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Nielsen Ratings: Week Ending September 27, 1987

Below are the Nielsen ratings for the first week of the 1987-88 television broadcast season. The chart below includes viewership and household (HH) ratings for every broadcast program that aired during the week with reruns included. Note that the HH ratings & shares come from Nielsen, but for this TV season only (until the w/e July 31, 1988), the viewership figures come from a different company called AGB Television Research, not Nielsen.

Broadcast ratings:
Monday, September 21, 1987
ALF NBC28.017.929
Frank's Place CBS16.813.923
MacGyver ABC13.811.920
Valerie's Family NBC25.416.326
Kate & Allie CBS18.315.624
Newhart CBS25.619.130
New England at New York Jets ABC19.218.734
If It's Tuesday, It Still Must Be Belgium NBC16.313.422
Designing Women CBS23.817.628
Cagney & Lacey CBS19.616.428
Tuesday, September 22, 1987
Who's the Boss? ABC32.023.439
Matlock NBC18.717.027
Houston Knights CBS11.09.616
Full House ABC31.321.734
Growing Pains ABC30.623.336
Angel in Green CBS15.213.122
I Married Dora ABC23.820.333
Moonlighting ABC18.318.332
Crime Story NBC13.112.321
Wednesday, September 23, 1987
Highway to Heaven NBC20.415.627
Perfect Strangers ABC20.115.227
The Oldest Rookie CBS14.110.418
Head of the Class ABC23.017.429
Hooperman ABC27.121.535
The Equalizer CBS17.314.424
A Year in the Life NBC16.213.823
``Slap'' Maxwell ABC22.218.231
Dynasty ABC16.216.528
St. Elsewhere NBC15.413.423
Thursday, September 24, 1987
The Cosby Show NBC43.431.551
Tour of Duty CBS14.010.617
Sledge Hammer! ABC12.17.913
A Different World NBC43.431.349
The Charmings ABC11.26.711
Cheers NBC37.428.444
Ghostbusters ABC16.012.220
Wiseguy CBS15.012.119
Night Court NBC33.224.940
Unsolved Mysteries NBC21.717.932
Knots Landing CBS18.815.227
Friday, September 25, 1987
Dallas CBS21.916.931
Rags to Riches NBC15.011.221
Full House ABC13.69.318
I Married Dora ABC14.210.118
Miami Vice NBC16.816.229
Max Headroom ABC10.16.913
Beauty and the Beast CBS21.313.526
Private Eye NBC11.011.522
Saturday, September 26, 1987
Return to Dodge CBS23.016.631
The Facts of Life NBC20.414.829
Once a Hero ABC6.73.77
The Golden Girls NBC27.722.340
Splash ABC12.37.314
J.J. Starbuck NBC19.615.830
Jake and the Fatman CBS13.512.524
Sunday, September 27, 1987
60 Minutes CBS22.420.037
Disney Movie ABC17.510.419
Our House NBC16.510.219
Family Ties NBC31.121.034
Murder, She Wrote CBS25.220.432
For Hire ABC13.610.116
My Two Dads NBC28.118.128
Dolly ABC37.424.738
The Terminator NBC19.616.527
The Law and Harry McGraw CBS15.212.621
Buck James ABC21.816.630

Source: USA Today

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