Monday, June 14, 2021

Under-the-Radar Ratings: Last Several Weeks

With the unfortunate demise of ShowBuzzDaily in early May, there have been a lot of ratings for various TV shows that have gone unreported over the last several weeks. Fortunately, SpoilerTV has picked up the slack and have been posting 200 originals daily beginning with May 31st. Here are some numbers for a few shows of note in the month of May that I haven't seen posted anywhere else. Request away in the comments if you want anything added.

Toonami (Adult Swim):
DRAGON BALL SUPERADSM05/15/202112:00 AM0.170.336
MY HERO ACADEMIAADSM05/15/202112:30 AM0.150.300
DR. STONEADSM05/15/202101:00 AM0.150.286
FOOD WARSADSM05/15/202101:30 AM0.140.272
PROMISED NEVERLAND, THEADSM05/15/202102:00 AM0.120.240
BLACK CLOVERADSM05/15/202102:30 AM0.110.193
NARUTO: SHIPPUDENADSM05/15/202103:00 AM0.130.228
ATTACK ON TITANADSM05/15/202103:30 AM0.100.181
DRAGON BALL SUPERADSM05/22/202112:00 AM0.170.356
MY HERO ACADEMIAADSM05/22/202112:30 AM0.170.317
DR. STONEADSM05/22/202101:00 AM0.150.275
FOOD WARSADSM05/22/202101:30 AM0.120.208
PROMISED NEVERLAND, THEADSM05/22/202102:00 AM0.080.159
BLACK CLOVERADSM05/22/202102:30 AM0.070.135
NARUTO: SHIPPUDENADSM05/22/202103:00 AM0.110.203
ATTACK ON TITANADSM05/22/202103:30 AM0.100.153
MY HERO ACADEMIAADSM05/29/202112:00 AM0.150.292
DR. STONEADSM05/29/202112:30 AM0.110.210
FOOD WARSADSM05/29/202101:00 AM0.100.184
PROMISED NEVERLAND, THEADSM05/29/202101:30 AM0.090.153
BLACK CLOVERADSM05/29/202102:00 AM0.080.154
NARUTO: SHIPPUDENADSM05/29/202102:30 AM0.080.153
ATTACK ON TITANADSM05/29/202103:00 AM0.070.136
DRAGON BALL SUPERADSM05/29/202103:30 AM0.070.136

Other various programs:
FINAL SPACEADSM05/15/202110:30 PM0.150.353
FINAL SPACEADSM05/22/202110:30 PM0.170.401
FINAL SPACEADSM05/29/202110:30 PM0.160.313
DEATH AND NIGHTINGALESTZP05/16/202110:00 PM0.000.060
DEATH AND NIGHTINGALESTZP05/23/202109:00 PM0.010.078
DEATH AND NIGHTINGALESTZP05/30/202109:00 PM0.000.040
BOTCHEDE!05/18/202109:00 PM0.120.476
BOTCHEDE!05/25/202109:00 PM0.090.460
GROWING UP HIP HOPWETV05/20/202109:00 PM0.130.377
GROWING UP HIP HOPWETV05/27/202109:00 PM0.080.268
BRINGING UP BATESUP TV05/20/202109:00 PM0.040.238
BRINGING UP BATESUP TV05/27/202109:00 PM0.060.271
A BLACK LADY SKETCH SHOWHBO05/14/202111:00 PM0.030.140
A BLACK LADY SKETCH SHOWHBO05/21/202111:00 PM0.020.101
A BLACK LADY SKETCH SHOWHBO05/28/202111:00 PM0.010.135
THE GOOD WITCHHALL05/23/202109:00 PM0.111.510
THE GOOD WITCHHALL05/30/202109:00 PM0.151.614

Source: Nielsen Media Research

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