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Select Ratings from Original Wednesday Cable telecasts from March 30 - May 11, 2016:

Here's a recap of the ratings of Wednesday shows in April. MTV's CATFISH ranged between 661,000 viewers to 1.014 million viewers from March 24 - May 11, 2016. On Comedy Central, BROAD CITY concluded its third season with 626,000 viewers on 4/20, down from both the season premiere (772K) and season 2 finale (672K). UNDERGROUND, on WGN America, concluded its inaugural season on 5/11, with 1.012 million viewers - it's highest numbers since the series premiere back in March (1.421M). Over the course of 7 episodes FX's THE AMERICANS had a high of 1.04 million viewers on 4/6, and a low of 820,000 on 3/30; it had 895,000 for its most recent episode. On Freeform, the season 3 finale of YOUNG & HUNGRY notched 538,000 viewers (down from 648K for the season premiere), and the mid-season 5 finale had 592,000 viewers (down from 620K for the season premiere). On TV Land, the season 5 premiere of THE SOUL MAN brought in 445,000 viewers, down from the 606K for the season 4 premiere, but up from the 399K/335K for last season's finale. Also on TV Land was the series premiere of LOPEZ which found 646,000 viewers (and 674K on Nick-at-Night). On Pop, SCHITT'S CREEK averaged between 183,000 & 252,000 viewers, and on El Rey, LUCHA UNDERGROUND averaged between 42,000 & 156,000 over the course of 14 episodes. Sundance's HAP AND LEONARD concluded its inaugural season with a series-low 192,000 viewers (down from 429K for the series premiere); THE LAST PANTHERS premiered to 78,000 on April 13th. Among lower-rated cables, the series premiere of MICRO MONSTERS WITH DAVID ATTENBOROUGH (Smithsonian) had 71,000 on 5/4, and the 2 premiere episodes of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ART had 33,000 and 15,000.

