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Nielsen Ratings: Week Ending June 4, 1989

Below are the Nielsen ratings for the 37th week of the 1988-89 television broadcast season. The chart below includes viewership and both household (HH) ratings & shares for every broadcast program that aired during the week with reruns included.

Broadcast ratings:
Monday, May 29, 1989 
ALF NBC19.712.825
MacGyver ABC16.010.620
Charlie Brown Special CBS9.96.413
Hogan Family NBC19.812.924
Live-In CBS7.35.310
Golden Girls NBC21.114.125
Murphy Brown CBS14.29.817
Club Med ABC13.29.517
Morton's by the Bay NBC16.711.520
Designing Women CBS15.711.420
Super Bloopers NBC16.911.922
Newhart CBS16.011.620
Kate & Allie CBS14.710.820
Tuesday, May 30, 1989 
Who's the Boss? ABC21.214.828
Matlock NBC17.713.524
Tour of Duty CBS9.16.512
The Wonder Years ABC24.216.128
Roseanne ABC31.820.835
In the Heat of the Night NBC15.711.920
Rocky III CBS14.29.516
Have Faith ABC22.515.326
Midnight Caller NBC17.212.723
thirtysomething ABC13.210.318
Wednesday, May 31, 1989 
Unsolved Mysteries NBC19.013.826
Growing Pains ABC16.411.523
Hard Time on Planet Earth CBS9.96.713
Head of the Class ABC16.011.121
Night Court NBC18.012.923
Jake and the Fatman CBS14.510.719
Coach ABC11.78.315
My Two Dads NBC17.012.021
Int. Rock Awards ABC9.97.313
Fair Game NBC13.610.118
Wiseguy CBS11.79.117
Thursday, June 1, 1989 
The Cosby Show NBC25.617.434
48 Hours CBS12.89.919
Earth-Star Voyager, Pt.2 ABC10.16.712
A Different World NBC24.517.032
Cheers NBC25.318.433
Warm Hearts, Cold Feet CBS12.39.317
Dear John NBC22.516.629
L.A. Law NBC17.412.924
Cheating in America ABC11.58.516
Friday, June 2, 1989 
Perfect Strangers ABC14.09.822
Beauty and the Beast CBS11.38.118
Highway to Heaven NBC10.77.416
Full House ABC17.811.625
Mr. Belvedere ABC18.712.425
Assault and Matrimony NBC16.511.622
NBA Playoffs CBS16.211.422
Just the Ten of Us ABC18.612.423
20/20 ABC18.513.125
Saturday, June 3, 1989 
Impossible ABC9.66.614
Real Genius CBS9.16.012
Summer Blockbusters Fox3.92.96
Amen NBC15.411.224
The Golden Girls NBC19.313.827
North and South II, Pt.4 ABC8.86.012
Cops Fox6.84.79
Empty Nest NBC19.814.228
Beyond Tomorrow Fox4.32.96
Hunter NBC20.314.128
West 57th CBS9.46.513
Sunday, June 4, 1989 
60 Minutes CBS19.914.531
News Special NBC7.35.914
World in Turmoil ABC8.25.712
21 Jump Street Fox8.15.512
Murder, She Wrote CBS21.515.429
America's Most Wanted Fox14.08.917
Family Ties NBC10.77.715
Gang of Four ABC5.44.07
Married...With Children Fox13.78.916
Day by Day NBC12.48.716
Shannon's Deal NBC20.514.525
Little Girl Lost ABC18.912.822
Tony Awards CBS12.39.316
Garry Shandling's Show Fox6.64.88
Tracey Ullman Show Fox6.54.58
Duet Fox4.53.56


Source: USA Today

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