Thursday, January 11, 2018

U.S. Social Content Ratings: 12/11 - 12/17/2017

The penultimate week of 'The Voice' took the top spots for the week on social media. Tuesday's episode (1.617 million interactions) topped Monday's episode (591,000) by over 1 million interactions, but on Facebook Monday's episode (348,000) somehow topped Tuesday's (217,000). The Tuesday results-show dominated on Twitter (1.4 million).

Three WWE airings took the third, fourth, and sixth spots on the week, with 'Monday Night RAW' (533,000) topping both 'Clash of the Champions' (507,000) and 'Smackdown' (292,000). On Fox, fifth-ranked 'Empire' (475,000) and tenth-ranked 'Star' (117,000) both made the list on Wednesday, and CW's 'Riverdale' (211,000) also had a presence. 

NBC's 'Saturday Night Live' took the eighth spot on the week (193,000), and on the scripted side, ABC's 'Once Upon a Time' (46,000) and Showtime's 'Shameless' (31,000) both made the list.
Top Shows by Total Interactions (Facebook/Twitter):

The Voice (Tue.): 1.617M (217K/1.400M)
The Voice (Mon.): 591,000 (348K/243K)
WWE Monday Night RAW: 533,000 (354K/179K)
WWE Clash of Champions: 507,000 (245K/263K)
Empire: 475,000 (367K/108K)
WWE Smackdown: 292,000 (203K/89K)
Riverdale: 211,000 (36K/176K)
Saturday Night Live: 193,000 (112K/81K)
All In With Chris Hayes (Tue.): 146,000 (5K/140K)
Star: 117,000 (49K/68K)
Late Show (Wed.): 116,000 (32K/84K)
WWE Tribute to the Troops: 112,000 (56K/56K)
The Daily Show (Tue.): 107,000 (63K/44K)
Live PD (Fri.): 107,000 (34K/73K)
Live PD (Sat.): 104,000 (27K/77K)
CNN Heroes: 100,000 (81K/19K)
Late Late Show: 92,000 (17K/82K)
Justice with Judge Jeanine: 75,000 (33K/42K)
Real Housewives of Atlanta: 75,000 (29K/45K)
Love & Hip Hop: 72,000 (43K/29K)
Hannity (Wed.): 71,000 (30K/41K)
90 Day Fiance: 69,000 (3K/66K)
Jimmy Kimmel Live: 64,000 (38K/26K)
Watters World: 60,000 (9K/51K)
Taraji's White Hot Holidays: 53,000 (33K/20K)
The Tonight Show (Mon.): 50,000 (40K/10K)
All In With Chris Hayes (Thu.): 49,000 (12K/38K)
Once Upon a Time: 46,000 (23K/23K)
Hannity (Thu.): 43,000 (17K/27K)
The Daily Show (Thu.): 37,000 (33K/4K)
All In With Chris Hayes (Fri.): 37,000 (10K/27K)
Rachel Maddow Show (Fri.): 37,000 (24K/12K)
Hannity (Fri.): 36,000 (16K/20K)
Shameless: 31,000 (17K/14K)
Ghost Adventures: 28,000 (11K/17K)

Source: Nielsen Media Research

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