Table is organized based on the show's 18-49 rating (which I do not list).
Program TitleChannelDateViewers 2+
Catfish SpecialMTV4/20/160.721
Broad CityComedy3/30/160.631
Broad CityComedy4/6/160.591
Broad CityComedy4/13/160.530
Broad CityComedy4/20/160.626
Face OffSyfy3/30/160.965
Face OffSyfy4/6/160.817
Face OffSyfy4/13/161.023
Wahlburgers (9pm)A&E3/30/160.699
Wahlburgers (9:30pm)A&E3/30/160.666
Donnie Loves Jenny (10pm)A&E3/30/160.570
Donnie Loves Jenny (10:30pm)A&E3/30/160.489
Donnie Loves Jenny (10pm)A&E4/6/160.574
Donnie Loves Jenny (10:30pm)A&E4/6/160.524
Donnie Loves Jenny (10pm)A&E4/13/160.609
The Carbonaro EffectCNBC3/30/160.630
The Carbonaro EffectCNBC4/6/160.599
The Carbonaro EffectCNBC4/13/160.591
The Carbonaro EffectCNBC4/20/160.606
The Carbonaro EffectCNBC4/27/160.611
The Carbonaro EffectCNBC5/4/160.536
The Carbonaro EffectCNBC5/11/160.545
UndergroundWGN America3/30/160.915
UndergroundWGN America4/6/160.978
UndergroundWGN America4/13/160.881
UndergroundWGN America4/20/160.946
UndergroundWGN America4/27/160.992
UndergroundWGN America5/4/160.905
UndergroundWGN America5/11/161.012
The AmericansFX3/30/160.820
The AmericansFX4/6/161.037
The AmericansFX4/13/160.885
The AmericansFX4/20/160.902
The AmericansFX4/27/160.895
The AmericansFX5/4/161.021
The AmericansFX5/11/160.895
Young & HungryFreeform3/30/160.485
Young & HungryFreeform4/6/160.538
Baby DaddyFreeform3/30/160.457
Baby DaddyFreeform4/6/160.592
LopezTV Land3/30/160.646
LopezTV Land4/6/160.490
LopezTV Land4/13/160.437
LopezTV Land4/20/160.460
LopezTV Land4/27/160.427
LopezTV Land5/4/160.456
LopezTV Land5/11/160.389
The Soul ManTV Land3/30/160.445
The Soul ManTV Land4/6/160.398
The Soul ManTV Land4/13/160.301
The Soul ManTV Land4/20/160.358
The Soul ManTV Land4/27/160.308
The Soul ManTV Land5/4/160.311
The Soul ManTV Land5/11/160.276
Wheeler DealersVelocity3/30/160.273
Iron ResurrectionVelocity4/13/160.283
Iron ResurrectionVelocity4/20/160.249
Iron ResurrectionVelocity4/27/160.288
Iron ResurrectionVelocity5/4/160.322
Iron ResurrectionVelocity5/11/160.214
Junkyard EmpireVelocity5/11/160.131
Quit Your Day JobOxygen3/30/160.169
Quit Your Day JobOxygen4/6/160.055
Quit Your Day JobOxygen4/13/160.041
Schitt's CreekPop3/30/160.183
Schitt's CreekPop4/6/160.224
Schitt's CreekPop4/13/160.183
Schitt's CreekPop4/20/160.240
Schitt's CreekPop4/27/160.241
Schitt's CreekPop5/4/160.211
Schitt's CreekPop5/11/160.252
Lucha Underground (8pm)El Rey3/30/160.159
Lucha Underground (9pm)El Rey3/30/160.063
Lucha Underground (8pm)El Rey4/6/160.156
Lucha Underground (9pm)El Rey4/6/160.078
Lucha Underground (8pm)El Rey4/13/160.139
Lucha Underground (9pm)El Rey4/13/160.066
Lucha Underground (8pm)El Rey4/20/160.149
Lucha Underground (9pm)El Rey4/20/160.049
Lucha Underground (8pm)El Rey4/27/160.107
Lucha Underground (9pm)El Rey4/27/160.052
Lucha Underground (8pm)El Rey5/4/160.138
Lucha Underground (9pm)El Rey5/4/160.042
Lucha Underground (8pm)El Rey5/11/160.096
Lucha Underground (9pm)El Rey5/11/160.081
Hap and LeonardSundanceTV3/30/160.274
Hap and LeonardSundanceTV4/6/160.192
The Last PanthersSundanceTV4/13/160.078
The Last PanthersSundanceTV4/20/160.049
The Last PanthersSundanceTV4/27/160.065
The Last PanthersSundanceTV5/4/160.038
The Last PanthersSundanceTV5/11/160.038
Nicole & Jionni's Shore FlipFYI3/30/160.107
Nicole & Jionni's Shore FlipFYI4/6/160.089
Nicole & Jionni's Shore FlipFYI4/13/160.138
Nicole & Jionni's Shore FlipFYI4/20/160.087
Kocktails with KhloeFYI3/30/160.113
Kocktails with KhloeFYI4/6/160.071
Kocktails with KhloeFYI4/13/160.109
Kocktails with KhloeFYI4/20/160.137
Skin WarsGSN4/20/160.428
Skin WarsGSN4/27/160.566
Skin WarsGSN5/4/160.447
Skin WarsGSN5/11/160.451
Idiotest (11pm)GSN4/20/160.176
Idiotest (11:30pm)GSN4/20/160.228
Stalkers Who KillReelz4/27/160.106
Stalkers Who KillReelz5/4/160.060
American LawmenAHC3/30/160.253
American LawmenAHC4/6/160.139
Going RV (9pm)GAC5/4/160.101
Going RV (9:30pm)GAC5/4/160.126
Raiders of the Lost Art (10pm)Ovation5/11/160.033
Raiders of the Lost Art (10:30pm)Ovation5/11/160.015
Unsung HollywoodTV One3/30/160.208
Jo Frost: Nanny on TourUP3/30/160.065
Autopsy: The Last Hours of Heath LedgerReelz5/4/160.164
Micro Monsters with David AttenboroughSmithsonian5/4/160.071
Source: Nielsen Media Research & ShowBuzzDaily

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