9 million
460 Minutes18.6 million
5Dukes of Hazard17.8 million
6Real People17.5 million
7Jaws17.0 million
8Movie: The End16.9 million
9Dallas15.8 million
10That's Incredible15.2 million

Week Ending October 12, 1980:
RankProgramHousehold Viewers
1National League 
Championship: Game 5
21.6 million
2Real People19.3 million
3Beulah Land pt. III19.0 million
4Dukes of Hazard18.7 million
560 Minutes18.2 million
6Beulah Land pt. II18.0 million
7Beulah Land pt. I17.1 million
8American League
Championship: Game 2
17.0 million
9That's Incredible16.8 million
10National League
Championship: Game 1
16.8 million

Week Ending October 19, 1980:
RankProgramHousehold Viewers
1World Series Game 527.5 million
2World Series Game 226.8 million
3World Series Game 125.6 million
4World Series Game 324.9 million
5The Outlaw Josey Wales21.7 million
6CHiPS19.8 million
7That's Incredible19.5 million
8World Series Pre-Game 118.3 million
9World Series Pre-Game 218.0 million
10Country Music Awards17.8 million

Week Ending October 26, 1980:
RankProgramHousehold Viewers
1World Series: Game 631.1 million
2World Series Pre-Game 621.3 million
360 Minutes20.5 million
4Dallas20.1 million
5Love Boat19.2 million
6Real People18.7 million
7Sophia Loren: Her Own Story17.7 million
8Monday Night Football:
17.6 million
9Dukes of Hazard16.9 million
10The Last Song16.8 million

Week Ending November 2, 1980:

Week Ending November 9, 1980:
RankProgramHousehold Viewers
1Dallas (Sunday)31.1 million
2Dallas (10-11pm Friday)29.8 million
3The Jeffersons25.0 million
4Dallas (9-10pm Friday)24.7 million
5Alice24.3 million
660 Minutes23.1 million
7One Day at a Time22.7 million
8Archie Bunker's Place21.5 million
9Dallas (Thursday)19.2 million
10Love Boat19.0 million

Week Ending November 16, 1980:

Week Ending November 23, 1980
RankProgramHousehold Viewers
1Dallas (Who Shot J.R.?)41.467 million
2Dukes of Hazard24.9 million
360 Minutes23.2 million
4Three's Company20.5 million
5Alice23.3 million
6The Jeffersons23.3 million
7One Day at a Time20.0 million
8Happy Days19.8 million
9Too Close for Comfort19.5 million
10Love Boat19.5 million
15 Extra Shows- 77.9 million household viewers
11Archie Bunker's Place19.2 million
12Laverne & Shirley19.2 million
13M*A*S*H18.6 million
14Little House on the Prairie18.6 million
15Movie: The Enforcer18.2 million
16Movie: Skyward17.1 million
17Trapper John M.D.17.0 million
18Hart to Hart16.9 million
19Kenny Rogers Special16.7 million
20Monday Night Football:
16.6 million
-Those Amazing Animals11.1 million
-Tribute to Juke Box
Awards Winners
11.1 million
-Daredevils10.1 million
-Movie: Convoy9.3 million
-NBC Magazine3.6 million

Week Ending November 30, 1980:

Week Ending December 7, 1980:
RankProgramHousehold Viewers
1Dallas29.0 million
260 Minutes22.7 million
3Barbara Walters Special21.4 million
4M*A*S*H20.6 million
5Thursday Night Football:
19.6 million
6Movie: Fighting Back19.1 million
7Little House on the Prairie19.0 million
8House Calls18.9 million
9Three's Company18.7 million
10Real People18.3 million

Week Ending December 14, 1980:
RankProgramHousehold Viewers
1Dallas27.9 million
260 Minutes24.5 million
3M*A*S*H21.1 million
4Circus of the Stars20.5 million
5Dukes of Hazard20.2 million
6Love Boat18.9 million
7House Calls18.6 million
8Magnum P.I.18.2 million
9One Day at a Time17.7 million
10Three's Company17.4 million

Source: Southeast Missourian Newspaper

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