Wednesday, January 24, 2018

U.S. Social Content Ratings: 12/18 - 12/24/2017

Two episodes of NBC's 'The Voice' topped the week ending Christmas Eve on Social Platforms. Tuesday's episode totaled 868,000 interactions with 616,000 from Facebook and 252,000 from Twitter; Monday's episode had 678,000 interactions with 493,000 from Facebook and 184,000 from Twitter. 

USA Network's 'WWE Monday Night RAW' took third with 601,000 interactions and 'WWE Smackdown' took fifth with 264,000. Sandwiched between was CBS's 'Survivor' which had 206,000. CBS's other listing in the top 10 was an 'I Love Lucy Christmas Special' which ranked tenth at 70,000.

NBC saw 'Saturday Night Live' ranked seventh with 94,000 and 'Ellen's Game of Games' at ninth with 82,000. Rounding out the top 10 was VH1's 'Love & Hip Hop' (142,000) and TLC's '90 Day Fiance' (#8, 90,000). 
Top Shows by Total Interactions (Facebook/Twitter):

The Voice (Tue.): 868,000 (616K/252K)

The Voice (Mon.): 678,000 (493K/184K)
WWE Monday Night RAW: 601,000 (387K/215K)
Survivor: 290,000 (110K/180K)
WWE Smackdown: 264,000 (171K/93K)
Love & Hip Hop: 142,000 (105K/37K)
Saturday Night Live: 94,000 (81K/13K)
90 Day Fiance: 90,000 (6K/83K)
Ellen's Game of Games: 82,000 (62K/20K)
I Love Lucy Christmas Special: 70,000 (67K/3K)
The Tonight Show (Wed.): 67,000 (49K/18K)
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: 66,000 (22K/44K)
The Tonight Show (Tue.): 57,000 (52K/4K)
Black Ink Crew: 52,000 (25K/27K)
Are You the One?: 51,000 (0/51K)
Rachel Maddow Show (Wed.): 50,000 (15K/35K)
Rachel Maddow Show (Thu.): 50,000 (27K/23K)
The Tonight Show (Thu.): 49,000 (45K/4K)
Rachel Maddow Show (Tue.): 48,000 (20K/28K)
Rachel Maddow Show (Fri.): 39,000 (18K/21K)
Agents of SHIELD: 33,000 (6K/27K)
Late Night (Thur): 31,000 (6K/24K)
Desus & Mero (Thu.): 26,000 (1K/25K)
The Tonight Show (Fri.): 24,000 (17K/7K)
Married to Medicine: 13,000 (4K/9K)
Watters World: 13,000 (0.4K/13K)
Real Housewives of Atlanta: 12,000 (10K/2K)
Christmas Getaway: 10,000 (1K/9K)
Eat, Sleep, BBQ (Sat.): 7,000 (6K/1K)
Greg Gutfeld Show (Sat.): 6,000 (3K/3K)
Justice with Judge Jeanine: 5,000 (0.2K/4K)
Alaska The Last Frontier (Sun.): 3,000 (3K/0.1K)
The Girlfriend Experience: 500 (100/400)

Source: Nielsen Media Research

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