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Select Ratings from Original Thursday Cable telecasts from March 28 - May 9, 2016:

The month long hiatus has concluded! Just an FYI, I will cover the ratings for all shows up until May 25, 2016. After that, I will be taking the 2016-17 TV season off, and will resume at the beginning of the 2017-18 season.

Here's a recap of the ratings of Monday shows in April. BETTER CALL SAUL concluded its second season with 2.26 million viewers which was down from 2.53M from the season 1 finale. It was; however, better than the 1.5 million viewers BREAKING BAD pulled in its second season finale back in 2009. TURN began its third season with a series-low 471,000 viewers, and managed to rise to 580,000 2-episodes later, but it was still lower than any episode in seasons 1 and 2. A&E's BATES MOTEL stayed steady over the course of its fourth season, never falling below 1.3 million viewers, but did hit a series-low 1.33M for the April 18th installment. On Syfy, THE MAGICIANS finished its inaugural season with 676,000 viewers, down from the 1.113 million who saw the series premiere in January, and its third lowest rated episode of the season.  HUNTERS began with a drastically low 537,000 viewers, stayed below that  number throughout its run so far. Also on Syfy, 12 MONKEYS returned from a year-long hiatus, but forgot to bring its viewers with it; dropping to a series-low 476,000 for its season premiere, and has fell even lower for the following episodes. Logo's RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE concluded its eighth season with 358,000 viewers, its highest since March, and GAY FOR PLAY began with 183,000 and 137,000 for its two premiere episodes. THE DETOUR, on TBS, began with solid 1.17M and 1.04M episodes and has stayed above 750K for its entire run so far. Also on TBS, FULL FRONTAL WITH SAMANTHA BEE has averaged over 600,000 viewers for the past 4 episodes, on par with its season average. Finally, HBO's AFTER THE THRONES began with 165,000 viewers, a minuscule number in itself, but made even worse when compared to the 8 million viewers that GoT had the night prior.

Table is organized based on the show's 18-49 rating (which I do not list).
Program TitleChannelDateViewers 2+
Love & Hip HopVH13/28/162.580
Love & Hip Hop: AtlantaVH14/4/162.847
Love & Hip Hop: AtlantaVH14/11/162.751
Love & Hip Hop: AtlantaVH14/18/162.825
Love & Hip Hop: AtlantaVH14/25/162.673
Love & Hip Hop: AtlantaVH15/2/162.732
Black Ink CrewVH14/11/162.195
Black Ink CrewVH14/18/162.415
Black Ink CrewVH14/25/162.252
Black Ink CrewVH15/2/162.288
Black Ink CrewVH15/9/162.197
Better Call SaulAMC3/28/162.031
Better Call SaulAMC4/4/161.930
Better Call SaulAMC4/11/162.059
Better Call SaulAMC4/18/162.263
Talking SaulAMC4/18/160.641
Bates MotelA&E3/28/161.515
Bates MotelA&E4/11/161.418
Bates MotelA&E4/18/161.326
Bates MotelA&E4/25/161.345
Bates MotelA&E5/2/161.518
Bates MotelA&E5/9/161.405
American Dad!TBS3/28/161.076
American Dad!TBS4/11/161.052
American Dad!TBS4/18/161.081
American Dad!TBS4/25/161.046
American Dad!TBS5/2/160.823
American Dad!TBS5/9/160.906
The MagiciansSyfy3/28/160.723
The MagiciansSyfy4/4/160.746
The MagiciansSyfy4/11/160.676
RuPaul's Drag RaceLogo3/28/160.297
RuPaul's Drag RaceLogo4/4/160.327
RuPaul's Drag RaceLogo4/11/160.326
RuPaul's Drag RaceLogo4/18/160.320
RuPaul's Drag RaceLogo4/25/160.315
RuPaul's Drag RaceLogo5/2/160.358
The Detour (9pm)TBS4/11/161.166
The Detour (9:30pm)TBS4/11/161.043
The DetourTBS4/18/160.841
The DetourTBS4/25/160.863
The DetourTBS5/2/160.771
The DetourTBS5/9/160.843
Full Frontal w/ Samantha BeeTBS4/11/160.568
Full Frontal w/ Samantha BeeTBS4/18/160.681
Full Frontal w/ Samantha BeeTBS4/25/160.612
Full Frontal w/ Samantha BeeTBS5/9/160.622
Gay for Play (10pm)Logo4/11/160.183
Gay for Play (10:30pm)Logo4/11/160.137
Gay for Play Logo4/18/160.170
Gay for PlayLogo4/25/160.166
Gay for PlayLogo5/2/160.115
Fatal AttractionTV One4/11/160.344
Fatal AttractionTV One4/18/160.236
Justice By Any MeansTV One4/18/160.275
Justice By Any MeansTV One4/25/160.287
Justice By Any MeansTV One5/2/160.278
Justice By Any MeansTV One5/9/160.270
12 MonkeysSyfy4/18/160.476
12 MonkeysSyfy4/25/160.318
12 MonkeysSyfy5/2/160.405
12 MonkeysSyfy5/9/160.425
After the ThronesHBO4/25/160.165
After the ThronesHBO5/2/160.167
After the ThronesHBO5/9/160.222
Monica the MediumFreeform4/25/160.329
Monica the MediumFreeform5/2/160.292
Monica the MediumFreeform5/9/160.305
GLAAD Media AwardsLogo4/4/160.071
Recovery RoadFreeform3/28/160.462
The FostersFreeform3/28/160.778
Source: Nielsen Media Research & ShowBuzzDaily

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