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Academy Awards/Oscars Nielsen Ratings History (1953-present)

Below are the Nielsen ratings for every telecast of the Academy Awards. The ceremony was first aired on TV in 1953 after years of either being broadcast on the radio (1930-32, 1939-52) or not broadcast at all (1929, 1934-38). Household (HH) ratings are available for every telecast except for the 1961 show which aired during a Nielsen black week, 18-49 ratings are first available in 1992, and total viewership in 1974 (number of households is provided for 1953-73). Be aware that Nielsen did not introduce people-meters until 1987, so all viewership figures prior to that point are merely estimates Nielsen made at a later date. 

Note: Only one source ever reported the numbers for the 1966 awards show: a Variety article from June 1966. That show also aired during a Nielsen black week, but ABC apparently made a special request to have the telecast nationally rated, so I believe this is the reason that such a massive 56.0 rating never appears in Nielsen's top 50 highest-rated list. This was also the first Oscars telecast to air in color so that could potentially be a reason why it was so highly rated. But also, the number could just be completely wrong since it is so much higher than anything else. Take that one with a grain of salt.

Academy Awards Historical Ratings
Mar. 12, 2023ABC9.934.0318.755
Mar. 27, 2022ABC8.983.7716.675
Apr. 25, 2021ABC5.952.2010.540
Feb. 9, 2020ABC13.6/275.33/2423.639
Feb. 24, 2019ABC16.4/307.70/2929.641
Mar. 4, 2018ABC14.9/276.8/2526.541
Feb. 26, 2017ABC18.4/329.14/2932.937
Feb. 28, 2016ABC19.4/3210.46/3134.425
Feb. 22, 2015ABC20.6/3311.0/2937.260
Mar. 2, 2014ABC24.7/3813.12/3343.741
Feb. 24, 2013ABC23.1/3513.0/3140.376
Feb. 26, 2012ABC22.6/3411.7/2739.341
Feb. 27, 2011ABC21.2/3311.8/3037.919
Mar. 7, 2010ABC23.3/3713.3/3341.699
Feb. 22, 2009ABC20.6/3112.1/2936.310
Feb. 24, 2008ABC18.7/2910.7/2632.006
Feb. 25, 2007ABC23.6/3714.1/3340.172
Mar. 5, 2006ABC23.1/3513.9/3338.939
Feb. 27, 2005ABC25.4/3815.1/3442.139
Feb. 29, 2004ABC26.0/4015.3/3743.531
Mar. 23, 2003ABC20.4/3212.5/3033.043
Mar. 24, 2002ABC25.4/4216.1/3941.782
Mar. 25, 2001ABC26.2/4017.8/4042.944
Mar. 26, 2000ABC29.2/4819.1/4746.333
Mar. 21, 1999ABC28.6/4618.845.615
Mar. 23, 1998ABC34.9/5524.2/5755.249
Mar. 24, 1997ABC27.4/4616.540.075
Mar. 25, 1996ABC30.3/5018.644.867
Mar. 27, 1995ABC32.5/5321.748.279
Mar. 21, 1994ABC31.1/4919.545.083
Mar. 29, 1993ABC31.2/5120.145.735
Mar. 30, 1992ABC29.8/5020.644.406
Mar. 25, 1991ABC28.4/48n/a42.727
Mar. 26, 1990ABC27.9/4840.375
Mar. 29, 1989ABC29,8/5042.619
Apr. 11, 1988ABC29.4/4942.227
Mar. 30, 1987ABC27.5/4337.190
Mar. 24, 1986ABC27.3/4337.757
Mar. 25, 1985ABC27.7/4538.855
Apr. 9, 1984ABC30.3/5042.051
Apr. 11, 1983ABC38.9/5953.235
Mar. 29, 1982ABC33.6/5346.245
Mar. 31, 1981ABC31.0/5839.919
Apr. 14, 1980ABC33.7/5048.978
Apr. 9, 1979ABC34.6/6346.301
Apr. 3, 1978ABC36.3/6848.501
Mar. 28, 1977ABC31.1/6339.719
Mar. 29, 1976ABC35.5/6446.751
Apr. 8, 1975NBC35.0/6248.127
Apr. 2, 1974NBC36.7/6844.712
Mar. 27, 1973NBC37.8/6824.49
Apr. 10, 1972NBC38.7/7024.03
Apr. 15, 1971NBC38.2/7022.96
Apr. 7, 1970ABC43.4/7825.39
Apr. 14, 1969ABC31.8/5618.13
Apr. 10, 1968ABC34.4/6719.26
Apr. 10, 1967ABC41.2/7522.62
Apr. 18, 1966ABC56.0/7730.13
Apr. 5, 1965ABC37.4/6919.67
Apr. 13, 1964ABC37.0/7118.98
Apr. 8, 1963ABC37.2/7118.53
Apr. 9, 1962ABC37.1/7518.18
Apr. 17, 1961ABC--
Apr. 4, 1960NBC45.8/8220.43
Apr. 6, 1959NBC46.7/8220.28
Mar. 26, 1958NBC46.3/7819.21
Mar. 27, 1957NBC37.3/6914.19
Mar. 21, 1956NBC48.0/7016.25
Mar. 30, 1955NBC45.0/5718.79
Mar. 25, 1954NBC55.0/8214.95
Mar. 19, 1953NBC49.7/8210.91

Source: Nielsen Media Research

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